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SARS-CoV-2 Variants & Mutations



In March 2021 Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche sent an open letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) warning of the possibility that vaccinating healthy people in the middle of a pandemic could transform “a quite harmless virus into an uncontrollable monster”.  (link)  Similar to the way overuse of antibiotics has led to antibiotic resistant super bugs.


His concern rests on ‘immune escape’. For those needing an quick introduction to the topic, read Jemma Moran’s article Mutant variations and the danger of lockdowns.


Variants are determined by genomic sequencing tests and computer models.


Named after the Greek alphabet: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mi, ni, ksi (not used – too similar to China’s President Xi?), omikron, pi, rho, sigma, tau, ypsilon, phi, khi, psi, omega.


Once the letters of the Greek alphabet are used up, rumour is the variants will be named after constellations -- aries, orion, gemini, etc.


Is 5G being used to create the variants?  Delta variant corresponds to turning on 5G.   (video [mark 27:30])   (AO News – 5G & IOT)



HIV Variant




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What’s Behind the New AIDS Scare? (.pdf)


Dr. Joseph Mercola

-      HIV variant


Bitchute / A_Warrior_Calls

Nobel Prize Winner Professor Luc Montagnier Exposes HIV Put in “Vaccines” (2 mins)


Luc Montagnier


AO COVID-19 – What do Doctors Say?



What’s up with HIV?  (6 mins)


-      HIV variant


AO News – Whistleblowers & Activists



Scientific American

Discovery of New HIV Variant Sends Warning for COVID Pandemic


Marla Broadfoot

-      HIV variant


CTV News

Sask. provides free home HIV test kits




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NEWS: SARS-CoV-2 Variants/Mutations




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Covid-19 news: New variant found in France doesn’t seem to have spread


Michael Le Page, Clare Wilson, Jessica Hamzelou, Sam Wong, Graham Lawton, Adam Vaughan, Conrad Quilty-Harper, Jason Arunn Murugesu and Layal Liverpool

-      “IHU”

-      Pre-print article


Bitchute / Shonensy

Dr. Andrew Kaufman – Omicron Variant (4 mins)


Sayer Ji

Computer models

-      Previous negative PCR tests can be positive with Omicron


Doctor who found Omicron variant says symptoms are mild, media is overreacting


Thomas Lambert

-      Dr. Angelique Coetzee


Why Does the SARS-CoV-2 Delta VOC Spread So Rapidly? Universal Conditions for the Rapid Spread of Respiratory Viruses, Minimum Viral Loads for Viral Aerosol Generation, Effects of Vaccination on Viral Aerosol Generation, and Viral Aerosol Clouds


Byung Uk Lee


Bitchute / SGT Report

The Vax, 5G, EMF’s & Magnetism – Hope & Tivon (50 mins)


[mark 27:30]

AO News – 5G & IOT


AO News – COVID-19



Odysee / WhatsHerFace

Rise of the Variants (6 mins)


Alternative Link



“leaky vaccines”


The Highwire

Del Bigtree interviews Dr. Peter McCullough


Del Bigtree

-      Immune escape

-      Natural immunity appears to be robust, complete and durable and don’t get the illness again

-      Vaccine failures

-      Are vaccinated people carrying Delta to each other?


Los Angeles Times

As COVID-19 collides with HIV/AIDS, the pandemic may be taking an ominous turn


Melissa Healy


facebook / We are Your Ontario Doctors

Is There Data That Justifies The Panic Over The Variants? (2 mins)


Concerned Ontario Doctors (


AO COVID-19 – What do Doctors Say?



Evidence for increased breakthrough rates of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern in

BNT162b2 mRNA vaccinated individuals (.pdf)


Kustin, Harel, Finkel, Perchik, et al.


Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Immediately (Open Letter to the WHO) — Vaccine Research Expert


Geert Vanden Bossche


Mutant variations and the danger of lockdowns (.pdf)


Jemma Moran


Study: Researchers identify 7 new U.S.-based coronavirus variants


Heidi Wigdahl


Sky News (Aus)

COVID-19: Single vaccine dose leads to ‘greater risk’ from new coronavirus variants, South African experts warn


Thomas Moore


CTV News

New, faster-spreading strain of COVID-19 confirmed in Britain


Michael Holden


Bitchute / World Alternative Media

New Mutated Coronavirus in Australia! – The Next Phase of the False Flag is Here! (14 mins)


Josh Sigurdson






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