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On September 11, 2001 the world changed.


The official story is that “19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States. Two of the planes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 people were killed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which triggered major U.S. initiatives to combat terrorism and defined the presidency of George W. Bush.”  (source)


However, it doesn’t take much research to start questioning the official narrative.  Do you know that a third World Trade Center tower (WTC Building #7) collapsed at 5:20pm but was not hit by a plane?  (link)  Or that explosions were reported by first responders (link) and janitorial staff (source) in the basement of the twin towers prior to the planes hitting the building?  Or that thermite explosive was found in the dust?  Or that the bulk of the debris was shipped overseas for recycling within a couple of months (source) stymying the investigation?  Most people do not know.  Most people do not want to know. 


But some people persist in seeking the truth …




The noise is loud if you look for it, but you have to look.  Mainstream media is suspiciously silent. 


Why, you ask?  Of course, few know for sure but here is one explanation:


“It is now known that in the aftermath of 9/11 the US Constitution was trashed and 935 now-documented lies were told to justify elective wars and a swath of destruction running from Afghanistan through the Middle East and North Africa down to Somalia, Niger, and Nigeria, while at the same time extending the military-industrial complex to create a police state that is no longer focused on community needs or peace but rather on mass surveillance, and spending as much money as possible to no good end.”  (source)   (link)


Larry Silverstein leaseholder of the asbestos-filled world trade center complex received US$7 billion from insurance.  (source)  (source)  (source)


*** AO Comment:  This item is not meant to be a comprehensive 9/11 news listing.  It is included so you know what is going on.  Canada is affected by what happens in the USA.  We need to know who our neighbours are.




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- Marcy Borders


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Youtube Comment Entry by Max Simpson (2014) (source)

I’m a scientist. B science (M. chemistry).  The 911 truth movement is missing lots of supporting evidence to their theory. Here is the basis for proving that 911 was demolition and nothing else.

1) Buildings fell at free fall rates directly downward into most path of resistance with no de-acceleration and still had enough energy (somehow) to turn the steel and concrete into dust by way of pulverisation. IMPOSSIBLITY #1. Breach of CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM AND ENERGY. Breach of EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION law.

2) The first floor crushed in both south and north tower at moment of "collapse" is somehow able to turn the floor below into dust by way of pulverization at initial contact. It doesn't have enough GRAVITATIONAL POTENTIAL ENERGY TO DO THIS the gravitational potential energy is not enough to be converted into kinetic energy at the start of any pancake collapse to do this. IMPOSSIBILITY #2

3) HORIZONTAL MOTION IS INDEPENDENT OF VERTICAL MOTION. We see an energy source (not visible) from within the building structure give enough force to the outsides of the building structure to hurl the beams HORIZONTALLY outwards. SOME PIECES of steel up to 100 tonnes went 100s of meters (WOW! wtf???????) what energy did that if it’s not connected to the pulverization of steel and concrete by way of NANO-THERM ATE???? Explosions or force from within the building are occurring that are affecting the outside of the building in a HORIZONTAL MANNER. This can’t be a part of the collapse theory because the "collapse" is vertical motion. something else is giving rise to HORIZONTAL MOTION....IMPOSSIBILITY #3  so far it’s not looking good for official theory folks....

4) the heat was at least 1000 degrees Celsius below what is needed to melt the steel. check the melting point out yourself and compare with literature values and the periodic table as we do as chemists.. Kerosene jet fuel cannot melt steel and initiate the free fall collapse we seen on television. THIS IS IMPOSSIBILITY #4

5) the collapse of the south toward had the top 30 floors lean up to over 20 degrees on an angle, shifting the centre of mass away from the bottom half of the building. WE SEE NO DEACCELARATION of the collapse because it’s a demolition wave. With no mass directly above the south tower for this period of time, how can the building accelerate its own collapse? Breach of CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM...... IMPOSSIBILTY #5

6) THE SOUTH TOWER TOP THIRTY FLOORS THAT WERE LEANING, disintegrated in mid-air (what’s is hitting it -nothing) before it even hit the ground, as did the top 15 floor section before even having a visible impact on the below floors of the north tower. IMPOSSIBILITY #6 and strong conclusive evidence of demolition.

7) The north tower ANTENNA falls before the top portion of the building attached to it falls, and this occurs for the first 5 frames of motion on the camera. Why? Because it’s a demolition and it’s attached to the core columns of the mighty building that are being severed from the basement all the way up to the roof. IMPOSSIBILITY #7

8) THE PYROCLASTIC FLOW from both towers expanded over the city as the heat from the thermate in the cloud caused its rapid expansion, out running fleeing victims, and literally corroding the metal on 100s of cars in close proximity to the towers. What? Does the steel and concrete contain redox reagents to initiate corrosion in metals randomly? No. Evidence of nano-thermate and extremely quick corrosive reagents that are very quickly under heated conditions attacking the cars metals. IMPOSSIBILITY #8

9) The buildings fell at 10 and 11 seconds each. Pancake collapse should take at least 30 seconds. They match free fall speeds/ demolition speeds far closer than they do for possible collapse speeds. IMPOSSIBILITY #9

10) LIQUID THEMRATE REACTIONS BURNING AND POURING OUT OF MAJOR PARTS OF THE BUILDINGS STRUCTURAL integrity can be seen seconds before the collapse of the south tower. if you know your spectroscopy, you know what colour this indicates the temperature range to be AND WHAT ELEMENTS IT CAN IDENTIFY just by viewing with the naked eye. it is LIQUID Fe (iron) pouring out from the thermate reaction with presence of oxidant (usually sulphur or boric acid or in some case KMnO4) that is cutting the steel in  around 1/200s of a second. ABSOLUTE PROOF OF DEMOLITION EXPLOSIVES. IMPOSSIBILITY #10

11) JET AIRPLANES HAVE BLACKBOXES DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND the temperature of whatever fires the planes fuel burns at. but official story says they vaporized. WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a chemist. I know another impossibility has occurred, but consider the fact that the thermate reaction destroyed them just to be safe when they were embedded within the building, even though firefighters say they found 3 out of 4 of the FDR's (black boxes) contradicting the FBI reports who confiscated these boxes and denied their existence. IMPOSSIBILITY #11

11) There is FBI footage of the then 2001 FBI director (NY) Barry Mawn speaking to firefighters in the dust cloud asking about the potential case for secondary explosions being reported that occurred over the radios of firefighters (confiscated but later release under FOIA). Barry is a good guy and is surprised and covered in dust himself, messing up his federal suit. He doesn’t even know what is going on, but must help cover up for the government on the day, because if the CIA or culprits go down when the evidence is revealed worldwide, so could the FBI for their involvement. Imagine, after becoming director, would you tear the structure you’re in and those below down just because clear governmental involvement has had to occur for the event to happen this way. Poor fellow and his close friend John O’Neill, who was the world’s leading expert on OSAMA BIN LADEN, is stationed as security head of the world trade centres the day of 911 and dies. He is famous for warning the fbi who never took him seriously and is seen to embarrass higher fbi members than himself with his accuracy. he would have known bin laden cannot defy physics, and yet strangely, he is stationed on this very day and dies first day on the job in the towers helping people.....  This is circumstantial evidence though....but proves that the leader of the FBI on scene didn't know about it. Check it out for yourself.

12) BUILDING 7..... PLEASE DON'T GET ME STARTED FOLKS. Free fall speed fall into its own footprint with visible explosions and variously different tapes edited differently with or without penthouse collapse in it (edited by FBI who released them under FOIA). Evidence of video tampering as well. IMPOSSIBILITY #12.

The list goes on and on and on. I’ve done my part as a chemist and scientist. Impossibility #1-12 is enough to convince any scientist of demolition. The other 9/11 conspiracy theories are created by government (no planers, nukes, aliens, fake pseudoscience like Judy Woods rooted in "unspecified complexity" (one of the establishments favourite techniques to create Cognitive Diversity, confusion and ignorance) and much more to move credit and thinking away from scientific engineers and concepts who have proven points above (#1-12) and much more.  No planers, nuke theorists or Judy wood non-scientists are no threat to the establishment, so they have no disinformation waged against them. But proof of Demolition, 1500 architects and engineers and scientists from universities all over the world all in agreement of their findings is far beyond threatening to the transparent evil face of the moral control fronts that literally invented terrorism to give themselves jobs and control. So there is no reason for me to join Note: there is credible evidence for video tampering of live shots of planes hitting the building, but this doesn't mean that no planes hit the building!!! Does it? Clearly, 9 million witnesses disagree with the no plane theory. Just stick with the facts AMERICA and rest of the world.

13) NIST records the planes at 540 miles per hour into the Pentagon and creating a 16foot hole in only one of the outside rings literally designed to handle an explosion or impact. Oxygen is too dense for this plane to fly at these speeds  at below 1000 metres in a 737 with those engines as Boeing says themselves, as the plane is designed to fly those speeds at higher altitudes that require less fuel, lift, and work on the plane. This is why Airplanes fly very high if you ever wondered. However, if it dive-bombed, it could achieve the speeds but the engines would give out with the engine failure throwing the controls out and the plane into a stall that it would be able to pull out of without pulling the plane physically apart under such forces. Besides, even wake forces can throw a plane out if you’re not easy on the rudders when counteracting the stream of another airliner in front of you, with rough handling of the rudders and the combination of the wake turbulence overstressing the Vertical Stabiliser and literally tearing the vertical stabiliser off, which is a certainty for death, and plummeting downwards with no controls to reverse it. This happened 1 month after 911, in Queens, with everyone thinking that the plane crash was another attack, including the FBI…. lol. However, these planes were aimed at these targets not dive bombed, and not falling with thrust combined. So in case of pentagon section, this is IMPOSSIBILITY #13.

14) SEARCH FOR FBI FOIA tapes. On some of them, after the collapse of the north tower and others (that are cut) you literally hear massive explosions and detonations that dwarf the sound of the rubble and the cloud travel and screaming and sirens. This I strongly believe is the detonation of WTC building 7 whilst the city and building 7 is covered in dust. Good time for weakening of building 7 at this point if you ask me.... the explosions are IMPOSSIBILITY #14. Also, during the second plane crash, numerous explosions are visible on many videos in the north tower. So the second plane hits the Second building, and meanwhile, simultaneous visible explosions are visible in the North tower which was first hit at 8.46am. Also convenient for the demolition team.

15) The pentagon was supposedly hit by a Boeing 737 but left only a round 16 foot whole in the outside of the pentagon. It didn’t damage windows next to it. They were intact. The wings and engines (6 tonnes each) would have theoretically, at 540 mph, easily went all the way into the B ring column at least. Instead we see impossible physics, logical fallacies, and evidence of several strike points/ explosions. This direct hit that the supposed muslims commandeered was a 270 downwards spirally turn at 540 mph (IMPOSSIBILTY # 15) that magically lined up perfectly with the impact zone without cutting the grass 5 metres away from impact zone. Also, to hit the bottom floor, as the official story says, the engines and wings would literally need to be 20 feet underground for the nose to hit where it did, and somehow leave no evidence of the wings, tail or engine impact (IMPOSSIBILITY #16). Official explanation: Intense heat vaporised jet plane (just like the plane in shanks Ville conveniently enough) Impossibility #17. Meanwhile the crime fighting G-men sleuth FBI agents managed to recover a passport in pristine condition of one of the hijackers (explosive proof passports built by Allah), yet the ENGINES were not recovered of a Boeing 737??? The Engine always makes it no matter what. It is Kerosene folks. IMPOSSIBILTY #18

16) THE WHOLE IN THE PENTAGON couldn’t possibly have had the boeing go through as mentioned in 15) above. However, the detonation photo of the pentagon shows a much hotter flame than kerosene ignition. It is explosive, either a missile or a bomb  that is needed to give this colour of the flame, and in the photo adjacent to this critical moment of the flash that did the damage to the pentagon, there are small fires around the flash that have smoke trails at least 50 metres high. The two cannot have occurred at the same time friends IMPOSSIBILTY #19

17) In 2011, a video surveillance tape that was fabricated by the pentagon released a blurring but good enough video of a missile hitting the pentagon.  They knew this is what happened, but fabricated a video of the wrong impact zone to see how many people would take it is the evidence we expected to see so they can discredit the theory. It really didn’t work well this plan. The fake missile hits the pentagon 4 metres or so to the left of the Helipad. Countless other CNN, WYNY, ABC, BBC, FOX NEWS and others show the damage live at the pentagon, and the damage is to the right of the pentagon to the right of the visible fire truck (which also wasn’t in the fake video). Later it was shown that the footage was from other random helicopter before 911 that had its colouring slightly tinted. Nice of them don’t you think. EPIC FAIL at COVER UP #1. Please go to YouTube to see it yourself.

18) Watch the live broadcasts on YouTube. Listen at the CNN, NBS, CBS, and FOX NEWS literally reading off a script at crucial times. There is documented evidence of at least the CNN being openly a platform for pentagon officials and intelligence operatives that are trained for specific crisis. However, because I cannot prove them to being co-operation, we will call this circumstantial. The part of importance is the part at 9.15am to 10am. There are witnesses who see helicopters and explosions at the pentagon, whilst some see varying different length and size planes, whilst others only seen an explosion. Please listen to the parts where the FBI and PENTAGON officials are briefing the broadcasts over this time frame given above. Listen to how, at first it is an explosion, to then changes to “perhaps a plane hit the building” to “we have found conclusive evidence of the plane hitting the building and confirmed it as the Flight they told it was” IMPOSSIBILTY #20. Who can identify a plane in under 30 minutes when it; a) apparently vaporised; b) when the FBI says no Black boxes were found; c) When the engines somehow vaporised; d) when no passengers are found; e) when the fire department hasn’t put out the fire yet; f) when the FBI are arriving at the Sheraton hotel minutes after “impact” to confiscate all 80 plus tapes which would have caught the evidence on camera; g) when they are busy fabricating witnesses who say that the they seen the plane travelling at 540 mph hit the pentagon, go into a whole a quarter of the diameter of the nose, whilst the wings folded back to fit neatly inside (impossible to see this happen this fast with the naked eye) when the plane was supposed to literally vaporise upon impact for the first time in history; h) when they are too busy planting evidence that wouldn’t have survived an ordinary fire let alone 600-800 degree kerosene impact fire (even though photo shows evidence of something much hotter)….. LETS CALL a) through to h) IMPOSSIBILTY #21.



I will leave it here, but I will repost it regularly on all 9/11 sites. My message to the Cognitive infiltrators paid by the government who are in total Damage Control is to please focus on the evidence and not character assassination. It’s pointless at this point anyway to fight us. You will just destroy yourselves quicker.


"Your either with us or you are with the terrorists" -bush.


Well then, I guess for having a brain, I am a terrorist. Thanks for training me at university genius.


P.S Aussies rock!