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Until April 2019, maintained a separate news category for plastic.  Afterall, plastic was separated from the waste stream and warranted special handling and new technologies.  Then the unthinkable.  When China refused to accept garbage from other countries as at January 1, 2018 (article) and then Filipino President Duterte (article) demanded that Canada take back 130 shipping containers of trash, the decades-long con began to unravel.


So to get the big picture, AO consolidated reporting under AO Waste Management News.



NEWS – Plastic (reverse chronological order)







CBC News

Canada says fix for garbage spat with Philippines on its way

Catharine Tunney


CBC News

The Great Lakes are full of microfibres — but there might be an easy solution

Kate McGillivray


EcoWatch / Lorraine Chow

World’s First Ocean Cleanup System Isn’t Yet Doing Its Job

Lorraine Chow

- Boyan Slat

AO Info: Water


EcoWatch / Lorraine Chow

Australia Cuts 80% of Plastic Bag Use in 3 Short Months

Lorraine Chow

2018-11-12 (UK)

Opinion: I collected my plastic waste for a year, and learned the truth about recycling

Daniel Webb


Financial Post

Sponsored News:  Ontario company looking to bring new recycling technology to North America

BBL Energy Inc.

- pyrolysis


EcoWatch / Olivia Rosane

Study Finds New Reason to Ban Plastic: It Emits Methane in the Sun

Olivia Rosane


The Guardian

The man who paves India’s roads with old plastic

Kamala Thiagarajan


EcoWatch / Lorraine Chow

12-Year-Old Girl Invents Plastic-Detecting Robot to Save Our Oceans

Lorraine Chow


Pacific plastic dump far larger than feared: study

Patrick Galey and Marlowe Hood


The Guardian

WHO launches health review after microplastics found in 90% of bottled water

Graham Readfearn

AO Info: Bulk Water


The Guardian

Microplastic pollution in oceans is far worse than feared, say scientists

Damian Carrington


Youtube / Guardian News

“So much plastic!”: British diver films deluge of waste off Bali

Guardian News


Rubbish already building up at UK recycling plants due to China import ban

Matthew Taylor


AO Info: China


Huffington Post

China No Longer Wants Your Trash. Here's Why That's Potentially Disastrous.

Dominique Mosbergen


Youtube / United Nations

Plastic Ocean (8 mins)

United Nations



Other information:


- Five Ocean Gyres ( studying plastic pollution in the oceans.  The oceans are downstream from everywhere.


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