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What do you call a war that is only visible to those who are watching?  An invisible war?  A shadow war?  We are definitely at war because people are dying, however, the causes of death are not as obvious as bullets, tanks, and bombs.


The causes of death are medical fraud (investigational vaccines) and mismanagement, induced social upheaval, economic and financial collapse.


In exploring the details, we shouldn’t be surprised.


People have been at war throughout history.  People have angled themselves to grab resources.  People have bettered their lives at the expense of others.


What is new is 70 years of relative peace in the western world, which built a sense of civilization and entitlement that keeps people from seeing what is in front of their faces. 


While coronavirus is not new (AO News – COVID-19 Patents), the gene-sequencing technology is new and the “vaccine” marketing success is unprecedented.  As Dr. Joseph Mercola says in regard to mass roll out of experimental gene therapy, “it's a very clever marketing scheme if you think about it, and I've studied marketing. They've introduced this scarcity model. They don't have enough vaccine for everyone, so they make it be like this prestigious, this badge of honor. If you could only get the vaccine that's going to save you. It's just a powerful catalyst for human behavior to obtain something when they think they can't get it.  Yeah. It's very clever, very sophisticated, and they're using these tools – the tools in themselves are not intrinsically good or bad, but the way they're using them, certainly you can qualify it as perniciously evil.”


It is also a perfect storm.  Maturity and convergence in the key technologies of transportation, communications, finance, and biomedical that sets a lot at stake and makes the need to win each battle to take control crucial for the globalists against the sovereign people.


The scale is new.  There are 193 member countries in the World Health Organization.  There are 7.8 billion people on the planet, most of which have been targeted for a global reset / new world order / globalist agenda / one world government (The Great Reset) by 2030 as coordinated by the World Economic Forum (


These are the worst crimes against humanity.   (Bioweapons & Other Crimes Against Humanity)


In war, truth is the first casualty.









Bitchute / Hugh Jass

We are at War and Hardly Anyone Can See It (12 mins)


Jerry Day


Rumble / The Charlie Ward Show

Dr. Reiner Füllmich: “They Are Making So Many Mistakes, We are Close to a Tipping Point” (20 mins)


Dr. Reiner Füllmich

AO COVID-19 - What Do Lawyers Say?





Attack on Health - COVID-19 (laboratory virus, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, quarantine/internment camps, vaccines, curfews, travel limits (borders, vaccine passport), personal economic impact, psychological impacts), transhumanism, forced injections (Appendix B), AO News – Doctors Mystery


Genocide of the Elderly – Cuomo (New York) & Remdesivir; Matt Hancock (UK) & Midazolam; (video 5 mins)


War on Children/Future Generations – COVID-19 impacts, “vaccine” guinea pigs (article), WiFi impacts (AO News – Wireless)


Economic Attack - COVID-19, financial systems, cashless society, debt build, real wealth versus fiat, transfer of wealth,


Financial Systems Crash – end of fiat currency, general over-spending, COVID-19 spending, online currencies / digital currencies, global currency, trying to control the money supply


Food Systems & Supply Lines – pesticides/herbicides, fertilizers, Monsanto, GMOs, Bill Gates largest private farmland owner, seed patents, (article)   (AO News – Farmland Development)


Infrastructure Attack – power grid (nuclear?), internet (Cyber Polygon), water?, sewer?


Information War – controlled mainstream, controlled social media, controlled internet, controlled data (150,000 records disappear from VAERS), narrative doesn’t have to match the data because people trust government oversight therefore mainstream sources (video 2 hrs)


Cultural War – missing children (Jeffrey Epstein), divide & conquer tactics, usurped social movements (Black Lives Matter, antifa, defund the police, indigenous issues – First Nations residential school murders; murdered & missing women).  Discard/re-write history through statue and monument destruction.  Gender confusion/transgender athletics (article) (video)


Political War – ownership of key political figures (Jeffrey Epstein)


Population Surveillance & Control - COVID-19, 5G & IOT, surveillance technology (digital id, vaccine passports), eugenics (video)


War on Religion - COVID-19 (attack on churches)


Undermining Government – financial backing for incompetents?  UN troops in Canada (video) and Mexico? make the USA nervous


Undermining Experts – censoring doctors, scientists, religious ministers, political representatives (must follow party line)


Technology War – installing weapons systems in routine infrastructure such as municipal lighting systems (Mark Steele/Gateshead), cellular phone network (5G & IOT), internet weapons (cyber-attacks, Cyber Polygon?)


Chemical Attacks - Chemtrails (video)


Weather War


Water War - Buying water rights






In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency of international concern aka pandemic and governments went into action worldwide.  The mainstream propaganda machine ramped up quickly telling only one side of the narrative and declaring all other points of view as “fake news”, “misinformation” and dangerous. 


Censorship of Doctors, news articles, social media accounts became alarmingly reminiscent of Nazi book burning.


To quickly get up to speed as to the current situation, check these links:


Canadian Doctors Speak Out (12 mins)


Care Not Cuts (Ontario Doctors)


World Doctors Alliance


AO News – COVID-19 Overview


Know that:


-          There are early treatments for COVID-19 that are not being made available so that vaccine investors can profit.  (AO News – COVID Treatment)

-          The COVID-19 injections legally and medically do not meet the definition of a “vaccine”, rather they are gene-therapy.

-          There is little data on the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 injections as they are in clinical trials until 2023.

-          The injections are authorized in Canada under Interim Order for emergency use, thus allowing human use before safety analysis is complete. 

-          Mixing & matching vaccines, vaccinating pregnant women and vaccinating kids have not been tested.

-          There is no long-term safety data for the COVID-19 injections at all.


See AO News – COVID-19 Vaccines



The Pandemic Formula / Lockstep


There are 193 member countries in the World Health Organization.  200 countries are tracked on


World Economic Forum, military industrial complex, elite parasitic class (manipulate governments to gain more power and money for themselves)


Watching the COVID drama unfold, there is a definite formula/coordination to a specific agenda in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, France, Germany and USA.


Hegelian Dialecticproblem/reaction/solution (article)

Hydroxychloroquine and other therapeutics undermined.  AO News – COVID-19 Overview

Pandemic declared = state of emergency = dictatorial government power

Lockdown.  (Stop people from gathering, talking to each other.  Mask mandate.  Fear campaign.)

Protestors vilified by government and in mainstream media.

Virus origin obfuscated (China blamed and then not blamed).

Doctors encouraged/enticed/told to include COVID-19 on death certificates.

All deaths included within 28 days of positive test result regardless of symptoms and cause of death.

Asymptomatic testing encouraged (until healthcare system simply could not keep up).

Asymptomatic people tested upon arriving at the hospital for another purpose; regular testing of healthcare workers; students; some companies and their employees.

Statistics accumulated from the start of the pandemic.  (i.e. cumulative totals of COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital but not necessarily for COVID-19.)

Statistics presented to instill a fear campaign.

Quarantine concentration camps.  (AO News - COVID-19 overview)

Expectation of a second and third wave.

Sewage heralding COVID outbreak (UK).

Animals susceptible to COVID.  (AO News – COVID Animals)

Influenza stats rolled into COVID stats.

Enticement to believe in the second wave … headlines, news articles, stats, graphs.

5 level lockdown framework   (Ontario)  (Manitoba)   (Scotland)    (United Kingdom)

Second lockdown (curfew).  Germany; France; Scotland; Ireland; Austria; England pending; (Davos 2020 Who is Coming …?)

Threats/promises to use military to vaccinate population.

Vaccinate children.  Allow young teens (12+) to get vaccinated without parents’ authority.

Talk about Healthpass, greenpass, health wallet, vaccine passport, vaccine id card  AO News – Vax Passport

Introduce legislation to censor internet (Canada Bill C-10), shutdown non-mainstream narratives identified but not clearly defined as “hate speech” (Canada Bill C-36)

Tout fear of the delta virus despite increased vaccine-related injuries and death.

Double-speak.  Say ‘no mandatory vaccine mandate’.  Promote fear of unvaccinated people.  Introduce mandatory vaccine mandates. (article)

People without a vaccine passport/healthpass must have proof of a negative test, which must be privately purchased.

“Fully Vaccinated” defined as (i) 2 weeks after a second dose in a 2-dose series, such as Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or (ii) 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine (Sep 2021 CDC)

Third shot booster.  Then fourth.  Trudeau government has pre-purchased 8 doses per person.  (article)

Divide and conquer – vaxxed vs unvaxxed, “pandemic of the unvaccinated” polarization.  (article)

Yellow star (article)

Governments being deliberately provocative to have an excuse for military rule (and ultimately global governance).  {Where are “leaders” getting their orders?}  Pushing for a civil war?

Discrimination against people based on their health status.  Malfeasance by government.  Discriminatory legislation is unlawful.

Governments purchase vaccine doses for future use (Canada 8 doses for each person in the population).

Roll-out vaccine passport system for use with non-essential businesses.  (AO News – Vax Passport)

Roll-out vaccine passport system (aka social credit system) for use with essential businesses.

Information War – controlled media, group think, inaccurate/biased reports  (video 2 hrs)   (AO News – This Means War)

Monday, September 13, 2021 Lockstep countries introduce policy to fire federal and healthcare workers (replacing them with military domestic and foreign) if they do not get vaxxed by October 15, 2021.

War Measures Act (see Appendix D) introduced in Saskatchewan, BC, (video 23 mins), NYK Bill A416,


Military – called in to control protestors; called in to replace fired healthcare workers (Military)





-      First say “no, we’re not going to do this” to plant the idea, and then do it.

-      Have fun with the numbers. (i.e. roll flu and pneumonia stats into covid stats since they are all respiratory illnesses)







The globalist agenda?  AO News – The Great Reset




AO News - C19 Players



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Disclaimer: This information has been compiled through private amateur research for the purpose of allowing the reader to make an informed and educated decision.  However, while the information is believed to be reliable, completeness and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.









AO News – This Means War


AO News – Trail of Death


APPENDIX B (Forced Injections)



News - Mandatory / Compulsory / Forced Injections







Bitchute / FreiheitsFreund

This is Incredibly Hard to Watch! Forced Vaccination in India! Unbelievable! These are no Humans! (1 min)




Bitchute / TruthVideos1984

Forced Vaccination in Argentina (1.5 mins)


Alternative link




Cambodia to Use Military for Mandatory Vaccinations in “Red Zones”


Aun Chhengpor, Cambodia


Bitchute / TruthVideos1984

Forced COVID-19 Vaccination in Northeast Brazil (30 seconds)




Bitchute / debess

Nurse Warns of “Biogenics” (Forced Vaccination) Now Happening in U.S. Hospitals (3.5 mins)



-          Flu vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine are given by default

-          Consent to “biogenics” means consent to whatever medical staff deem reasonable (including vaccines). 

-          Patients have the right to say “no” if they are aware.

-          Refuse by amending patient care form/contract to say “no vaccines” and initial.


APPENDIX C (Trail of Death)


AO News – Doctors Mystery


Dr. Kary Mullis RIP August 2019







Mystery: 3 Presidents All Died After Blocking Distribution of COVID Vaccines In Their Countries


Jamie White

-          Haiti refused AZ vaccine from Covax in May


Haiti’s president killed by ‘foreign hit squad’ of ex-Colombian military & Haitian-Americans, 11 arrested inside ‘Taiwan embassy’


Haiti recognizes Taiwan




Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated in attack on his residence


Etant Dupain, Gerardo Lemos, Ivana Kottasová and Caitlin Hu, CNN

President Haiti, Jovenel Moise


Tanzania's COVID-skeptic President John Magufuli dies at 61


President Tanzania, John Magufuli, 61 yrs

-          Heart failure

-          article



Wall Street Journal

Tanzania Shunned Lockdowns. Now It’s Rejecting Covid-19 Vaccines.


Nicholas Bariyo

-          Other countries to forgo the free Covax vaccines are Burundi, Eritrea and the island state of Madagascar




President of Burundi dies after cardiac arrest, according to government


outgoing President Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, 55 yrs


Does this sound ominous?


“Other early Covid-19 deniers, such as Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko —who last spring called the coronavirus a “psychosis” that could be fought with vodka, saunas and driving tractors—have since accepted vaccines.”  (articleAO News – COVID-19 Overview (Appendix O)


APPENDIX D (War Measures Legislation)


After 1988 the War Measures Act was reworked as the Federal Emergencies Act.







2021-10-01 (USA)

NY Senate bill seeks to give public health power to remove and/or detain individuals who may have a “communicable disease”


Marie Oakes


AO News – Quarantine


Ontario’s Emergency Orders were revoked on June 9, 2021


Declaration of Emergency



Jagmeet Singh asks Trudeau to invoke 'emergency measures act' in Ontario


Nico Johnson


CBC News

The 'measure of last resort': What is the Emergencies Act and what does it do?


John Paul Tasker


CTV News

What could happen if feds invoke the Emergencies Act to deal with COVID-19?


Rachel Aiello