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In May 2000 e-coli was found to have contaminated the water supply of Walkerton, Ontario.  Seven people died, and thousands were made ill.  (Wikipedia)


The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), a crown agency of the Government of Ontario, was put in charge of the cleanup of Walkerton’s water system.


The Government of Ontario committed to ensuring Ontario’s drinking water is among the best protected in the world through:



The province commits to act to safeguard our water.  (source)


Clean Water Act – protecting the surface or groundwater that supplies municipal drinking water systems through watershed-based source protection plans.


Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program – provided funding to assist with individual local actions to:


Almost 60% of Ontarians get their drinking water from the Great Lakes.



Water is more than a precious resource. Water is life itself. Unfortunately, too many Canadians think it's limitless. We say it's priceless, but we act like it's dirt cheap. We waste it and pollute it.  We do not have unlimited quantities, even if it does seem that way to some people because it keeps falling from the sky. We are one of the highest per capita consumers worldwide - 326 litres per person, per day." 

Christine Stewart, former Federal Minister of the Environment Canada


“There is no reason Canadians shouldn’t have the safest drinking water the world, but regulatory efforts required to create, implement and maintain strong, world-class standards are sorely lacking.” Randy Christensen, Ecojustice staff lawyer and report co-author (Waterproof:  Standards)




Conservation Authorities


Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities (CAs) were established in 1946 after decades of tree clearing created extensive flooding problems. In 1954, the CAs gained popular support after Hurricane Hazel showed the necessity for flood management on a watershed basis. Today each municipality funds and has representation at the local CA.


More about Ontario's history of reforestation and flood control by Dr. John Bacher



Blue Communities


The Blue Communities Project, launched by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, designates municipalities as Blue Communities when municipal governments pass resolutions to ban bottled water from municipal facilities, recognize water as a human right and promote public not-for-profit water and sanitation services.  In 2013 Bern, Switzerland (where Nestle is headquartered) became the first Blue Community outside of Canada.  (article)



Spring Water


 - Ancaster Springs







Gazette.com (USA)

Teller County residents rally to keep free artesian well open

Debbie Kelly



Specific Places


- Straits of Mackinac


- Tottenham, ON


- Kipawa Lake, Quebec



Specific Issues



- British Columbia’s Proposed Hydro Dam Site C


- North Dakota Access Pipeline, USA (DAPL)


- Foxconn proposal, Wisconsin, USA



General Issues


- Bottled/Bulk Water


- Droughts


- Great Lakes


- Five Ocean Gyres (www.5gyres.org) studying plastic pollution in the oceans.  The oceans are downstream from everywhere. 


- Oil & Gas Industry


- Plastic




WATER NEWS - General








The home of the Klondike gold flush

Jason Markusoff

-      Dawson City sewage problem


CTV News (USA)

US$600-million settlement reached in Flint water crisis



Edmonton.CTVNews.ca (Alberta)

Mandatory evacuation order issued for all of downtown Fort McMurray



CTV News

Almost 900 billion litres of raw sewage have been pumped into Canadian waterways since 2013

The Canadian Press


Youtube.com (India)

Aaj Ki Baat: Video of trucks dumping waste in Vellar river in Cuddalore goes viral




Made In Arizona: Scottsdale-based company selling technologies to make water from sunlight and air

Christina Carilla

- Zero Mass Water



Reports Suggest Carnival Ships Systematically Discharged Plastic Waste

Jim Walker


Environmental Registry of Ontario

Modernizing conservation authority operations – Conservation Authorities Act (ERO 013-5018)

Consultation open from April 5, 2019 to May 21, 2019


Science Daily

Pharmaceutical residues in fresh water pose a growing environmental risk

Radboud University Nijmegen



Desalination is Booming. But What About all that Toxic Brine?

Matt Simon


EcoWatch / Lorraine Chow

World’s First Ocean Cleanup System Isn’t Yet Doing Its Job

Lorraine Chow

AO Info: Plastic


Bayshore Broadcasting

Walkerton Residents Warn Province Against Environmental Shortcuts

Robyn Garvey


Global News

Trump administration proposes huge rollback of Obama-era water, wetland protections

Ellen Knickmeyer, John Flesher



El Paso to drink treated sewage water due to climate change drought

Nadia Kounang


CBC News

Sewage discharge in Niagara River ‘an environmental catastrophe,’ says NDP MPP

Ryan Patrick Jones


Glboe and Mail

One trillion litres of sewage leaked into lakes and rivers over last five years

Mia Rabson


TheStar.com (BC)

Raw sewage dumped in Metro Vancouver waters saw five-year high in 2017

Ainslie Cruickshank and Wanyee Li



State: Deep injection wells will help ease Lake Okeechobee discharges

Chad Gillis

-- the problem of too much water


National Post (BC)

Leave Victoria's 'raw sewage' alone, Alberta

Tristan Hopper


Wellington Advertiser

Erin to spend another $600,000 to secure viable water source

Olivia Rutt


TheStar.com (BC)

Sewage problems must be fixed if Vancouver wants to be a global role model, say advocates

Wanyee Li, Ainslie Cruickshank


The Weather Network / Water Deeply

Californians struggle to pay for rising water prices



Water Canada

Artificial Sweeteners in Groundwater Indicate Contamination from Septic Systems

Katherine Balpataky


Austin Daily Herald

Study: Cover crops, less tillage key to water goals

AO News – Farmland Development



More trees help water sanitation, reduce child deaths: study

Lin Taylor



Canadian coal firm fined $1.4 million for water pollution affecting Montana

Rob Chaney

- Teck Resources Ltd.



Ontario's Drinking Water Remains among Best Protected in the World

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change


Council of Canadians

Samsung set to take away Chatham family’s water

Mark Calzavara

AO Renewables – Wind News


Globe and Mail

Charting Canada’s troubled waters: Where the danger lies for watersheds across the country

Ivan Semeniuk, Trish McAlaster



How to play the world's water shortage

Jessica Sier


Wellington Advertiser

Puslinch council continues to ask why water bottlers singled out by province

Mike Robinson


America Magazine

Should public water be owned by a private company? Canada is about to find out.

Dean Dettloff



Long-Awaited EPA Study Says Fracking Pollutes Drinking Water

Anastasia Pantsios

AO News - Fracking


The Tyee

Victoria’s Secret: Dumping Raw Sewage Like It’s 1915

Sarah Berman



For more information AO Water News - History



“Protect our water today – for tomorrow.” AWARE-Ontario



"Filter your own water, not just to save a buck but to save the future of the earth". Abby Martin (video)




Other Sources of Information:


Ontario Headwaters - Water and Watersheds (4 mins)


Ontario Headwaters – Watershed Characteristics (3 mins)


Ontario Headwaters – Headwaters of the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) (3 mins)


University of Toronto – Munk School of Global Affairs:  The Program on Water Issues (powi.ca)


5GYRES (studying plastic pollution in the oceans) (www.5gyres.org)


Ecosphere Technologies Inc.  (www.ecospheretech.com)


Great Lakes Commons Map (www.greatlakescommonsmap.org)



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