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According to the abstract of “Flyrock phenomena and area security in blasting-related accidents”, an article written by Vladislav Kecojevic and Mark Radomsky:


In both the mining and construction industries, blasting is the predominant method for fragmentation of consolidated mineral deposits. The blasting process, however, remains a potential source of numerous hazards to people and surrounding objects. This paper presents the results of the research study on flyrock phenomena and blast area security related accidents in surface mining. The study revealed that a total of 45 fatal and 367 non-fatal accidents in coal, metal and non-metal surface mines had occurred between 1978 and 1998 where the primary causes were the lack of blast area security, flyrock, premature blast, and misfires. The lack of blast area security and flyrock accounted for 281 (68.2%) accidents. Investigations of flyrock accidents have revealed one or more of the following contributing factors: discontinuity in the geology and rock structure, improper blasthole layout and loading, insufficient burden, very high explosive concentration, and inadequate stemming. The study also shows that accidents due to lack of blast area security are caused by failure to use appropriate blasting shelter, failure to evacuate humans from the blast area, and inadequate guarding of the access roads leading to the blast area. The research results should have a positive impact on hazard awareness, prevention, and safe blasting practices in mining and construction industries.




Quarries use explosives to loosen the rock for aggregate operations.  The operators typically hire explosive experts (such as Conspec) to prepare, execute and monitor the blast with public safety as an utmost concern. 



Flyrock “Emissions” Exclusion Zone Minimums


The Government of Ontario has not established a minimum safety zone for flyrock and leaves it to aggregate companies to calculate and recommend.


Flyrock Exclusion zones in other parts of the world are:



Safe Blasting Exclusion Zone

Texas, USA




New Zealand


Nova Scotia, Canada


Ontario, Canada


Source  CRC Rockwood recommends a 500m flyrock exclusion zone



Want to see an example of quarry blasting?  Check-out these videos: 


Fire-in-the-hole (youtube) / Fire-in-the-hole (vimeo) (original sound)


Don’t Drink the Water (vimeo) (music)



NEWS – Quarry Blasting & Fly-rock




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2020-09-20 (AUS)

Dangerous blast at Albury Quarry sends rock hurtling towards onlookers

Liz Daniels

-      Video, 275m


Tennessee quarry blast sends fly rock onto nearby highway, hitting vehicle

Kerry Clines


Youtube / CRC Rockwood Hidden Quarry

CRC explains the need for a 500m flyrock exclusion zone (6 mins)

Concerned Residents Coalition (CRC) Rockwood


Australia’s Mining Monthly

Flyrock takes flight in quarry blast-off

- flyrock struck and damaged three light vehicles parked in the designated blast exclusion zone 300m to 340m from the blast site.

Quarry Magazine


Fly rock penetrates roof after blast

- Dyno Nobel Canada fined



UPDATE: Wow, early explosion rocks the city!

- Jeff Turl

Birch’s Road quarry, West Ferris area, North Bay


Lake Country Calendar (BC)

Company fined by WorkSafe B.C. for flying rock



Mankato Free Press (MN, USA)

Expert: Flyrock from any blast "unacceptable"

Mark Fischenich


Mankato Free Press (MN, USA)

Quarry blast showers neighborhood with rocks: Bowling ball sized stones created close calls

Mark Fischenich


Report into blasting fatality at Iowa limestone mine



Failure to Notify brings $150,000 Fine Despite no Damage to Property

Paula Lombardi

- fly-rock


Quarry boulder crashes through apartment rooftop

Amanda Panacci

- fly-rock


Major fines handed down for North Bay blasting incident

- fly-rock


Government of Ontario

Drilling and Blasting Contractor fined $60,000 for Fly Rock Discharge and Failing to Report Incident

Ministry of Environment


CBC News Newfoundland & Labrador

Blasting debris strikes Cape Ray home, narrowly misses teen

- blast from 250m away


Youtube / CRC Rockwood Hidden Quarry

CRC Rockwood Hidden Quarry Overview by Residents (7 mins)

Bill Hill at mark 3:50


Third party probes blast

Len Gillis


Inside Ottawa Valley / Arnprior Chronicle-Guide

Company guilty of Pakenham blasting mishap

Derek Dunn

(Carleton Place Almonte Canadian Gazette link)


Concerned Residents Coalition (CRC)

HQ Flyrock Dangers ref. Highway 7.pdf

William (Bill) Hill

[wait for .pdf to load]


Quarry blast goes horribly wrong in Vermont



Aero News Netowrk

Quarry Blast Sends Rocks Into The Air, And Onto Parked Planes




Miller Braeside quarry flyrock incident

Friends Addressing Concerns Together in McNab-Braeside (FACT MB)


College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Mining Engineering Program, The Pennsylvania State University, 154 Hosler Building, University Park, PA 16802, USA

Flyrock phenomena and area security in blasting-related accidents

Vladislav Kecojevic and Mark Radomsky

- article is available for purchase



Miller Braeside quarry flyrock incident

Friends Addressing Concerns Together in McNab-Braeside (FACT MB)



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