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By January 2022, the COVID narrative was clear.  A well-studied, well-patented coronavirus was used as a threat to create fear, and as an excuse to money and power grab via emergency measures by declaring a global pandemic in March 2020.


Key world administrative organizations participated:  World Economic Forum, UNESCO, World Health Organization.  There are 192 member countries in the World Health Organization.


Key world governments participated:  Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Europe, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States.


See AO News - C19 Players


Watchers soon realized that, for those who don’t like the Great Reset agenda as dictated by the globalists, this means war.


Key to the political, economic and financial coup of the Great Reset was/is the methods used for coercion of leading participants.


Research led to the dark world of Jeffrey Epstein, satanism and pedophilia.  (AO News - Cabal)


The world of Jeffrey Epstein facilitated black mail, extortion, coercion and acceptance of Crimes Against Humanity.



News - Jeffrey Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein gained notoriety when he was outed as a serial sex offender and pedophile.  It turned out his network was expansive and tied to Israeli and USA intelligence agencies.


As a financier, Epstein worked for Les Wexner, owner of Victoria’s Secret, and Epstein used the lingerie retailer connection to help build his network and sex trafficking operation.


Epstein, with the help of Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, recruited women and girls by enticing them with cash and offers to pay for their education or other desires if they worked for him. 


Jeffrey Epstein had several properties including an apartment in New York and an Island.  He had four planes (Lolitta Express), which he would use to fly influential people to the island area for fun.  His properties were under intensive surveillance, and it is estimated that thousands of hours of video footage of people involved in compromising sexual adventures is on record.


Epstein committed “suicide” in prison August 10, 2019 as he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.  Surveillance cameras glitched at the time and records were falsified so the full extent of the prison incident is not known.  (Wikipedia)


Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s right-hand woman, was arrested and charged in July 2020.  In December 2021, she was convicted as a sex trafficker.


The handling of Epstein and Maxwell is widely considered to cover up the full extent of the blackmail / coercion / influence network, which is reportedly tied to political figures, Hollywood heavies, scientists, academics, and British royalty.  (article)   (sample


It is unknown who has the video footage. (article)


FBI pedophile symbols report 2007 .pdf



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Youtube / The People’s Voice

Anne Heche Was About to Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring Before She Died (8 mins)





French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel found dead in prison cell


Martin Goillandeau

-      Found dead in prison, hanged with bedsheets


CBC News

Prince Andrew settles sexual abuse case with Virginia Giuffre, will donate to her charity


Associated Press


Bitchute / SixthSense

Epstein & Maxwell are Israeli Spies, Planned Bioweapon Shots, Says Doctor (10 mins)


Stew Peters Show


Meet Ghislaine: Daddy’s Girl


Whitney Webb

-      Father:  Robert Maxwell (article), Israeli intelligence

-      Sisters:  Isabel Maxwell, Christine Maxwell

-      Ties to Bill Gates and Paul Allen



Fox News

Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot reveals names of Hollywood stars who flew on his plane


AO News – WEF



Whitney Webb Explains The Epstein And Gates Relationship You Won’t Hear About (1 hr 20 mins)


Whitney Webb

-      Elon Musk [mark 1:01:45]

-      Tesla was using Epstein to get funding



The Cover-Up Continues: The Truth About Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Jeffrey Epstein


Whitney Webb




Is Melinda Divorcing Bill Gates Over Jeffrey Epstein? (x mins)


The Alex Jones Show


All passengers on Epstein's flight logs to be named 'sparking panic among rich pals'


Christopher Bucktin


Youtube / 60 Minutes Australia

Lawyer Brad Edwards says Jeffrey Epstein's death was a suicide | 60 Minutes Australia (4 mins)


60 Minutes Australia


Youtube / 60 Minutes Australia

What really happened on Jeffrey Epstein's private island? | 60 Minutes Australia (7 mins)


60 Minutes Australia


Youtube / 60 Minutes Australia

The first person to report Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to the FBI | 60 Minutes Australia (5 mins)


60 Minutes Australia

-      Maria Farmer

-      Victoria Secrets model


Youtube / 60 Minutes Australia

Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell | 60 Minutes Australia (27 mins)


60 Minutes Australia


CBC News

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on charges related to Epstein investigation


Associated Press

2020-04-30 / The Conscious Resistance

Exposing the Epstein/Wexner/Trump/Clinton/Gates Mafia with Whitney Webb (x mins)




Epstein Victim Exposes Prince Andrew, Maxwell, Wexner… Whitney Webb & Maria Farmer


Whitney Webb



Bitchute / War Castles Archive

The Fall of the Cabal Part 8 (19 mins)


Janet Ossebaard

[mark 7:15]



Youtube / 60 Minutes Australia

What really happened on Jeffrey Epstein's private planes | 60 Minutes Australia (5 mins)


60 Minutes Australia

-      Virginia Roberts Giuffre


Youtube / 60 Minutes Australia

Did Jeffrey Epstein die by homicide or suicide? | 60 Minutes Australia (4 mins)


60 Minutes Australia

-      David Boies


Youtube / 60 Minutes Australia

Exposing Jeffrey Epstein's international sex trafficking ring | 60 Minutes Australia (45 mins)


60 Minutes Australia

-      Virginia Roberts Giuffre


Youtube / MSNBC

Recordings Give Rare Glimpse Of Jeffrey Epstein In His Own Words | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC (7 mins)




Epstein’s death in prison.




Will We Ever Know How Many Girls Jeffrey Epstein Abused?


Erica Schwiegershausen


NBC News

Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein arrested for alleged sex trafficking

Jonathan Dienst, Sarah Fitzpatrick and Tom Winter



Bitchute / SGT Report

The Hammer is About to Drop (Liz Crokin) (x mins)


Liz Crokin


ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

Kristy Allen ~ MK Ultra, SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating) (1 hr)

Kristy Allen


alternative link


alternative link



Epstein granted a plea deal/non-prosecution agreement in Florida, which  allowed him to avoid federal prosecution by pleading guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution in state court — was negotiated in secret, without informing Epstein’s victims.





Investigations into Epstein began.





Epstein actively recruiting underage girls at his homes in Manhattan, Palm Beach and other locations - New Mexico Ranch






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AO News – Epstein



APPENDIX B (Implicated)


See AO News – Implicated



APPENDIX C (Commentary)


video [mark x])



APPENDIX D (Pickton Pig Farm)




Coquitlam, B.C. Robert “Willie” Pickton was caught 2002 and charged with the murder of 6 women, although he bragged about killing 49.  He fed the women’s bodies to his pigs so little evidence was found.  He was charged in 2007.  His first charge was dated 1997. (article)


Explosive report on cannibalism 2019 (


Trudeau was funneling money from national insurance to SNC Lavalin winding up with ethics charges against him. (Wikipedia)


Trilateral Commission/Bilderberg:  Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Jeffrey Epstein, Jacques Borgese,


Linda Louise Wright, sister to Robert Pickton, created a British investment company that bought stocks in SNC Lavalin. 


Horowitz?  Frank Giustra (Wikipedia) Lionsgate Entertainment (snuff films – snuffing auctioned to the highest bidder, serves on the board of the Clinton Foundation)  “Hunter Thompson”


Epstein provided underage kids to people in Bilderberg.





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2019-08-29 / 2020-04-28

Bitchute / The GenX Report / April LaJune

Justin Trudeau link to Epstein and the Pickton Pig Farm (1 hr)


April LaJune

-      SNC Lavalin (Wikipedia)


AO News – Epstein



National Post

Robert Pickton's siblings knew what serial killer was doing, lawsuits by victims' children allege


Postmedia News


-      Linda Louise Wright

-      Dave Pickton


Forms of Body Disposal

Eat them

Burn them

Pig farms (Pickton, Oprah Winfrey?)

Cryovac the babies, underground bases for food

Bohemian Grove  (Alex Jones (video 1 hr))

Dumping grounds


David Pickton’s friend, Rick Burgess, actor and Hell’s Angel, played in Mighty Ducks with Emilio Estevez (Charlie Sheen) disappeared. (Hell’s Angels protect pedos)





APPENDIX E (Hunter Biden)


Hunter Biden’s laptop ([mark 29:00])

Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro laptop (pwd “Hunter02”)


In April 2019 a water damaged MacBook Pro laptop was dropped off at Mac’s Computer Repair, owned by John Paul Mac Isaac.  The business owner is legally blind and can’t identify who dropped off the hardware.  (article)


The laptop was not picked up so Mac’s gave a copy of the contents to Rudy Giuliani, who arranged to share them with The Post in October 2020, leading to series of exclusive reports.


In December 2019 Mac’s Computer Repair turned over the laptop to FBI.  (video 6 mins)


51 former U.S. intelligence officials decried the contents of the laptop as “Russian disinformation”.


Mac Isaac told The Post that he’s facing bankruptcy since “getting a lot of death threats” and harassment that forced him to close down his shop and flee to Colorado for nearly a year.


Re: Hunter Biden’s sister, cousin, underage children, Obama’s daughter [“Michael” mark 30:32]


Veritas:  Ashley Biden’s diary (Joe Biden & daughter in shower)  (article)


(chronological order)




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Bitchute / TruthVideos1984

Richard Grenell: “The Hunter Biden Laptop Could Not Have Been Manipulated Without DOJ and FBI Help” (1 min)


Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence



Zelensky and Hunter Biden and Ukraine (x mins)


-      Kolomoysky financing


AO News – Epstein



Explosive Interview: New Docs Found On Hunter’s Laptop From Hell


-      Kelen McBreen


Bitchute / TruthVideos1984

Assistant Director of FBI’s Cyber Division Doesn’t Know Where Hunter Biden’s Laptop is (6 mins)


-      Rep. Matt Gaetz



Russia links Hunter to Ukraine Bio Labs





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Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mena Suvari




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