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On March 13, 2020, Canadian governments responded to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic declared by the World Health Organization.  It didn’t take long before vaccine research was fast-tracked, and a safe and effective vaccine was the goal to lead the world out of the pandemic.  However, people noted that the RT-PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2 were mostly inaccurate and unsuitable when testing for COVID-19 infections (leading to excessive numbers)(link); RNA vaccines are new technology and there has never before been a successful RNA vaccine; RNA vaccines by their very nature would be genetically modifying and thus controversial (link); fast-tracking vaccine research means skipping animal trials and shortening clinical trials; SARS-CoV-2 is mutating* (link); in the past successful vaccines have taken years to develop not months; vaccine manufacturers have billions of dollars in potential revenue as incentive; vaccine developers make money whether or not they produce a vaccine (link); vaccine manufacturers working to exempt themselves from liability claims (link).


* Wuhan seafood market pneumonia strain, the two California strains, the Texas strain and the Massachusetts strain of the virus (link)


There is evidence that the flu shot increases susceptibility to coronaviruses. (article)


Dr. Louise Lagendijk says m-RNA vaccines may prompt your body to attack itself, unable to detect which protein is an invader (video 6 mins)


Dr. Christopher Shaw, neuroscientist, voices concern about COVID m-RNA vaccines (video 12 mins)


America’s Frontline Doctors – m-RNA vaccines run the risk of pathogenic priming also known as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE)


Dr. Christiane Northrup – experimental shot, pathogenic priming / ADE, potential infertility (video 10 mins)


Peter Doshi: Pfizer and Moderna’s ‘95% Effective’ Vaccines — We Need More Details and the Raw Data (article)


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AO News – COVID Vaccine Effects


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The New Normal Documentary by (53 mins)



Updates (chronological order)






There are 213 COVID-19 vaccines in development, nine of which (including Sputnik-V) have officially begun phase 3 clinical trials. (article)



Four vaccines are currently in late-stage trials by AstraZeneca, Pfizer and BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.  Pfizer and BioNTech are expected to cross the finish line first, potentially providing a first look at the vaccine's effectiveness against the virus in the second half of November. (article)



According to CNN, Russian Direct Investment Fund’s (RDIF) Sputnik-V vaccine is in Phase 3 clinical trials until May 2021.  Efficacy estimates of 90%+ are based on 20 positive cases.  Pfizer's vaccine is based on a messenger RNA platform, a never-before-approved vaccine technology, while RDIF's is based on an inactivated adenoviral vector. One advantage of adenoviral vaccines is that they do not need to be stored and transported in extremely cold temperatures. (article)



Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won't Have "Freedom To Move Around" (article)



UK starts Pfizer vaccination program with two serious adverse reactions prompting authorities to warn that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination – “vaccinations should not be carried out in facilities that don't have resuscitation equipment”. (article)  Health Canada approves Pfizer vaccine.  (article)



Canada administers first COVID-19 vaccine shots (article)



Canada authorizes Moderna vaccine for use.



Iran Bans Vaccine Import from “Completely Untrustworthy” US, Britain (article) (article)



Placebo participants vaccinated (article)



Norway warns against vaccinating frail and terminally ill people after reported deaths (article)  (article)



India refuses to grant Pfizer authorization for vaccine emergency use due to lack of safety trials (article)



Why Canada is falling behind in Covid vaccinations (article)

-      no domestic vaccine production (Montreal facility under construction)

-      Covax, a global inoculation-sharing initiative, which pools funds from wealthier countries to help buy vaccines for themselves and low-income nations.  “Canada is the only member of the G7 group of rich countries listed as a Covax beneficiary at this stage.”

-      “the country has authorised six doses to be taken from each vial of Pfizer's vaccine rather than the originally intended five.”



Canada strives to meet demand:  “Single vaccine jab appears highly effective against COVID-19, experts say”  (article) rather than two jabs as designed.



AsraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in Canada. (article)



Israel very aggressive in mandating COVID vaccines. Vaccinated people get a green code allowing them to go into public venues.  (source) (article)




Johnson & Johnson/Janssen one shot traditional vaccine available under emergency use authorization (EUA) in the USA. (article)



A national panel of vaccine experts says provinces should not use AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine on seniors. (article)



Health Canada to announce approval of Johnson and Johnson vaccine.  Approved in the USA on 26-Feb-2021 (article)



Spiro Skouras interviews attorney Ana Garner of New Mexico, USA re: first court case against mandatory vaccination filed by Isaac Legaretta, an officer at the Doña Ana County Detention Center and a military veteran (video 26 mins)



20+ Countries Suspend Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine, But Regulators Insist ‘Benefits Outweigh Risks’ (article)





Authorized for Interim / Emergency Use (USA) / Conditional Marketing Authorisation (European Medicines Agency EMA)


The following vaccines have been allowed for use in Canada under emergency use authorization.  Such authorization does not mean the vaccines are health-approved medications.


Government of Canada website / Status of Applications



Medicinal Ingredients

Therapeutic Area

Date Application Received

Outcome of Application

Date of Decision/ Outcome

Eli Lilly Canada Inc

Bamlanivimab (LY-CoV555)

Immune sera and immunoglobulins, for human use


Authorized (with terms and conditions)


Gilead Sciences Canada Inc


Antivirals for systemic use, for human use


Authorized (with conditions)


Pfizer Canada ULC/BioNTech SE

Tozinameran (mRNA vaccine, BNT162b2)

Vaccines, for human use


Authorized (with terms and conditions)


AstraZeneca Canada Inc

Adenovirus vaccine vector (ChAdOx1-S [recombinant])

Vaccines, for human use


Authorized (with terms and conditions)


Janssen Inc

AD26.COV2.S (recombinant)

Vaccines, for human use


Authorized (with terms and conditions)


Moderna Therapeutics Inc


Vaccines, for human use


Authorized (with terms and conditions)








Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (Tozinameran or BNT162b2)


Authorized for emergency use in the USA.

Authorized for use in Canada.




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Health Impact News

Leaked Pfizer Documents Reveal Only 55% of Some COVID Vaccine Samples had RNA Intact Prior to European Approval Exposing Huge Quality Control Issues


Brian Shilhavy




India: Pfizer withdraws COVID vaccine application for emergency use


-      Health regulator refused to grant vaccine authorization due to lack of immunogenicity trials






AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (ChAdOx1-S)


Authorized for use in Canada.


National panel advises provinces not to use AstraZeneca vaccine on seniors (1-Mar-2021)


Italy, Norway and Denmark stop giving out AstraZeneca jabs over blood clot fears despite EU and UK regulators saying there is NO link (11-Mar-2021)


Update:  mid-March 2021 – “Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Luxembourg, Iceland, South Africa, Norway, Denmark suspended AstraZeneca vaccine.  Now add Thailand.  Iran never accepted it.  Add Bulgaria that suspended it.  Now Congo.  14 nations.  Canada insists on its safety.”  Tweeted by Dr. Naomi Wolf (@naomirwolf)


15-Mar-2021 Add Germany and France (article)


22-Mar-2021 Add Slovenia and Portugal (article)




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Children’s Health Defense

U.S. Health Officials Accuse AstraZeneca of Misrepresenting Efficacy Data


Megan Redshaw


NIAID Statement on AstraZeneca Vaccine


USA’s Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) expressed concern that AstraZeneca may have included outdated information from that [COVID-19 vaccine clinical] trial, which may have provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data.


AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Suspended in Countries Worldwide


Arvind Datta


20+ Countries Suspend Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine, But Regulators Insist ‘Benefits Outweigh Risks’


Megan Redshaw


CTV News

Germany, France suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine


Frank Jordan


Globe and Mail

Danish woman who died of blood clot after AstraZeneca shot had ‘highly unusual’ symptoms, agency says


AO News – COVID Vaccine Effects



Bitchute / FalconsCAFE

HMAS Sydney – 80% of crew hospitalized after vaccine (Video mark 2:50 (5 mins))


Mark Steele

- coagulation of the blood, no oxygen, feet swell and go black, gangrene

- same illness as Greg Hunt (Australian Health Minister) (AstraZeneca or Pfizer?)

- bioweapon


Greg Hunt is discharged from hospital after the health minister was treated for a painful bacterial skin infection


Australia Associated Press

-      cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection


Italy, Norway and Denmark stop giving out AstraZeneca jabs over blood clot fears despite EU and UK regulators saying there is NO link


Ross Ibbetson, Jack Newman, Chris Pleasance

2021-03-09 (AUS)

Grim details of Health Minister Greg Hunt’s serious infection are revealed as he recovers in hospital days after getting his Covid vaccine


Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt

-      Bacterial infection in leg

-      Not vaccine related (AstraZeneca)



Italy blocks export of 250,000 AstraZeneca vaccine doses to Australia


Daniel Boffey


National panel advises provinces not to use AstraZeneca vaccine on seniors


Canadian Press


Evening Standard

AstraZeneca takes $6m hit after 'faking conferences' to bribe doctors

Lucy Tobin



Johnson & Johnson/Janssen


Janssen COVID-19 vaccine (Ad26.COV2.S)  Not a mRNA vaccine.  Traditional vaccine requiring only one dose.


Authorized for emergency use in the USA.


Health Canada to announce approval of Johnson and Johnson vaccine (5-Mar-2021)


Some Roman Catholic leaders in U.S. call Johnson & Johnson vaccine "morally compromised"


Catholic community has been warned that J&J’s COVID-19 vaccine is "morally compromised" because it is produced using a cell line derived from an aborted fetus.




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Health Canada to announce approval of Johnson and Johnson vaccine


Canadian Press

-      Single dose vaccine

-      10 mln doses to arrive by Sept.


Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Authorized by U.S. FDA For Emergency Use - First Single-Shot Vaccine in Fight Against Global Pandemic







mRNA-1273 vaccine


Authorized for emergency use in the USA.

Authorized for use in Canada.



“Moderna is the number one of all the 210 vaccines that are now part of the warp speed program … it has become a kind of a vanity project for Tony Fauci … he gave a series of … “concessions” to Moderna … for example you can skip animal testing and go straight to human testing.  This was a particular concern … because … Moderna was using a technology that has never been used in any medicine before and it is a technology that is controversial ... it uses messenger RNA (m-RNA) to infiltrate the human cell … to stimulate that cell to start producing antibodies to a particular antigen or disease … it will turn the human cell into a vaccine manufacturing plant.” 


The company’s original focus was fighting cancer.  The core technology came out of a National Science Foundation grant and was published in August 2009.  The company was founded on misappropriated technology appropriated for the purpose of personal enrichment.  This company has been operating as an illegal operation from the beginning.  Their advocate in chief is Tony Fauci who has every bit of an interest in seeing their vaccine jump to the front of the line and he has directed US $2.8 billion taxpayer dollars to the company.


“There is nobody in the world that would buy [Moderna’s] vaccine if they knew what you and I know about it.  It does not stop the disease, it has a huge injury rate, it does not stop transmissibility, and he has a $9 billion contract with the Pentagon for 500 million doses.”  Robert Kennedy Jr. [mark 21:27]


“This is a crime … Anthony Fauci’s behaviour is racketeering.  He controls the means of production.  He allocates the market beneficiaries … he picks the winners and losers.  That’s an illegal thing to do.”   Dr. David E. Martin [mark 22:05]


“He [Fauci] controls the pathogen.  He then controls the means of detection and the means of therapy.  And then he controls the price that its going to get sold at and he gets paid every step along the way.  This is Chicago mafia 1920s.  And the worse thing is we now have a situation where justice isn’t being served because … the government controlled by pharmaceuticals has no incentive to address this problem.”  Dr. David E. Martin [mark 23:43]


“The reason why we don’t have a drug from Moderna is for a good reason – they haven’t produced anything that’s safe.” Dr. David E. Martin [see 24:20 mark 24:53]


“The whole thing is just a sick, demented and crooked scheme.”  Robert Kennedy Jr. [mark 28:09]


Gilead’s Remdesivir [mark 28:30]


DARPA / NIAID funded racket [mark 28:52]


“There is not a chance that we would have an approval outside of the emergency use authorization.” [mark 29:00]


Moderna patent applications [2016, 2019] [mark 31:22] 


source (mark 4:10)




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2021-03-02 / Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton gets first dose of Moderna vaccine (4 mins)


Dolly Parton




Possible COVID-19 Vaccine Effects & Injuries


See AO News – COVID Vaccine Effects



News – COVID-19 Vaccines (Canada & General)


See also Australia, UK, USA.




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Health Canada to announce approval of Johnson and Johnson vaccine


Canadian Press

-      Single dose vaccine

-      10 mln doses to arrive by Sept.

2021-03-05 (USA)

The U.S. Has Vaccinated Half Its Seniors. The Next Half Will Be Harder


Jonathan Levin

2021-03-02 / Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton gets first dose of Moderna vaccine (4 mins)


Dolly Parton


Doctors for Covid Ethics

Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns


Doctors for Covid Ethics


Youtube / Bright Light News

COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Prevent or Stop Infection (2 mins)


Bright Light News


Daily Mail (Aus)

Australian PM Scott Morrison gets vaccine


Scott Morrison


Whistleblower Video Footage of Forced COVID Vaccines in German Nursing Homes Goes Public – Attorney: “We’re Dealing with Homicide, Maybe Even Murder” (5 mins)


Reiner Fuellmich

AO COVID-19 - What Do Lawyers Say?



As Israel Reopens, ‘Whoever Does Not Get Vaccinated Will Be Left Behind’


Isabel Kershner

2021-02-11 (Ireland)

Dr No: Celbridge GP slammed for refusing to administer COVID-19 vaccine to patients


Mark O’Brien

-      Dr Gerard Waters, of Whitethorn Clinic in Celbridge "I'm a conscientious objector"


COVID-19 Vaccines Could Add Fuel To Evolution Of Coronavirus Mutations


Richard Harris


'We're going to see more': Man tests positive for COVID-19 after getting vaccine dose



-      Gary Michael, Lake Forest


Anchorage Daily News

New clinical trials raise concerns that the coronavirus is learning how to resist vaccines


-      Emily Baumgaertner


Global News

Coronavirus: Ontario government commits to vaccinating all long-term care workers, residents by Feb. 15 despite vaccine shortage (3 mins)


-      Pfizer vaccine shortage

-      25,000+ Ontarians have received both vaccinations


Bitchute / The Highwire

Neuroscientist’s Concerns About COVID Vaccines


Del Bigtree

-      Dr. Christopher Shaw


Chicago Tribune

Vaccine trial participants who received placebo now hop the line for the real thing from Pfizer, Moderna


Judy Peres


Bitchute / BackToConstitution

Dr. Louise Lagendijk says your body will attack itself, unable to detect which protein is an invader (6 mins)


Dr. Louise Lagendijk

-      risk of autoimmune disease in future

-      not thoroughly tested


Iran Bans Vaccine Import From "Completely Untrustworthy" US, Britain




COVID Live Updates: Dr. Fauci says people with virus should wait 90 days for vaccine




Daily Mail (USA)

Kamala Harris




Abc News

A nurse who got vaccinated tested positive for COVID, but that's not unexpected


Erin Schumaker


Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions


Jop de Vrieze

2020-12-16 (USA)

Alaska health care worker suffers adverse reaction after COVID-19 vaccine


Alexandria Hein

-      Woman, anaphylactic reaction



Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccination – Understanding Background Rates


Vincent Iannelli


Abc News

Canada getting 168K Moderna vaccine doses before year end


Rob Gillies

-      Moderna


Lack of reviews of COVID vaccine raises concern with U of G expert


Anam Khan

-      Byram Bridle

-      Need results from phase 3 clinical trials to be published and rigorous peer review


Canada Administers Its 1st COVID-19 Vaccine Shots


Emma Jacobs

-      Gisèle Lévesque, Quebec

-      Gloria Lallouz, Montreal

-      Anita Quidangen, Toronto


CBC News

Health Canada approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine


John Paul Tasker


CBC News

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Wednesday


The Associated Press

"Vaccinations should not be carried out in facilities that don't have resuscitation equipment."

Archived version (significantly different).  See also:  Denver Post (AP)


U.K. Regulators Tell People With Severe Allergies Not To Get Vaccine


Jacklyn Diaz



FDA announces 2 deaths of Pfizer vaccine trial participants from "serious adverse events"


Pfizer report to FDA 10-Dec-2020 (.pdf)

2020-12-06 (USA)

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Has Been Invited to Testify Before Senate Committee


Sheryl Gay Stolberg



Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won't Have "Freedom To Move Around"


Tyler Durden


Pfizer CEO admits he is 'not certain' their COVID-19 shot will prevent vaccinated people from spreading the virus - as the firm cuts the number of doses it will ship this year


Natalie Rahhal


Pfizer chairman: We're not sure if someone can transmit virus after vaccination


Joseph Choi

-      Albert Bourla


World’s Largest Vaccine Maker Sues Trial Volunteer Who Alleged Side Effects


Shamani Joshi

-      Serum Institute of India

-      $13.5 million


Participant in India’s AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trial sues after experiencing ‘severe adverse effect’




National Herald India

No need for vaccines, COVID pandemic is over, says Former Vice President of Pfizer


-      Dr. Michael Yeadon

AO COVID-19 – What do Doctors Say?



New York Post

Putin won’t take Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine, despite claims of 90% effectiveness


Jorge Fitz-Gibbon


Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine—What You’re Not Being Told


Johnny Vedmore


CBS News

Russia plays down infections in doctors who got COVID vaccine claimed to be 92% effective


Alexandra Odynova


New York Post

Three medical workers who took Russian vaccine reportedly infected with COVID-19


Yaron Steinbuch


Jon Rappoport’s Blog

COVID vaccine revelation sinks like a stone; disappears


Jon Rappoport

-      Pfizer, BioNTech


Youtube / Children’s Health Defense

TRUTH, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Season 2, Episode 8 featuring David E. Martin (43 mins)


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Dr. David E. Martin

-      Moderna



Scientists cautious as Russia says early data shows Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is 92% effective


Ullah, Gumbrecht, Reynolds


Pfizer, BioNTech say Covid vaccine is more than 90% effective — ‘great day for science and humanity’


Sam Meredith

-      Pfizer, BioNTech

-      Storage temp -94oF


Reality bites for Putin's much-hyped Covid-19 vaccine, as concerns over efficacy and safety linger

Ilyushina, Pleitgen

-      World’s first registered coronavirus vaccine Sputnik-V

-      26,269 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Russia


Bitchute / Del Bigtree

The COVID / HIV Connection (6 mins)


Del Bigtree, Jefferey Jaxen


Dr Fauci warns that early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms from arising – not block infection


Megan Sheets


Globe and Mail

Liberals lose vote launching COVID-19 study after warning of risks to vaccine negotiations


Bill Curry


CBC News

Trudeau announces plan to purchase 76 million doses of Canadian-made COVID-19 vaccine

John Paul Tasker

-      Medicago

-      Total of 7 contracts for 358 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine


Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection


Robert Hart


Russia Approves Second Covid-19 Vaccine — Before Phase-III Trials Even Start


Siladitya Ray

-      EpiVacCorona


Washington Examiner

Eli Lilly antibody treatment trial put on pause due to safety concerns


[Regeneron competitor –

synthetic antibodies]


USA Today

Johnson & Johnson pauses COVID-19 vaccine trial after unexplained illness, the second US trial now on hold


Elizabeth Weise, Karen Weintraub

[2 of 4 vaccine trails on hold due to safety issues]


500,000 Sharks Could Be Killed in the Race to Produce a Covid-19 Vaccine


Rasha Aridi


Trump has ties to drugmaker Regeneron – and now its stock is surging


Paul R. La Monica

2020-10-01 / IndianExpressOnline

How does intranasal vaccines for Covid-19 work? | Bharat Biotech Covid19 vaccine (2 mins)



-      Bharat Biotech


CBC News

With no successful vaccine candidates yet, Canada signs deal to secure 20M more COVID-19 vaccine doses


Kathleen Harris

-      AstraZeneca/Oxford University


Russia offers UN staff free coronavirus vaccines on 75th birthday




Trials of Russia’s coronavirus ‘vaccine’ have shown questionable results that are ‘very unlikely’ to be a coincidence, leading scientists claim


Victoria Allen


What a gift: Russia offers UN staff free virus vaccines


-      Sputnik-V

-      [pre-clinical 3 trials]


EcoWatch / Jordan Davidson

WHO Releases Plans for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution as U.S., China and Russia Opt Out

Jordan Davidson

-      [auction by case count, limited supply = high demand]


CBC News

Canada nails down 5th deal for potential COVID-19 vaccine


The Canadian Press


Bitchute / Highwire with Del Bigtree

Del Delivers Dire Warning to the CDC (4 mins)


Del Bigtree


COVID19 ‘Clinical Trials’ & Their Outcomes: Fake Science At Its Best!


Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D


Covid-19 vaccine trial participant had serious neurological symptoms, but could be discharged today, AstraZeneca CEO says


Adam Feurerstein


Collective Evolution

President Trump Says No To Bill Gates’ Backed “COVAX” Vaccine Alliance


Arjun Walia


Washington Post

Opinion:  It’s time to start testing potential covid-19 vaccines on children


Steven Joffe


Youtube / SPEAK Project

SPEAK Project - COVID & FLU shot (mark 8:00) (12 mins)

5G,    flu shot,   HCQ


AO COVID-19 – What do Doctors Say?


Youtube/Dr. Jane M. Orient

COVID-19: Is there an opportunity in the crisis? (50 mins)


Jane M. Orient, MD


History to ‘vindicate Swedish COVID-19 strategy’ (8 mins)

Rowan Dean

-      Sweden

-      Switzerland


5 Things That Could Go Wrong With A Coronavirus Vaccine

Robert Pearl, MD

[lying by omission?]


Dr. Anthony Fauci says chance of coronavirus vaccine being highly effective is ‘not great’

Berkeley Lovelace Jr, Noah Higgins-Dunn

-      50%-60% vaccine effectiveness would be acceptable


Japan in deals with AstraZeneca, Novavax for COVID-19 vaccines




Canada Enters Into Vaccine Agreement With Pfizer And Moderna


Matthew Sitler

(Viable Opposition)


AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries


Ludwig Burger, Pushkala Aripaka

AO News – COVID-19


Sky News

Coronavirus: UK signs deal for 60m doses of potential vaccine

Tom Gillespie

- Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline

- human clinical trails begin Sept.

- phase 3 study in Dec.


Pfizer and BioNTech began late-stage human trial for coronavirus vaccine Monday


Berkeley Lovelace Jr.


U.S. agrees to pay Pfizer and BioNTech $2 billion for 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine


Will Feuer


Youtube / Spiro Skouras

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans (47 mins)

Spiro Skouras

-      Dr. Andrew Kaufman

AO News – COVID-19 version


Kennedy: Pentagon Study Shows Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36%, and There’s More


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


As pressure for coronavirus vaccine mounts, scientists debate risks of accelerated testing


Julie Steenhuysen


Assembly Bill A99






More Information:



Questioning Vaccine Safety Is Now Popular In the Age of Covid (


AO News – COVID-19


AO News - COVID-19 Alternative Medicine


AO News – COVID-19 Testing


AO News – COVID Vaccine Effects



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AO News – COVID-19 Vaccines


APPENDIX B (facebook comment)


A friend on facebook who is a RN shared this info today on facebook.   👍🏻I took a training course today.   I believe the Pfizer vaccine is much more risky given its method of delivery compared to Moderna.    I am not advocating either that is for you the individual to decide.   Pfizer comes in 5 dose vials that must be reconstituted with Saline 0.9%HSP.   The dilutant is 10ml,yet only 2ml is added to the vial to be reconsituted from powder form.   It must be mixed precisely and the dose is 0.3ml.   If the vial is shaken it can reduce the efficacy of and break down the vaccine product.   So if the administrator errors in these steps people will get a higher or lower concentration dose of the vaccine.   It is possible that some of the major reactions are also med errors.    For the Moderna Vaccine the vaccine comes in prefilled syringes so no reconstitution and at least whatever is given it is at least the same volume.   Both vaccine have strict cold chain issues and Pfizers is really only viable in major centers given it must be kept at -64 degrees in dry ice...Where Moderna is kept at ~ -20 degrees also in dry ice.    Never as a Nurse have I ever handled dry ice before so I have also trained on that, its simple but you can sustain a thermal injury if handled incorrectly.    Each vaccine is a single dose then 21 day booster.    Currently it is contraindicated in those with immunocompromise, Allergy to contents (currently any allergy for my clinic is a medical consult with doctors) prior to admin., not currently recommended for pregnant women or those who plan to be pregnant, or those under 16yrs for Pfizer and those under 18yrs for Moderna...... In other words we are in Phase IV clinical trial.    We have no long term efficacy or safety data for these vaccines.