Melancthon Mega Quarry Proposal (Withdrawn)



In 2011 the Highland Companies, a subsidiary of U.S. hedge fund Baupost Group, applied to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) for a Class "A" licence to remove more than 20,000 tonnes of aggregate annually from a pit or a quarry (EBR #011-2864) under the Aggregate Resources Act.   At the same time the company applied to the Township of Melancthon for official plan and zoning by-law amendments.


The quarry would have been:

- the largest quarry in Canada and second largest in North America

- expecting to extract one billion tonnes of amabel dolostone (limestone)2 with six billion tonnes in reserves

- 2,316 acres consisting of 4 extraction areas and 1 central processing area

- 237 feet deep, below the water table

- responsible for management of 600 million litres of water per day in perpetuity (capacity of the Collingwood water tower is 2.3 million litres)

- expecting to blast explosives 6 days per week (video)

- expecting to run 7,200 truck trips in/out per day (2-3 trucks per minute)


The company also investigated reviving rail service to the area.





There was strong opposition to the proposal starting with local farmers and joined by members from neighbouring communities, First Nations, environmentalists, artists, and the local food movement.  The plateau of prime farmland, of which the mega quarry site proposal was central, sources a significant amount of Toronto’s potatoes and other vegetables.  The proposal literally sparked a fight between two necessary industries:  food vs aggregate.


Additionally, Opponents noted that the site properties were adjacent to the Niagara Escarpment and part of the headwaters for five major rivers (Grand, Beaver, Pine, Nottawasaga, Saugeen) that flow to Lake Erie, Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay.  The proposal was a possible risk of contamination to a source water area for one million people downstream.


Broad concerns were:  loss of water quality, loss of prime farmland, food security, community impact, health impact, loss of long-term jobs, blasting impact (flyrock, accidents), explosives transportation and storage, additional heavy traffic, dust, loss of air quality, noise pollution, Niagara Escarpment impact, environmental impact, impact on fish, potential to take water, water ownership, potential to export, rehabilitation and site after-use.



The above mock up was used in the fight against the mega-quarry proposal.


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Hill & Knowlton worked on the Highland Companies public relations campaigns.  The company is famous for representing tobacco companies and for modern atrocity propaganda.  (Nayirah testimony)