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Before “Canada” existed, the relationship between aboriginal peoples and settlers was managed by the British Crown. It was cemented with the Royal Proclamation of 1763, described by some as a “Bill of Rights” for Canada’s indigenous population. King George III wanted to avoid the protracted conflicts that characterized previous North American colonization and pave the way for British settlers following the Seven Years’ War.


The Proclamation’s sections dealing with aboriginal relations admitted “great frauds and abuses” had been committed against the first peoples in Canada and sought a new relationship. The document outlined boundaries beyond which land was considered unceded — essentially off limits to new arrivals. It also ensured all future land negotiations would be made in public and recorded with treaties.


In B.C., as in Quebec, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and the Atlantic provinces, the vast proportion of land has never been subject to treaty. Although often referred to as public or Crown land, most of these areas are the unceded homelands of Indigenous nations. (article)


Royal Proclamation of 1763 (Wikipedia)


Map of Ontario Treaties and Reserves


Delgamuukw Case


In 1997 the Supreme Court of Canada that Aboriginal title constituted an ancestral right protected by section 35(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982.  It effectively set a precedent establishing Aboriginal title to unceded land. (article)


Who Decides?


See:  The Complicated History of Hereditary Chiefs and Elected Councils





Link to Government of Ontario Map of Ontario Treaties and Reserves



Excerpt from the Vancouver Observer (article)


10 things Canadians should know about the Treaties upon which the oil sands/tar sands are being developed:


1.       If you are a Canadian, know you are a signatory to a Treaty. If you are a settler (i.e. non-Indigenous), know you are a benefactor of the Treaty.

2.       Read the Treaty. Know which Treaty territory you are on. You can read Treaty 6 and Treaty 8, the two treaty territories that sit in the tar sands.

3.       Know that the Treaty is not just an Indigenous peoples’ agreement. We are all Treaty peoples. Know that treaties are the foundation of Canada.

4.       The Treaty is a reciprocal treaty, an equal treaty for co-existence. It was an agreement between the British Crown and Indigenous peoples. First Nations leaders believed they were entering into a trust relationship with the representative of the British Crown. They considered the Treaty a mutual trust agreement to live in peace.

5.       Non-native people are benefactors of those treaties because they are receiving the benefits and profits of the resources from native land. There are billions of dollars coming out of traditional territories, and it never stays in the territory. These real costs of resource extraction, in turn, are borne by the people and communities who have lived here all along.

6.       First Nations never violated the treaty.

7.       First Nations have never surrendered their land.

8.       The federal government has a fiduciary responsibility with First Nations who entered into Treaty. In plain terms, it's similar to the responsibility that a corporation has to its shareholders. The Canadian government’s shareholders are First Nations and it has a duty, a legal responsibility to them.

9.       When reading the Treaty, you’ll never come across the word “ownership”, because no one can own the land. The land owns its inhabitants.

10.    According to the Treaty, as long as the grass grows, the rivers flow and the sun shines, First Nations will always have a right to the land to hunt and fish and forage. As long as industrial development continues to take place on these lands without consent, these Constitutional rights are being violated.



Williams Treaties


Williams Treaties First Nations state they have an outstanding claim against Canada and Ontario concerning the signing of the treaties.  The group consists of the Georgina Island First Nation, the Beausoleil First Nation, the Rama First Nation, the Mississaugas’ of Alderville First Nation, the Curve Lake First Nation, the Hiawatha First Nation and the Scugog Island First Nation.  According to federal government’s Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada website, the Williams Treaties is a series of agreements that designated large parcels of land in southern and central Ontario acquired by the Government of Canada in 1923.

Treaty Six (6)


The story of Treaty Six (article)(article)



Treaty Annuity Payments


In Canada, treaty annuity payments are paid annually on a national basis to registered Indians who are entitled to treaty annuities through membership to bands that have signed historic treaties with the Crown.  Depending on the terms of the specific treaty, these obligations can include the payment of individual treaty annuities, the provision of ammunition and twine for nets, and the provision of a suit of clothing every three years for Chiefs and Councillors.







CBC News

Northern Ontario First Nations win battle to raise $4 treaty annuities

Waubgeshig Rice, Olivia Stefanovich

- Robinson-Huron Treaty




AWARE-Ontario (AO) Comment


Over the centuries up to today the Treaties were, for the most part, ignored or deliberately contravened.  Now the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous people is strained to say the least. 


“For more than a century, Canadians have been accustomed to reports of terrible housing conditions on reserves, unsafe drinking water, dismal educational outcomes and, at least in Western Canada, prison populations disproportionally stacked with aboriginal inmates. Aboriginal leaders and young people such as those who embraced the Idle No More movement have been calling for Canadians to fundamentally acknowledge the injustices and atrocities of the past and fix the problems that keep indigenous Canadians from living the same quality of life as their non-aboriginal neighbours.” (source)


Today’s actions build on the actions of the past and so far, the story has not been favourable to First Nations.  However, the tide is turning.  First Nations people are learning to play the game (legal / political / economic / social / environmental), how to demand enforcement of treaty rights and how to celebrate First Nations culture in Canada’s multicultural society.   And thanks to the internet’s ability to bring people face-to-face with the issues, First Nations supporters are growing in number.


From a legal point of view, Canada’s law ensures that we honour our agreements.  The Treaties were struck by the European settlers with the indigenous people of this land and are the earliest agreements.  If we do not honour our agreements, then the basis for law dissolves.  If we do not honour our agreements for a particular group of people, then the law cannot be trusted and the basis for equality becomes subjective, putting us all at risk. 


From a political point of view, Canadians are proud of our ability to live together in relative harmony, accepting our neighbours and lending a helping hand when necessary.  The fact that many First Nations people have been living in squalor with social and legal injustices is unacceptable.  First Nations and their supporters are becoming loud in their demands for a solution from political representatives.  The issue is echoed by similar situations across the world and voiced in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).


From an economic point of view, "in B.C., as in Quebec, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and the Atlantic provinces, the vast proportion of land has never been subject to treaty. Although often referred to as public or Crown land, most of these areas are the unceded homelands of Indigenous nations." (article)  In other words, the amount of land and natural resources is enormous giving First Nations significant economic leverage.


From a social point of view, the importance of the internet and alternative media cannot be downplayed.  We are seeing a bigger picture.  First Nations are showing their support for other groups and areas (Site 41, Stop the Mega Quarry) and by simply standing for the environmental and land rights of all Canadians.  Their influence is widespread and growing with their efforts on behalf of us all, becoming appreciated. 


From an environmental point of view, First Nations have rights such as hunting and fishing written into the Constitution of Canada, which by extension could apply to the right to clean water, fresh air, and healthy woodlands – rights that non-indigenous Canadians do not have.  Protecting such rights for one provides the protection of such rights for all.  (water song)


As a Resident, Taxpayer and Voter it is up to you decide how other Canadians (and thus yourself) should be treated by our government.


See BC First Nations - Wet’suwet’en protests



Specific Issues


Alberta’s oil sands


Fracking in New Brunswick (Elsipogtog)


Muskrat Falls, Labrador


Ontario’s Ring of Fire


First Nations News – British Columbia (BC)


Site C (BC)


USA’s Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) / Standing Rock



Attawapiskat First Nation


An isolated First Nation located in Kenora District in northern Ontario at the mouth of the Attawapiskat River on James Bay, the community came to wider attention around 2014 for it’s crucial state of poverty.  With De Beers diamond mine 90 kms away, and a perceived surplus of government handouts, Attawapiskat became the posterchild for Canada’s failure at supporting indigenous populations.


Website: / Wikipedia


News - Attawapiskat






Meaford Independent

Meaford Resident Wins Important Legal Battle Against Diamond Giant De Beers


-          Trevor Hesselink, Wildlands League, EcoJustice,

-          Forcing De Beers to follow the law is precedent setting for ring of fire mining activity

AO News – Ring of Fire


Aptn National News

Coroner’s office investigating death of Attawapiskat girl Sheridan Hookimaw


Kathleen Martens

- 13 years old, suicide


CBC News

Attawapiskat chief hopeful in face of DeBeers diamond mine shut down




CBC News

De Beers won't extend mine life at Victor, will close operation in 2019


The Canadian Press


CBC News

Environmental group takes De Beers to court over mercury monitoring at diamond mine near Attawapiskat


Sarah Bridge


CBC News

It takes two to Tango: DeBeers seeks Attawapiskat consent for new diamond mine




CBC News

Justin Trudeau to meet Attawapiskat chief in wake of more suicide attempts


Olivia Stefanovich


Opinion: Lack of money isn't Attawapiskat's problem


Lorne Gunter



De Beers’ Colonial Plunder in Attawapiskat

Jay Watts, Rebel Youth


CBC News

Suicide crisis protests at Indigenous Affairs offices spread across Canada




CBC News

Attawapiskat declares state of emergency over spate of suicide attempts

Kate Rutherford

- 11 suicide attempts on Sat. night

- state of emergency


CBC News

AUDIO: De Beers Victor mine fails to monitor mercury risk, environmental group says


Jody Porter



Blog:  21 Things You May Not Have Known About The Indian Act


Bob Joseph


CBC News

Diamond royalties a closely guarded secret in Ontario

Rita Celli

- gov’t diamond royalties totaled $226 in 2013-14


Huffington Post

There Is A Way To Fix First Nations Education And This Is How It Starts


Michael Bolen



Fuel spill forces closure of Attawapiskat hospital





Attawapiskat wanted police probe in 2004 of co-manager now facing theft, fraud charges


Jorge Barrera



Attawapiskat Chief Spence’s aide walking to Ottawa




Facebook page

Reclaiming Our Steps Past, Present & Future




CBC News

Attawapiskat flights planned for homeless after fire





How Quebec Cree avoided the fate of Attawapiskat


Terry Milewski


Timmins Press

De Beers threatens legal action

Ron Grech



CBC News

Canada's four most expensive contaminated sites

-  J.R. Nakogee Elementary School is categorized class 1 for cleanup






Benny Forest


Located an hour’s drive north of Sudbury on the ancestral lands and territorial hunting grounds of the Anishnawbek, the forest is being clear-cut by the logging giant EACOM Timber Corporation with Northshore Forest Inc. and Vermilion Forest Management Company Limited, and aerially sprayed with toxic herbicides.  Protests against clear cutting have been undertaken since Spring 2015.  MNR approval on April 1, 2010 to 2020.


Nairn Centre sawmill employs about 160 people.


Logging is targeted on approximately 800 hectares (~2,000 acres) or 8 square kilometres of forest up to the Spanish River.


Local First Nations cite endangered species, old growth, historical and current cultural use, and archeological interest.  Clear-cutting will make the area poisoned and uninhabitable.  Clear cutting also jeopardizes a local business, Camp Eagle Nest (, that is endeavouring to pass First Nations culture to the next generation. 


News - Benny Forest






Send Clyde McNichol to England

Pat Guillet

{complaints that donation form is not working.  Use  "Benny Forest Campaign" at CIBC # 0092-3813835 instead}


CTV Northern News

Video – clip at 3:30 min mark




Defend the Benny Forest Group Off the Ground

Howard Wideman, Barbara Ronson


Sudbury Star

Struggle for Benny forest continues

Jim Moodie


Halt logging in Benny, Ontario: Support a National Park Reserve.

Karen Rebeiro Gruhl



Toronto Star

Ontario environment officials concerned that clear-cut logging releases mercury

Jayme Poisson, David Bruser


CTV News Northern Ontario

Video Clip – Application Dismissed (2 mins)



Sudbury Star

Bid to stop logging north of Sudbury fails

Harold Carmichael



Court case re: proposed injunction



CTV News Northern Ontario

Video Clip (2 mins)


2016-03-16 (Revolutionary Student Movement)

Hands off Atikameksheng Land! Solidarity with Defenders of the Benny Forest!

Petition:  Uphold Canada's Honour, Save the Benny Forest



Opposition:  facebook – Save the Benny Forest



Gogama, Mattagami First Nation


Gogama is located 190 km north of Sudbury.  On Saturday, March 7, 2015 a train carrying 94 cars of Alberta crude oil, rolled through Gogama and then about 4 kms away, 35 cars jumped the tracks and caught fire.


Now sheens of oil are commonly reported on Gogama's Makami River as well as Lake Minisinakwa, on which the town is built.


"The clean-up shouldn't be determined by what MOE feels is satisfactory, the clean-up should be determined by the community members and what's satisfactory to them. Because we're the ones that have to live here." Chad Boissoneau, Band Councillor, Mattagami First Nation


There is a reluctance to talk about the problem too much outside of Gogama for fear that it will hurt the tourism (fishing) industry. (article)


News - Gogama






CBC News

Thanksgiving Monday protest planned over cleanup from 2015 Gogama train derailment

AO Info – Rail News


AO Info – Water News


CBC News Sudbury

'The science is not what they want to hear': CN spokesperson on Gogama



CBC News Sudbury

'A surely poisoned environment': Gogama fire chief seeks PM's help in oil cleanup



CBC News Sudbury

Here's why Gogama's Makami River 'will never be pristine again'



CBC News Sudbury

Audio: Gogama train derailments: Questions linger one year later



CBC News

Gogama derailment: TSB wants reinforced tank cars sooner

- Gogama derailment


CBC News Sudbury

Fire still burning in Gogama, questions about derailment still unanswered



Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Derailment and fire of second Canadian National crude oil train near Gogama, Ontario

- Gogama derailment #2


CBC News Sudbury

Train carrying crude oil derails near Gogama, Ont.





- Gogama derailment #1




Grassy Narrows


Grassy Narrows is the site of the longest running native logging blockade in Canadian history - an ongoing grassroots action which recently celebrated its 11th anniversary. Grassy Narrows youth, elders, women, and land-users put their bodies on the line to stop logging trucks from passing.  At the end of 2013, the Ontario government approved another decade of clearcut logging in the Grassy Narrows Territory against the will of this Indigenous community.  The community is already struggling with the long-term health impacts of mercury poisoning.  The plan sets out a schedule to clearcut much of what little mature forest remains on Grassy Narrows Territory after decades of large-scale industrial logging.


For more information, click here.




Moose Cree First Nation


Click here for more information.




Shoal Lake


Until 1906, Winnipeg used water from many sources including well, rain and shipped water and was suffering a host of water-related problems (fire and disease) and ricocheting from one public health crisis to another.  In 1906 Winnipeg purchased the Shoal Lake bed and lands from the federal government to construct a cement aqueduct.  The reserve community of Shoal Lake was cut off and made into an artificial island.


Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, a reserve near Winnipeg straddling the Ontario-Manitoba border, lives under one of the longest boil-water advisories in Canada. 


In June 2019 the community celebrated the opening of "Freedom Road", its first and only permanent road access to the mainland, which opened the door for garbage removal, emergency and postal services.


UPDATE: September 2019 Work begins on the new Shoal Lake 40 water treatment system.  Expected in December 2020. (source)



News - Shoal Lake






CBC News

Work begins on new Shoal Lake 40 water treatment system



CBC News

A century of water: As Winnipeg aqueduct turns 100, Shoal Lake finds freedom

Darren Bernhardt

“Freedom Road” opens this week


Rock to Road

Second phase of Shoal Lake 40 all-weather road awarded

Government of Manitoba

“Freedom Road”



Deprived and isolated: 13 Fires Winnipeg outlines price Shoal Lake No. 40 pays as city's water source

Kristy Hoffman


Globe and Mail

Isolated reserve without clean water to get all-weather road: Minister

Chinta Puxley


Global News

Bacteria, parasites and toxins – water quality ‘negligence’ at Shoal Lake 40

Allison Vuchnich


Huffington Post

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, Reserve Without Clean Water, Takes Case To United Nations

Chinta Puxley



Shoal Lake 40: Road to Reconciliation

Rick Harp

- all or nothing fund raising campaign


Winnipeg Free Press

Drinking water denied to residents

Peter Ives and Adele Perry


National Post

Ontario reserve declares emergency as it loses ferry connecting it to the outside world

Chinta Puxley, Canadian Press





NEWS – General






2020-11-10 (Manitoba)

Tragic Day for Children in Care – Province of Manitoba passes legislation denying children’s rights



CBC News (New Brunswick)

Indigenous woman killed by Edmundston, N.B., police during wellness check

Shane Magee

2020-04-18 (Manitoba)

22-year-old man dead after 3rd Winnipeg police shooting in 10 days

Caitlyn Gowriluk, Dana Hatherly

2020-04-09 (Manitoba)

16-year-old Winnipeg girl shot and killed by police

Brittany Hobson


Globe and Mail

Afternoon commuter trains disrupted, cancelled after fresh rail protests near Toronto

Molly Hayes, Oliver Moore


AO News – BC First Nations


Industry, government pushed to abolish Aboriginal title at issue in Wet’suwet’en stand-off, docs reveal

Martin Lukacs, Shiri Pasternak

AO News – BC First Nations


Northern Ontario Business

OPINION: The Ring of Fire bulldozer is here.  Will it work?

Charles Cirtwill

AO News – Ring of Fire


National Observer

First Nations given max compensation for Ottawa's child-welfare discrimination

Mia Rabson


CBC News

Tensions rise in Oka as mayor speaks of being 'surrounded' by Mohawks



CBC News

Developer offers to give land back to First Nation where Oka Crisis happened

Jessica Deer


Owen Sound Sun Times

$80-billion Bruce Peninsula land claim trial to begin Thursday

Scott Dunn


CBC News

Richmond Hill, Ont., residents upset after council rejects land acknowledgment proposal

Nick Boisvert


Globe and Mail

Opinion:  Doug Ford’s repeal of the Far North Act won’t gain the respect of Indigenous communities

Dayna Scott

AO News – Ring of Fire


Northern Ontario Business

Nishnawbe Aski Nation on board with Far North Act repeal



Macleans Magazine

Opinion: The Supreme Court has just gutted the Crown’s duty to consult First Nations

Pam Palmater


While Nestlé extracts millions of litres from their land, residents have no drinking water

Alexandra Shimo



The colonial history behind B.C. Day that can make us all proud

Terry Glavin

- a bit of obscure history (BC)


‘Nowhere else to turn’: First Nations inundated by oilsands projects face impossible choices

Judith Lavoie


AO News - Alberta


Northern Ontario Business

Start of environmental process for Ring of Fire roads anger isolated First Nations

Ian Ross

AO News – Ring of Fire


Globe and Mail

Ontario, First Nations take giant step toward reconciliation with revenue-sharing deal

Ken Coates, Stephen Crozier


CBC News

Our home on website lets users explore Indigenous ancestral territories

Nic Meloney

- new website


Globe and Mail

Updated: Saskatchewan First Nation wins $4.5-million from federal government, 131 years later

Laura Stone


CBC News

Northern Ontario First Nation now has clean drinking water after 14 years

Matt Prokopchuk

- Slate Falls


Globe and Mail

Supreme Court rules band in B.C. can claim compensation for land theft during 1860s gold rush

Sean Fine


CBC News

Trudeau becomes first sitting PM to visit northern Ontario reserve

John Paul Tasker


CBC News

Treaty annuity case a 'historical landmark' for Ontario First Nations

Waubgeshig Rice


CTV News

Supreme Court case could lead to First Nations role in law-making

The Canadian Press


Why does Canada spy on its own indigenous communities?

Lex Gill and Cara Zwibel


‘It’s all based on agreements’ why OI leasing staff are being targeted by CRA – but not AFN

Annette Francis

- OI Leasing


CBC News Hamilton

Indigenous deer hunt in Dundas Valley starts next week




Court of appeal rules against Kinder Morgan, federal government on existing Trans Mountain pipeline

AO Kinder Morgan News


CBC News

Death of First Nations man handcuffed and stepped on by police was accidental, inquest says

Jody Porter

-      Romeo Wesley


Aptn National News (Manitoba)

Norway House woman tired of leaky roof, chief blames lack of funding

Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais


National Post

Ontario court halts quarry project over lack of consultation with First Nations

- T & P Hayes Ltd.

AO Aggregate News



Forget Smokey the Bear: How First Nation fire wisdom is key to megafire prevention

Yvette Brend

AO BC Oil & Gas


Canada releases 10 “principles” on government’s relationship with Indigenous peoples



CBC Edmonton

Alberta spends $7M to bring drinking water to Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation northwest of Edmonton

Anna Desmarais


CBC Newfoundland & Labrador

Senators blast N.L. government about Beatrice Hunter case




'I Know You're Sorry:' one Anishinaabe MC and poet's response to all of Canada's apologies

Leonard Sumner



The Canada most people don’t see

Scott Gilmore



Indigenous protesters ordered to pay oil giant thousands over pipeline legal battle

Adam Carter

AO Oil & Gas

- Todd Williams, Wayne Hill


KWG and Marten Falls propose Ring of Fire partnership

Gary Rinne

AO Ring of Fire



How Canada set up Aboriginal treaties to keep First Nations down

TVO Current Affairs


Opinion:  Anti-Pipeline Tribes Worry Enviros Are ‘Tokenizing’ American Indians

Chris White


NOW Toronto

Indigenous leaders issue call to action: here's what Canada must do to make amends for residential schools tragedy

Senator Murray Sinclair, Phil Fontaine, Dawn Lavell-Harvard


Millions promised for Indigenous kids is subsidizing mining companies, internal documents show



CBC Thunder Bay

No mental health support available for First Nations artist who died in jail, chief says

Jody Porter



Canada breached its fiduciary duty to care for Indigenous children swept up by 60s Scoop




Dakota Access Pipeline Supporter Becomes Chair of Senate Indian Affairs Committee

Zak Cheney Rice


AO Info – DAPL


This Day in History: December 29, 1890 – Wounded Knee Massacre

Levi Rickert


CBC News Windsor

Standing Rock supporters shut down Hwy 401 overpass in London, Ont.

AO Info – DAPL


CBC Manitoba

Shamattawa still in crisis weeks after fire destroyed lone grocery store

Bryce Hoye



Contamination forces Ontario First Nation to close school, fly in bottled water

Weagamow First Nation


Morton County Dumps Eagle Feathers, Sacred Items, on Ground, of Treaty Camp

Video link


AO Info – DAPL


Confederacy warns province about new housing project proposed for Caledonia

Joel OpHardt

- Caledonia, Six Nations, Haudenosaunee Confederacy, McClung Properties


CBC News

Thanksgiving Monday protest planned over cleanup from 2015 Gogama train derailment

AO Info – Rail News


AO Info – Water News


CBC  Nova Scotia

Potlotek's chief goes to Halifax to push for solution to community's water crisis

Hal Higgins


50 Tribes & First Nations Sign Treaty to Fight Tar Sands Pipelines




UN wants Dakota Access Pipeline construction halted

Jim Monk

AO News – Dakota Access Pipeline


Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion

The Treaty is an expression of Indigenous Law prohibiting the pipelines/trains/tankers that will feed the expansion of the Alberta Tar Sands


Daily Commercial News (Yukon)

Mine dispute could leave dozens homeless

The Canadian Press


The Struggle to Defeat Dakota Access Pipeline Goes Global

AO News - Dakota Access Pipeline

2016-09-08 (USA)

Standing Rock protest grows with thousands opposing North Dakota pipeline

Tim Fontaine



Santa Monica Observer (USA)

Oil Company Destroys Burial Sites in Holiday Sneak Attack

Liz Miller


Northern Ontario Business

Ring of Miner junior needs to mend fences with First Nations

Ian Ross

- Matawa First Nations

AO Ring of Fire


Ring of Fire MOU Causing Concern in Marten Falls First Nation

AO Ring of Fire



CBC News

'Cease and desist,' Neskantaga First Nation tells Ring of Fire mining company

Jody Porter

Link to Ring of Fire Overview


National Post

Distrust, racism loom over police probe into death of First Nations man

Joseph Brean

- Saskatchewan

2016-07-21 (BC)

Industrial damage threatens Blueberry River's way of life

David Suzuki, Rachel Plotkin

- AO News - BC’s Site C proposal


Huffington Post

Gitxsan First Nation Evicts CN Rail, Logging Companies From Its Land

Dene Moore


Mi’kmaq band asks for emergency order to protect at-risk salmon from natural gas project

Trina Roache

- Nova Scotia

- first time Cdn Dept of Fisheries & Oceans is asked to protect aquatic species at risk


National Post

Mikinaks call themselves Quebec’s newest aboriginal community, others are calling them a fraud

Graeme Hamilton


Blog: The shame of skirt shaming - June 2016

Drew Hayden Taylor


Global News

Land dispute brewing between Oka and Quebec Mohawk community

Felicia Parrillo


Plans for natural gas on island were announced a year ago

David Gough

- Walpole Island

AO News - Oil & Gas


CBC News

Canada officially adopts UN declaration on rights of Indigenous Peoples



Brantford Expositor

Deal on housing project

Michael-Allan Marion

- Caledonia, Six Nations



Toronto Star

A decade of despair in the Pikangikum First Nation

Allan Woods


CBC News

Suicide crisis protests at Indigenous Affairs offices spread across Canada



CBC News

Opinion: 21 things you may not know about the Indian Act

Bob Joseph


CBC News

Indian Act turns 140, but few celebrating

Tim Fontaine


McClung development galvanizing Six Nations

Jim Windle

- Caledonia, Six Nations


Children treated for skin conditions on troubled Ontario reserve

Metro News Canada

- Kashechewan

- eczema, scabies and possibly a case of impetigo


Kashechewan Evacuation: Kids With Rash Will Be Removed From Community

The Canadian Press


Why Ontario’s Algonquin Land Claim is bad news for conservation

Phil Morlock


Officials to evacuate Kashechewan First Nation kids due to rashes, open sores

Kirsty Kirkup, The Canadian Press


Canada's Aboriginals go to Supreme Court

Jillian Kestler-D’Amours

- Clyde River


CTV News (Manitoba)

Manitoba First Nation declares state of emergency over suicide epidemic

The Canadian Press


Winnipeg Free Press

Chiefs say proposed Algonquin land claim deal illegal, fraudulent




Questions over number of missing indigenous women in Canada



Vancouver Sun

B.C. union joins First Nations vowing to use law to fight pipelines like Northern Gateway

Laura Kane


National Observer

Indigenous peoples and climate to be factored in federal pipeline reviews

Mike De Souza


CBC News

Prison watchdog says more than a quarter of federal inmates are aboriginal people



National Observer

B.C. First Nations win court challenge against B.C. over Enbridge pipeline

Jenny Uechi

AO News – Oil & Gas: Enbridge Northern Gateway


CBC News

First Nations student deaths inquest: Build schools on reserve, parents say

Jody Porter


Indian Country Today Media Network

Year of Clout: 10 Stories of Indigenous Environmental Influence in 2015



CTV News

Map: Water advisories for First Nations communities in Canada



ABC News (Australia)

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announces inquiry into missing, murdered indigenous women



Globe and Mail

Action needed to protect indigenous women from serial killers, minister says

Kathryn Blaze Baum


CBC News

Audio - First Nations have their voices heard in a new Ring of Fire documentary (7 mins)

AO Ring of Fire



It takes Roots

First Ever Indigenous Women’s Treaty Signed of “North and South”



CBC News

First Nation student deaths inquest examines 2005 death of Curran Strang

- inquest into deaths of 7 First Nations students in Thunder Bay between 2000 and 2011


National Post

Comment:  Kent McNeil: Stop wasting money fighting aboriginals

Kent McNeil


CTV News

'Harper awoke a sleeping giant': First Nations break election records

Nicole Gibillini


CBC News Manitoba

Bad water: 'Third World' conditions on First Nations in Canada

Joanne Levasseur, Jacques Marcoux


Why can’t we get clean water to First Nation reserves?

Cathy Gulli

2015-10-05 (USA)

Lakota women and ranchers lead charge to break silence against uranium mine

Suree Towfighnia

- Nebraska


Financial Post

Eagle Spirit Energy’s pipeline plan in northern B.C. gets backing of First Nations chiefs

Geoffrey Morgan

- Aquilini Group

- Fort McMurray, AL to Prince Rupert, BC

AO News - Oil & Gas


CBC News

B.C. First Nation gets Nexen fracking water licence overturned




Fort Nelson First Nation wins legal challenge stopping Nexen water license for fracking in British Columbia



National Observer

Onion Lake Cree Nation file for UN action against Canada

Elizabeth McSheffrey

- First Nations Financial Transparency Act


Hamilton Spectator /

Newly crowned Mrs. Universe calls for First Nations to vote Harper out

Peter Edwards


Vancouver Observer

RCMP say they have no intention of "taking down" Unist'ot'en Camp

Elizabeth McSheffrey


CBC News

RCMP planning mass arrests at pipeline protest camp, northern B.C chiefs fear

Betsy Trumpener


Government of Ontario

New Agreement marks Step Forward in Connecting First Nation Communities to the Electricity Grid

News release


Anishinabek News

Chiefs of Ontario sign historic Political Accord with the province



LTE: HDI a no show

Cheyenne Williams


Montreal Gazette Magazine

Big decisions for Akwesasne Mohawks after Ottawa offers $240 million for land

Giuseppe Valiante


CBC News

Police break First Nations woman's shoulder, charge her with assault

- Mishkeegogamang First Nation

north of Thunder Bay


Editorial: Salt on the wound




Canada’s Lost Women



National Post

Conrad Black: Canada’s treatment of aboriginals was shameful, but it was not genocide

Conrad Black


Toronto Star

Canada’s residential schools cultural genocide, Truth and Reconciliation commission says

Joanna Smith


Leaked documents prompt declaration to dismantle HDI: launch investigation

Nahnda Garlow

- Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI)


CNW Newswire

First Nation Chiefs oppose Noront's purchase of Cliffs' assets in the Ring of Fire

AO Ring of Fire




“A small victory for our First Nation, and for all First Nations”

James Murray


CBC News

Ring of Fire: Ontario has 'gun to our head' First Nation chief says

Jody Porter

AO Ring of Fire



Globe and Mail

First Nations seek injunction barring development in Fort St. John region

Mark Hume

- first lawsuit based on cumulative impact of numerous developments


Huffington Post

There Is A Way To Fix First Nations Education And This Is How It Starts

Michael Bolen


Toronto Star

Ottawa sends $2M in bottled water to First Nation

Joanna Smith


Huffington Post

Sixties Scoop: Aboriginal Adoptees Sue Federal Government

Chinta Puxley


APTN National News

Credit card proves extravagant spending at now-broke Aboriginal-owned investment company


- Tribal Councils Investment Group (TCIG), Allan McLeod


BC Local News

Kitselas signs up for three LNG pipeline deals

- TransCanada


APTN National News

People furious over report of chiefs per diem rate: ‘double dipping has to stop’

Trina Roache

- Nova Scotia


APTN National News

Aboriginal organizations hit with $60 million worth of cuts, Inuit faced steepest reduction: AFN analysis

Jorge Barrera


CBC News

Mountie takes aboriginal woman home from jail cell to pursue relationship

Holly Moore


Vancouver Sun

More First Nations signing on in support of LNG projects in northern B.C.

Gordon Hoekstra

- 8 of 20 First Nations affected (40%)


Anishinabek News

Sisters host ‘Toxic Tours’ of their home in Canada’s Chemical Valley

Rick Garrick

- Sarnia


Briarpatch Magazine

On the Front Lines of the Great Lakes

Toban Black, Sonia Grant


Coop media de Montreal

URGENT CALL FOR SUPPORT: Punishment for Failure to Submit to First Nations Financial Transparency Act?

Barriere Lake Solidarity


CBC News Sudbury

Transparency Act : Resource company payments to First Nations unveiled



“Canada is Indian land” new chief declares

- Assembly of First Nations, new Chief, Perry Bellegarde


Stephen Harper and the myth of the crooked Indian

Pamela Palmater


Timmins Times

Woman speaks out against Grand Chief

Jennifer Wabano, Peawanuck


APTN National News

Plenty riding on whether Supreme Court will hear appeal for off reserve Aboriginal peoples

Steve Rennie


EcoWatch / Anastasia Pantsios

Native Americans Arrested Following Keystone XL Pipeline Vote

Anastasia Pantsios


Remembering the last of the original Navajo Code Talkers

Betty Reid



How To Stop An Oil And Gas Pipeline: The Unist'ot'en Camp Resistance (10 mins)



Westcoast native News

Nisga’a Nation Signs Pipeline Benefits Agreement

John Crawford

- TransCanada subsidiary


Vancouver Observer

Hupacasath First Nation puts China on notice over FIPA

Jenny Uechi


CTV News

Pesticides linked to bee deaths pose 'massive' ecological threat, watchdog warns

Keith Leslie

- Aamjiwnaang First Nation near Sarnia


Indigenous Canadians Are Blockading a Mine to Protest Pollution

Sarah Berman

- Imperial Metals, Red Chris copper & gold mine, Iskut, BC


Huffington Post

Canada Is The Only UN Member To Reject Landmark Indigenous Rights Document

Zi-Ann Lum


Ontario tax exemption: Your rights as a First Nation citizen

Kevin Restoule


Vancouver Sun (B.C.)

Tsilhqot’in set to declare site of New Prosperity mine a tribal park

Larry Pynn


CBC News

Government now open to roundtable on missing and murdered aboriginal women

Kristen Everson


Globe and Mail

Tina Fontaine’s death shows how little is being done for indigenous women

Dr. Sarah Hunt


Financial Post

Pipeline prospects take a hit as Supreme Court grants land title to B.C. First Nation

Dwight Newman


CBC News

Tsilhqot'in First Nation granted B.C. title claim in Supreme Court ruling

- landmark decision


Toronto Star

Opinon:  Canada starved aboriginal people into submission: Goar

Carol Goar


Earth First Journal

Sexual Assault in the Bakken Shale “Man Camps”

Damon Buckley


Wawatay News

Mushkegowuk Council, communities seeking Ring of Fire opportunities

AO Ring of Fire




OPP spent 3 years reviewing missing, murdered Indigenous women files in search of potential serial killer

Kenneth Jackson


CTV News

String of youth suicides in remote Ont. First Nations community



David Suzuki Foundation

Fourth World Living Conditions in the Ring of Fire:  Call to Action

AO Ring of Fire




Federal court ruling could affect First Nation organizations across Canada



CBC News

Via Rail blockade by First Nations that halted Montreal-Toronto trains ends

- bringing attention to missing and murdered aboriginal women



Mohawks set up roadblock in Tyendinaga

- bringing attention to missing and murdered aboriginal women

- Shannonville Road

- Quinte News update


WC Native News

Black bear accidentally mulched by oil and gas company



Net News Ledger

Matawa Students Start Ring of Fire Training Program

AO Ring of Fire



EcoWatch / TckTckTck

Neil Young Stands With First Nations on Anti-Tar Sands Tour

Emily Saari


Edmonton Journal

First Nations struggle to save traditions while profiting from boom (with video)

Marty Klinkenberg

“Do I die by starvation or by poison” @3:25 mins



Confusion in Driftpile First Nation over Enbridge agreement inclusion

AO News - Oil & Gas


CBC News

Ring of Fire boom may strain First Nations services, memo warns

Canadian Press



Top 5 Aboriginal stories of 2013 as per CBC



Youtube / the 1491s

Video: The Indian Store (4 mins)



IC Magazine

For Land and Life: 25 stories of Indigenous resilience that you might’ve missed in 2013

John Ahni Schertow


Northern Journal

Alberta First Nation plans second roadblock to fracking site

Meagan Wohlberg


WC Native News

No cause for Celebration on one of the largest settlements in Canada’s history

Jennifer O’Brien


WC Native News

Landmark $120m First Nations deal a go

Randy Richmond


Ernst v. EnCana

Chiefs of Ontario say no to fracking anywhere in the province

Tom Sasvari w/Michael Erskine


Aaron Paquette Network

Is There a Future for Idle No More?

Aaron Paquette

#INM #idlenomore Indigenous Nationhood Movement / Nations Rising (#INMvmnt)


WC Native News (Alberta)

Lubicon Nation sets up camp on unceded lands, Driven to enforce their Law



CBC Sudbury

Audio:  Cleaning up the old Long Lake Gold Mine site in Sudbury

- Long Lake Stewardship Committee

- leaking arsenic for years – target 2015 cleanup

- Whitefish Lake First Nation on water restrictions


EcoWatch / Donna Lisenby

First Nations Furious Over Mishandling of Canada’s Largest Coal Slurry Spill

Donna Lisenby


Popular Resistance

Noam Chomsky: Indigenous People Are In The Lead

Michael Keefer


CBC New Brunswick

Audio:  Sharing Resources (15 mins)

Interview with lawyer Bill Gallagher

re: Elsipogtog


Indigenous Action Media

Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council Statement on Fukushima



Aptn National News

Death threats, brandished weapons, forcible confinement triggered raid: RCMP

Jorge Barrera


Toronto Sun

There’s no excuse for violent protests

Jerry Agar


Toronto Sun

Our energy under attack

Ezra Levant, QMI Agency


Toronto Sun

The truth about Elsipogtog

Anthony Furey, QMI Agency


Oil & Gas News 2013 – coverage of protest against fracking in New Brunswick



Indian Country Today (USA)

The Heresy of Capitalism Threatens Well Being in Indian Country

Dina Gilio-Whitaker


National Post

Rex Murphy: A rude dismissal of Canada’s generosity

Rex Murphy


Aboriginal affairs minister stresses 'solid working relationships' as Ontario communities rally in solidarity with New Brunswick anti-fracking protesters

Michael Purvis


Toronto Star

McKay calls for calm after violent anti-fracking protest spreads across the country

Solidarity with Rexton, New Brunswick


CBC News

Video: Albino moose honoured by Mi’kmaq

spirit moose


Indian Country Today (USA)

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Crime in Indian Country

Duane Champagne


Video: Kahsatstenhsera: Indigenous Resistance to Tar Sands Pipelines (10mins)

Line 9 and Energy East


[Kahsatstenhsera (gah-sad-sdanh-se-ra) is a Kanienkeha:ka (Mohawk) word that means Strength in Unity.]


CBC News

Alberta orders lake drained to contain bitumen leak

Cold Lake, Alberta


MiningWatch Canada

THE BELL TOLLS FOR FREE ENTRY IN CANADA: Legal Victory for Yukon First Nation Will Have Implications Across the Country



Global Research

Canada:  On Missing Aboriginal Women

John Bart Gerald


First Nations Women Are Being Sold into the Sex Trade On Ships Along Lake Superior

Dave Dean


Globe and Mail

BC First Nation renews battle to prevent open pit mining

Kim Nursall


Globe and Mail

Lake Babine sockeye fishery at risk of unprecedented closure

Canadian Press


Globe and Mail

Wake up to the aboriginal comeback

John Ralson Saul


Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign

Two Row Declaration of Intent

Alternative to assimilation


WC Native News

Siksika Nation: Pretty well-being colonized

High River, Alberta


Globe and Mail

When Canada used hunger to clear the west

James Daschuk

- Treaty 6


Vancouver Observer

Happy Canada Day? Learning about Treaties in tar sands territory

Emma Pullman



Yukon Council of First Nations declares territory to be frack free

George Lessard



How Quebec Cree avoided the fate of Attawapiskat

Terry Milewski


Bayshore Broadcasting

Anglers Rally at Owen Sound Harbour

Jon Meyer


Bayshore Broadcasting

Protest Planned Over Fish Deal

Kevin Bernard


Owen Sound Sun Times

Anglers to protest against province

Rob Gowan


People’s World

Rare disease suddenly arises on Navajo Reservation

Albert Bender


Resource Investing News

First Nations Consultation: A Crucial Step for Mining Companies

Chad Fraser

Legal duty to consult rests with the Crown, not industry


The Gazette

Gaspe-area First Nation expands two-week-old railroad blockade

Christopher Curtis

Mi’gmaq, Listuguj reserve



Globe and Mail

Opinion: Natives don’t need ‘accountability.’ Show us the money

Jeffrey Rath


Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) Nation

Walk to Parliament Hill to say “NO” to treaty violations

News Release .pdf


Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Standing for What is Right: Harper Gov’t attacked First Nations Rights in 2012

News Release - Opinion

This is a rising grassroots movement ignited by the intransigence of the Harper Government and it is a movement that Harper Government ignores at their peril.



Global Edmonton

Highway blockades part of Idle No More demonstrations

Emily Mertz

Overview of Bill C-45



Idle No More



Google Documents by Fae Morning Bull, LLB

Harper Government Unilateral federal legislation imposing over First Nations:


Idle No More:  Non-Indigenous responsibility to act

Enough is Enough



Vancouver Sun

This day in history:  July 1, 1967

Chief Dan George


CBC News

Stop building junk on reserves, says Mike Holmes

Janet Davison


Youtube / flamingwarbonnet

Stuck in the Smoke Hole of our Tipi

Shoshoni Elder Oldhands’ original Xmas song


CBC Television

Gustafsen Lake, B.C. (3 mins)

Gustafsen Lake Inside Out — How the RCMP Really Works Part #1



Striving to Understand







Industry, government pushed to abolish Aboriginal title at issue in Wet’suwet’en stand-off, docs reveal

Martin Lukacs, Shiri Pasternak

AO News – BC First Nations


The wrong chiefs are signing pipeline benefit agreements

Shannon McPhail

AO News – BC First Nations


Don't tell me to 'get over' a colonialism that is still being implemented today

Luke Pearson


CBC News

New website aims to help non-aboriginal Canadians learn about indigenous issues

Brett Purdy



We Can’t ‘Get Over It’: 4 Ways Understanding Past Wrongs Can Create Better Indigenous Allies

Taté Walker


Ten crimes of John A. Macdonald

Jesse McLaren


White Privilege, Explained in One Simple Comic

Jamie Kapp


Westcoast Native News

A Short Note To Correct Canadian Misconceptions About Indians Living Off “Taxpayer Monies”



Blog: The Idiot’s Guide to First Nations Taxation

Celsea Vowel


Anishinabek Nation

Treaties Matter – Understanding Ipperwash

 - Dudley George


CBC (Nova Scotia)

Two hundred year-old scalp law still on books in Nova Scotia



Youtube/Richard Pryor Show

Charlie Hill on the Richard Pryor Show, 1977 (5 mins)




James Bay Cree hydroelectric conflict

Teacher’s Guides



Six Nations Lands & Resources

Historical Dates (Treaties, Preconfederation Documents, etc.)




More Information:


Mapping traditional territories:


Link to Government of Ontario Map of Ontario Treaties and Reserves






According to colonialism is the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people.  It is the system or policy by which a nation maintains or advocates such control or influence.



Elsipogtog, New Brunswick


Link to AWARE-Ontario Elsipogtog, NB information




What is the significance of acknowledging the Indigenous land we stand on?





The Idiot’s Guide to First Nations Taxation



United Nations (UNDRIP)


United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) (.pdf)



For more information and another perspective, see:


“I Know You’re Sorry” by Leonard Sumner


Voisey Bay, Labrador Canada


“Resource Rulers: Fortune and Folly on Canada’s Road to Resources” by Bill Gallagher


Wab Kinew, Fort Rouge MP, Manitoba – comments about water re: North Dakota pipeline protest (AO Info - DAPL)



“For more than a century, Canadians have been accustomed to reports of terrible housing conditions on reserves, unsafe drinking water, dismal educational outcomes and, at least in Western Canada, prison populations disproportionally stacked with aboriginal inmates. Aboriginal leaders and young people such as those who embraced the Idle No More movement have been calling for Canadians to fundamentally acknowledge the injustices and atrocities of the past and fix the problems that keep indigenous Canadians from living the same quality of life as their non-aboriginal neighbours.


As the skeletons in our collective closet are exposed to the light, through the work of Dr. Mosby and others, perhaps we will come to understand the uncomfortable truths that modern Canada is founded upon – ethnic cleansing and genocide – and push our leaders and ourselves to make a nation we can be proud to call home.”

Dr. James Daschuk (article)


“Nibwaakaawin—Wisdom: To cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom. Wisdom is given by the Creator to be used for the good of the people. In the Anishinaabe language, this word expresses not only “wisdom,” but also means “prudence,” or “intelligence.” In some communities, Gikendaasowin is used; in addition to “wisdom,” this word can also mean “intelligence” or “knowledge.””

Pat Johnson, Facebook entry


“The uncomfortable truth is that modern Canada is founded upon ethnic cleansing and genocide.”

James Daschuk, University of Regina (article)



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Disclaimer: This information has been compiled through private amateur research for the purpose of allowing the reader to make an informed and educated decision.  However, while the information is believed to be reliable, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.








Eagle feathers – are sacred to the First Nations’ culture.  In Canada, First Nations are given all usable eagle carcasses but the supply from natural or accidental deaths can't keep up with the burgeoning demand from the competitive American and Canadian powwow circuit.  Much of the multimillion-dollar trade in eagle feathers, beaks and talons has gone underground, and unscrupulous native and non-native dealers have thrived. (article)


* * *


The Huron ARE Wendat. They are Iroquoian language based people. They ARE Haudenosaunee - People of the Longhouse, but they are NOT of the Iroquois Confederacy, as they did NOT come into the Great Peace, under The Great Law, even though the Peacemaker, Deganawida, WAS Huron (or Wendat).


* * *


The Lubicon Lake Nation has not signed treaty with the Crown or any other foreign body at any time. As such, they remain the sole title holders and retain the Aboriginal rights to their land and resources and do not recognize the authority of the Province to issue any type of permits to industry for the exploitation of Lubicon land. The Government of the Lubicon Lake Nation requires industry to obtain the free, prior and informed consent from the Nation prior to any environmentally harmful project moving forward. This hasn’t happened in this case according to Chief Ominayak. Penn West has been repeatedly informed by the Nation that no foreign government, including any Canadian endorsed, illegal, Indian Act formed government, will represent the Lubicon Lake Nation with regards to their lands. (source) Alberta


* * *


“There is resistance: in Canada it’s coming from First Nations. But it’s worth remembering that that’s a world-wide phenomenon. Throughout the world, the indigenous populations are in the lead. They are actually taking the lead in trying to protect the earth. That’s extremely significant.” Noam Chomsky (article)


* * *


C Lester: “The Government of Canada is committed to reconciliation and nation-to-nation relationships with indigenous peoples, based on a recognition of rights, respect, co-operation, and partnership,” said the response from spokeswoman Meaghan Bradley."

Now, if only they felt this so strongly as to #FullyImplementUNDRIP, stop building pipelines, #EndAddictionToFossilFuels, fully finance #IndigenousEducation at least on part with the rest of Canada, #AdoptJordansPrinciple, overhaul Harper's #OmnibusBills and fully protect the environment and water , hold the police to account in the upcoming #MMIW Inquiry ... for starters ... (article)