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COVID-19 Social/Economic Re-engineering



What is The Great Reset? (article)


The Great Reset (Explained) by Neil McCoy-Ward (video 27 mins)



United Nations


Sustainable Development Goals


COVID-19 and the agendas to come – red-pilled by James Perloff 


Globalism, Agenda 2021, Agenda 2030 (article)



Team effort to change the world using better technology, communications and imagination, the globalists are rebranding the New World Order to The Great Reset


Was being planned prior to COVID-19 pandemic, but the pandemic is an opportunity to influence change.



Players: George Soros, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, partners of the WEF, Microsoft, facebook,


Technology (i.e. 5G) was essential for plans to proceed.  EMR illness?  Worth it (need the monitoring and surveillance control).




Yuval Noah Harari, the world after coronavirus Financial Times

Brave New World – Aldous Huxley



Ideology of centralization, monopolization or decentralization?


World Health Organization (WHO), World Economic Forum (WEF), International Monetary Fund (IMF) are private corporations.


Areas targeted for change:  finance health medicine food agriculture energy education government


What is the Great Reset?


Your guide to the great reset


How has the Great Reset hijacked the actual social and environmental agenda?  It sounds good, but …

Equality (what is being proposed?  Everybody is poor?), sustainable,

SDG – sustainable development goals


Fourth Industrial Revolution – transhumanism, electronic surveillance, transaction monitoring, central bank,


Klaus Schwab + book


Sales pitch:

Keeping us safe from disease

A complete Orwellian system of surveillance – what you are thinking, what your are feeling, pre-crime police



Digital Currency

Electricity use is Achilles heel



Electricity use is Achilles heel




Electric cars

Oakville Ford plant being retooled to build e cars

Electricity use is Achilles heel


“Net Zero”

Canada net zero emissions act announced on 19-Nov-2020 – invest and attract investment in new clean technologies

120 countries by 2050


-      No commitment for federal government itself to meet 2030 or 2050 targets in bill


Proposed 10 ha expansion to an existing pit.  The property is meters from the Pretty River Provincial Park.


Universal Basic Income




Bio-injectibles – predecessors to vaccines


11 years old deciding whether to have vaccines without parental approval


Parents signing contracts that they will not look at what children are learning online



Implementation of Ideology


“shareholders” become “stakeholders” interested parties without ownership



“building back better”

“great reset”

“future we want” [confirm]



Timeline (chronological order)





Davos summit 2019


Event 201


Davos summit 2020


World leaders sign on to Great Reset?  Macron, Head; Prince Charles, UK; (source)


Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau reveals support for globalist plan for great reset (video 30 secs)


UK’s Boris Johnson reveals globalist agenda to address climate change (twitter 2 mins) (press release)

2021-01-25 to 29

Davos, Switzerland summit 2021 The Great Reset’s Official Launch Date (article)

2021-02-14 to 19

Texas – massive “snowstorm”.  See appendices.




Agricultural & Food Systems


-      Monopolistic food systems bottlenecking/controlling supply lines

-      Demand country of origin labelling (beef being transported from Africa but being processed and labelled “USA”)

-      Demand farm-to-table

-      Demand regional and local packing plants







Youtube / Russell Brand

The Great Reset: Bill Gates & Farming – WHAT’S GOING ON? (16 mins)


Russell Brand


New York Post

Bill Gates thinks we should start eating ‘100% synthetic beef’


Lia Eustachewich


Namibia first African country to export red meat to hungry U.S. market




Youtube / Neo Daneium

Shad Sullivan, Bitter Creek, North Texas (7 mins)


Shad Sullivan, cattle farmer

Bitter Creek, North Texas


Youtube / Valuetainment

Cattle Rancher Warns About the Meat You’re Buying (52 mins)


Patrick Bet-David

-      Shad Sullivan


Bill Gates and Richard Branson are betting lab-grown meat might be the food of the future


Rick Morgan





Sesame street influence


Simpsons influence


“predictive programming”


Air permit


Crisis opens up the door to control


Collapse the independent economy to rebuild a central system







Tom Quiggin





A global struggle for the future of the religion islam: modernize islam (similar to protestant reformation) versus traditionalist political movement (terrorism). 



NEWS & Commentary (reverse chronological order)







The world's first 3D printed lab-grown rib-eye steak is unveiled


Joseph Guzman

-      Aleph Farms (Israel)


Youtube / Truth Sceptics

The New Normal Documentary by (53 mins)


Truth Sceptics

-      UK perspective


Catherine Austin Fitts – full interview – planet lockdown (48 mins)


Catherine Austin Fitts

Financial Services

-          coup d’etat

-          transhumanism

-          24/7 control


Bitchute / Spiro

COVID-1984 and the Agendas to Come With James Perloff (54 mins)


Spiro Skouras interviews James Perloff


Youtube / Alpha News

Cardinal Burke: Forces of the 'Great Reset' have used COVID to advance 'evil agenda' (video)


Cardinal Raymond Burke at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin


Alpha News

Cardinal Burke: Forces of the ‘Great Reset’ have used COVID to advance ‘evil agenda’


Anthony Gockowski

-      Cardinal Raymond Burke


FERNANDO: The 'Great Reset' Is No Conspiracy, It's Happening Now


Spencer Fernando


What is the Great Reset?




Corbett Report

Interview 1600 – James Corbett Explains The Great Reset on The Highwire


James Corbett


EDITORIAL: Bank of Canada gets in on the Great Reset


Postmedia News


How Our AI Computer Forecasts the Failure of Schwab & World Economic Forum


Martin Armstrong


EDITORIAL: Trudeau, Great Reset not part of conspiracy — but also not beyond critique




Youtube / MichelleRempel

Liberals try to shut me down for asking the questions that Canadians want answers to on COVID | MRG (9 mins)


Michelle Rempel Garner MP


Bitchute / Rebel News

Global Governance is Incompatible with Democracy – Spencer Fernando with Ezra Levant (8 millions)


Spencer Fernando


Bitchute / Marks-Channel

Old Fallah Says How it is in the UK (4 mins)


-      mentions COVID-21 (Feb)


Bitchute / Rebel News

No Property, No Privacy: World Economic Forum Essay Imagines a 2030 Communist Shift (12 mins)


Ezra Levant


Youtube / Glenn Beck

Far-left elites are using COVID to ‘reset’ America to socialism (11 mins)


Glenn Beck


Klaus Schwab: Great Reset Will “Lead To Fusion Of Our Physical, Digital, & Biological Identity”


Tyler Durden


Fox News

Tucker Carlson: The elites want COVID-19 lockdowns to usher in a 'Great Reset' and that should terrify you


Tucker Carlson

Alternative link


Bitchute / Truth Archive 2030





Brighteon / Man made survival

The great reset will be accomplished through a Dark Winter! Do you know what to do to prepare? Pt 1 (50 mins)


The Man Made Survival Show


‘Great Reset’ trends on Twitter after Trudeau speech on Covid-19 hints it’s not just a ‘conspiracy theory’




Toronto Sun

FUREY FACTOR: Trudeau's using the pandemic to advance his agenda (3 mins)




The Technocrats Behind The Great Reset


Dr. Joseph Mercola


Bitchute / TruthVideos1984

Canadian PM and Globalist Trudeau Reveals His Support for the Great Reset (30 secs)

“building back better”

“reaching the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development”

“SDGs” (Sustainable Development Goals)

“This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.  This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to re-imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges…”



Bitchute /




Australian Media Finally Calls Out Davos ‘Great Reset’ Agenda




World Economic Forum

The Great Reset (1:33)

“There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset.”


Central China province launches commercial 5G applications




Bill Gates and Richard Branson are betting lab-grown meat might be the food of the future


Rick Morgan


Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better


Ida Auken


World Economic Forum

8 predictions for the world in 2030 (1:33)

“And you’ll be happy.”




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Disclaimer: This information has been compiled through private amateur research for the purpose of allowing the reader to make an informed and educated decision.  However, while the information is believed to be reliable, completeness and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.










AO News – The Great Reset


APPENDIX B - alternative media


To be fair alternative media sites have been talking about the upcoming social and economic re-engineering plans for decades.  In the same vein as George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, speculation has been creative and rampant.  In 2020, thanks to the state of emergency legislation brought about by COVID-19 (deliberately?) and with the necessary technology being rolled out (now without protest), the plot is afoot.





APPENDIX C - Fall of the Cabal

By Janet Ossebaard


Fall of the Cabal  (3 hours)




Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10



Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal 2

17-part series with periodic episode release



Sequel Part 1



Sequel Part 2



Sequel Part 3



Sequel Part 4



Sequel Part 5:



Sequel Part 6:



Sequel Part 7:




Sequel Part 8:




Sequel Part 9:


Sequel Part 10: pending

Sequel Part 11: pending

Sequel Part 12: pending

Sequel Part 13: pending

Sequel Part 14: pending

Sequel Part 15: pending

Sequel Part 16: pending

Sequel Part 17: pending



APPENDIX D - Satanism


AO Comment:  Godwin’s law is the adage that any conversation continued long enough will lead to Hitler and the Nazis.  In that same fashion it appears that any research into COVID19 leads to satanism (which encompasses pedophilia, human sacrifice, slavery and cannibalism, which is in line with contemporary fascination for Jeffrey Epstein, famous pedophiles, pizzagate, human trafficking).  So to be thorough this appendix has been included. 


“This COVID-19 nobody ever asks, where did the “D” come from and what’s “19” for?  COVID-19.  Now the “CO” could be for “corona” and the “VI” could be for “virus”.  What’s the “D” come from?  … “C” is for “certificate”.  “O” is for “of”.  “V” is for “vaccination” and then its “ID”.  Its a certificate of vaccination ID.  That’s what COVID stands for.  Alright?  Now where did the “19” come from?  Well, April 19 happens to be the beginning of the satanic human sacrifice week.  So whether something big is going to happen on April 19 I don’t know but that’s where they get the 19.  It’s for satanic human sacrifice, which they plan to do to billions of us.”  Dr. Lorraine Day (podcast mark 18:15)


Involved Rothschilds, Jacob Schiff, Coombe Lowbe?, JP Morgan Chase

Articles of Zion

Own the media

The United States Congress recognized the Noahide Laws in 1991 when it passed the Education Day Bill.  It is noted that the Noahide laws condone the death penalty and the beheading of Christians. (video)

Guillotines in FEMA camps (video)

USA doctors ICD9 code book includes death by guillotine (ICD9-E978 legal execution)

Since 1991 USA has had the legal right to kill practicing Christians


Cabal aka Illuminati aka Free Masons aka Deep State


Check Ted Gunderson’s testimony re: human trafficking








Bitchute / MediaGiant

The Video Freemasonry Doesn’t Want You to See – FEMA Death Camp Executioners (7 mins) (Netherlands ip linking to another advert site )


-          Predictive programming

-          Free Masons

“They are planning a second American revolution”


The Rothschilds Murdered at least Seven US Presidents

Jonas E. Alexis, Henry Makow “Throughout its history the United States has been in the clutches of a satanic cult empowered by the Rothschild central banking cartel.”


Youtube / extremehealthradio

Alan Phillips, J.D. – What Are Your Vaccine Rights? (2 hrs 17 mins)

(Alternative link)

I am absolutely convinced that at its root level not only are vaccines causing cancer and other chronic illnesses, that this is deliberate … humanity is a vast farm.”  [mark 46:35] 

“We do not have a justice system in this county, we have a power system.” [mark 49:55]

“Population control issue … agenda” [mark 1:01:28]



See also:  Conspiracy Theories (pending)




APPENDIX E - Texas Snowstorm (14-Feb-2021)


Atypically, from February 14th to 19th Texas suffered heavy snowfall, ice storms and bitter temperatures (20 to 35 degrees below normal).  With people and infrastructure unused to such conditions there were over 100 vehicle accidents, water pipes froze and burst, parts of the electricity grids dropped.  Chaos reigned.  After 3 days, almost 3 million homes and businesses remained without power (rolling blackouts), fuel shortages, and some localities had boil-water notices, which is hard to do when there is no power.  Dozens of people died from incidents related to the weather.  (source)


Trucks were not allowed into the major urban areas so food store shelves emptied quickly and emergency donations were not getting to the people.  (source)


The extreme winter weather effects spanned south central U.S. to the East Coast, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.


Oddly, the authorities still enforced COVID-19 pandemic regulations (warming centres requesting vaccine confirmation with no overnight stays, line-ups, mask wearing, social distancing) despite the emergency conditions.   AO News – COVID-19 Overview


Some watchers suggested that the extreme weather conditions were retaliation for Texas not going along with The Great Reset. (video 1hr)








Global News

Nearly 8 million people in Texas still facing water issues after deep freeze


Kanishka Singh

-      147 public water systems non-operational

2021-02-21 / Wardo Rants

Texas Power Outage Was Planned (1 hr)


Wardo Rants (censored in Canada)


Youtube / Trumpet News

Woman is revealing what is happening in Texas NOW on 2-19-21


from Dallas, Texas


Winter Storm Leaves Many In Texas Without Power And Water


Brakkton Booker, Vanessa Romo


See also:


AO News – Climate Change