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What Do Nurses Say?


In a nutshell:

-      Numbers are deliberately being spiked in the USA.

-      Hospitals are sometimes chaotic but mostly empty with nurses and doctors being laid off.

-      “Very dirty political game”.

-      “People are sounding the alarm, it’s just not changing anything”.

-      “No emergency in Ontario hospitals” whistleblower Jill / Rebel Media (video 14 mins)











Large Numbers Of Health Care And Frontline Workers Are Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine


Tommy Beer




See below


Dr. John Campbell



TheHighwire / Del Bigtree

Whistleblower episode 231


Deborah Conrad, PA-C, Advanced Practice

-      “there is something very wrong here”



Bitchute / Press for Truth

Nurse Whistleblowers Destroy the COVID-19(84) Narrative Sparking a Movement That Can’t Be Stopped (6 mins)


Dan Dicks

-      Kristen Nagle

-      Sarah Coujounian





-      Nurses Against Lockdowns


Rebel Media article

Kristen Nagle fired




See Below

Jessica Faraone




Bitchute / EducationalPurposes / Rebel Media

Ontario Nurse Speaks “No Emergency in Ontario Hospitals” (14 mins)

-      Jill



Bitchute / Banned Youtube Videos (USA California)

Riverside County Nurse Blows Whistle on Gavin Newsom (27 mins)

-      Pastor Tim Thompson

-      Megan Hill, RN

Refuses to be a pawn in a very dirty political game (mark 25:18)

-      Transporting stable COVID positive patients from Mexico (non-English speaking) at night and increasing local statistics (record levels) + double counting

-      Cloth masks do nothing. In fact really bad for the immune system.

“People that have a brain and they’re using it right now can see exactly what’s going on.” Pastor Tim Thompson [mark 18:21]


Bitchute / Stone Turner

Florida Nurse Says COVID19 Test Results are Inaccurate (1 mins)

-      Kellie Lynn

-      Required testing every 2 weeks


-      If rapid test is positive for antibodies (past infection) = reported as positive case

-      Positive test means quarantine then retest = 2 positive cases

-      Rapid test false positive means 2nd rapid test. If positive then PCR test = 3 positive cases

“So all in all I can have 5 positive cases for one person who may not even be positive.”


Bitchute / Truth Archive 2030 (USA New York)

Misconduct in NY Hospitals – Three Nurses Speak Out! (1 hr 17 mins)


-      Lori Jean, Sara NP, Lauren Kirckof

-      Must Watch – NY ICU Whistleblower – Dr. Cameron Kyle Sidell (6 mins)

-      “This illness is not something that is deadly or that should be deadly … this should be like any other illness, flu, cold, respiratory illness, pneumonia … most people would bear through it fine.”  [mark 4:45]


Bitchute / Brian Ruhe / Marco Pietro (BC)

Nurse’s Aid Risks Exposing the Truth About COVID (49 mins)


BC, Canada

-      Lenaya

-      Nurses get sick after flu shot

-      2019 BC nurses’ union won right not to wear masks

AO News - Vaccines

-      Dr. Bonnie Henry (mark 39:13)


Bitchute / FalconsCAFE

Registered Nurse in Nashville Tennessee COVID-19 Vaccine Victim (1 min)


-      Khalilah Mitchell, RN

-      Bell’s palsy

“I think this vaccination is the worse thing ever”


Bitchute / Press for Truth

Nurse Whistleblowers Destroy the COVID-19(84) Narrative Sparking a Movement That Can’t Be Stopped (6 mins)


Dan Dicks

-      Kristen Nagle

-      Sarah Coujounian





-      Nurses Against Lockdowns


-      Rebel Media article

Kristen Nagle fired



Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’; ‘Shove’ Adverse Effect Reporting ‘Under the Mat’


-      Jodi O’Malley, Registered Nurse US Department of Health and Human Services



Bitchute / Infowars / Jon Rappoport (USA New York City)

COVID-19 Patients Being Purposefully Murdered, Says Whistleblower Nurse (37 mins)

-      Erin Marie Olszewski

-      TheHighwire


-      DITRH



Bitchute / TECC

Learn the Truth From a Registered Nurse (9 mins)


-      Rachel Seller, RN

-      Forensic nursing

MRC-5 cell line (aborted human fetal cells)

AO News - Vaccines



See below

New York City

-      Nicole Sirotek, a nurse from Elko, Nevada, was assigned to two different hospitals in New York City to help out with COVID.

alternate link



ICU Nurse:  “You’re being lied to about COVID” (50 mins)


-      Nicole

-      Treatment is available

-      PCR test

-      Vaxxing kids

AO News – COVID-19 Overview





See Below


Albert Spence



Bitchute / EvidenceNotFear


Statement from Carley Louise Stewart, British Nurse Fired for Attending Lockdown Protest (8 mins)


-      Carley Stewart

attended anti-lockdown protest on 29-Aug-2020



Respiratory therapist drops truth bombs all over “COVID” lies (13 mins)


Angela Wallace

-      Representing 400 front line workers refusing to be vaxxed and threatened to lose their jobs

-      Hospitals are a war-zone of vaxxed & unvaxxed

-      Records aren’t correctly reflecting who is vaxxed

A lot of stroke victims, myocardial infarctions,  pulmonary embolisms,




John Campbell


Per his own description on, John Campbell is a semi-retired clinical nurse, nurse lecturer, academic, researcher and author of numerous articles and two text books.


As e-mailed by Steve Kirsch, “John Campbell, who has been a nurse and taught nurses for 27 years, has had a gradual journey from full blue pill to red pill.

As of yesterday, he’s now officially on our side as far as the COVID vaccine only (the other vaccines will take more time).”


John Campbell is one of the few pandemic commentators who has managed to keep his Youtube channel.









WHO power grab (13 mins)


AO News – Great Reset


-      this is a good intro to the proposed amendments to the Int’l Health Regulations [2005]



China, tens of millions infected (20 mins)








Jessica Faraone (Cda)








Toronto Sun

BRAUN: Ontario nurses claim they have been muzzled by college


Jessica Faraone

Canadian Frontline Nurses




Youtube / Rebel News


Meet the Toronto nurse who REFUSED a COVID test and quarantine (7 mins)


Jessica Faraone


full report:






Erin Marie Olszewski (USA)


Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski confirms that PCR cycle thresholds (CT) greater than 28 are meaningless when it comes to COVID-19, but CTs have been set as high as 45.  Recently CDC lowered the CT and stopped counting asymptomatic cases for vaccinated people.  CTs are still high for non-vaccinated people.  The result is a fabrication of effectiveness for the shot while simultaneously recording high COVID counts for non-vaccinated people. (video (mark 5:50)









Bitchute / The Resistance 1776

HR3: O’Keefe, Veritas has facebook documents showing censorship of real vaccine side effect posts (43 mins)


[mark 5:50]



Bitchute / Stop 5G COVID 19 (USA New York City)

Undercover COVID-19 Nurse Exposes Hospital Murder for Cash (1 hr 10 mins)

-      Erin Marie Olszewski


-      COVID negative tested patients being reported as COVID confirmed

-      Decisions being made by residents and dentists

Non-COVID mingled with COVID patients


Bitchute / Infowars / Jon Rappoport (USA New York City)

COVID-19 Patients Being Purposefully Murdered, Says Whistleblower Nurse (37 mins)

-      Erin Marie Olszewski

-      TheHighwire






Kate Shemirani, RN (UK)


“Natural nurse in a toxic world”











facebook video (7 mins)

Kate Shemirani (UK)

(see download)




Nicole Sirotek, RN (USA)

-      During the height of the pandemic, Nicole left her home in Nevada to help out at a New York hospital.

-      Distraught she made a video that went viral NYC Nurse Speaks Out (24 mins)












New York Post

Stricken coronavirus nurse: ‘Gross negligence’ has patients dying at NYC hospitals





Nevada nurse who came to NYC to work on the coronavirus frontlines claims minority patients are being murdered by negligent doctors misplacing ventilator tubes and giving unnecessary defibrillation, but 'nobody cares'





Bitchute / FreiheitsFreund (USA New York City)

NYC Nurse Speaks Out (24 mins)


New York City

-      Nicole Sirotek, a nurse from Elko, Nevada, was assigned to two different hospitals in New York City to help out with COVID.

alternate link



Albert Spence (USA)








Natural Health 365

Pulmonary nurse exposes how hospital protocols are killing COVID patients


Sara Middleton



Bitchute / HealthImpactNews (USA)

Pulmonary Nurse for 31 Years Testifies How He Unknowingly Killed patients Following COVID Protocols (30 mins)


Albert Spence presenting to South Carolina State Legislature




NEWS: Nurses General









Fired Nurse Blows Whistle, Exposes Mass Vaccine Deaths


Gail Macrae, California, USA



Scotland’s COVID Drug Cocktail Raises Concerns



- hospital end of life protocols



B.C. Nurses’ Union President Resigns: Nurses Says No To Mandatory Vaccines


-      7 million unvaxxed Cdns (20% of population)

“vaccine hesitancy” among healthcare workers



Bitchute / TikTok

Hospitals Full with Vaxxed! (1 min)


-      Unnamed dialysis nurse on COVID positive hospital floor


“completely full … all full with vaccinated patients … vaccine doesn’t work … I’m not getting it”


BrandNewTube / BitsandBobs

Nurse in Halifax Breaks Her Silence (20 mins)


-      FDA refuses to approve vaccines

-      India

-      Nova Scotia healthcare workers being forced to test every 4 days (asymptomatic) – negative cases quarantine for 14 days leaving homes short-staffed.

-      Military are being deployed to make up shortfall

-      Trudeau talking about vaccine passports

“almost 60% of those coming in with positive COVID cases have already been vaccinated” [mark 3:37]


Rebel News

Nurses protest censorship of differing opinions on COVID


-      David Menzies




Brave Canadian Nurse Speaks Out! (22 mins)





Bitchute / bylystudentpaniEli

Angry Nurse has had it with the COVID1- Hoax (8 mins)


-      [language warning]



Bitchute / T4 Japan

Another Fed-up Nurse Exposes Hospital Corruption and Calls for an End to the COVID Nonsense (2 mins)


Broward County, Florida, USA


-      Alternative link

“COVID crisis that is going to start next week”


Bitchute / Truth Archive 2030

CNA Nurse of 25 Years After the First Moderna COVID Shot (1 min)





Bitchute / FalconsCAFE

33 Year Old Male Nurse in Excellent Health Who Took the COVID-19 Vaccine Develops a Severe Reaction (2:20 mins)





Bitchute / A_Warrior_Calls

Pandemic Truth Warrior 30 Front Line Tells Truth (2 mins)


-      ER Nurse, California




Bitchute / ThePlan2020

Nurse Speaks Out About the COVID

-      increased suicides, homicides, domestic abuse, shaken baby syndrome

“There is going to be a bait and switch.” [mark 1:21] masks to a vaccine


Bitchute / Truth Archive 2030

Nurses Say that the Pandemic is Fake News! (0:25 mins)





Bitchute / pamirbezmen

NJ Nurse Speaks Up! (9 mins)

-      in March hospitals were a war zone

-      fighting for hydrochloroquine (sic)

-      why is the government allowed to interfere in medical decisions?

-      Not a breathing problem, it was a clotting problem

-      Hospitals are full but not with COVID, but with people who delayed going to the hospital

-      Healthy people never died of COVID – people who died were very sick people.

-      “Don’t be afraid of COVID. It doesn’t exist in the hospitals. But what I will tell you to be afraid of is the mainstream media because they are going to scare you to death.” (mark 7:08)

-      Be in control of your own health

No reason for lockdown


Bitchute / PeopleOfTheWay (USA)

Doctors and Nurses Tell All COVID 1984 (26 mins)


-      North Carolina hospital empty

-      Portland Oregon nurses laid off

-      Criminals and high-risk sex offenders released

-      Small business owner Shelley Luther arrested for 7 days

-      Spiro Skouras


Bitchute / (USA New York City)

COVID-1984: Was this NYC Nurse Nicole Sirotek’s Friend? 1 Week Earlier Exposing Patient Murders? (11 mins)


-      Improper use of high-pressure ventilators

-      Must Watch – NY ICU Whistleblower – Dr. Cameron Kyle Sidell (6 mins)

alternate link

“People are sounding the alarm, it’s just not changing anything” [mark 8:41]


-      “Paid for by FEMA”


Bitchute / Tim Pool

Cringe TikTok Nurses Slammed for Taking Meme too far, Dance with “Dead COVID patient” (11 mins)


-      “viral fame chasers”



Bitchute / Truth Archive 2030

Media Caught Red-Handed Staging Nurse Blocking Traffic (7 mins)





Bitchute / The Kaiju Conservative

Dancing Nurses are Tone Deaf at Best (6 mins)


-      Healthcare system is overwhelmed and on the verge of collapse … huh?



Bitchute / The Kaiju Conservative

Why are Nurses Choreographing TikTok videos? (5 mins)


-      Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

-      US hospitals are overwhelmed, and personal protective equipment (PPE) is limited but nurses dance?



Bitchute / Free Your Mind

(USA Utah)

ICU Nurse Whistleblower: COVID19 is Manufacturered Crisis (18 mins)


-      New mandates every day that don’t make any medical sense

-      Stats are being manipulated (hospice patient died of COVID)

-      Healthcare workers are legally prevented from saying what’s going on

-      Told to re-use PPE and wash single-use equipment

-      Preventive care has been shut down

-      “manufactured crisis”

-      Organ donations has been shut down

-      Testing is not uniform so can’t say for sure whether works or not

-      COVID by default, and then still counted as COVID

-      Constant state of hysteria

Taking advantage of uneducated people




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AO News – COVID-19 Overview



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AO COVID-19 - What Do Nurses Say?



APPENDIX B (Hospital Staff Whistleblower)


Vaccine Choice Canada

3ctSphionsorled ·

Whistleblower from R.V.Hospital in Barrie, Ont.

I have decided to make a public post since I have nothing to lose now. I work at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie Ontario as a housekeeper and just heard today that an announcement will be made Tuesday for all hospitals and Healthcare workers to be vaccinated. I have alot to say. Whether you believe me or not is not my problem.

I work on the "Covid" floor. We are the "Regional Pandemic Response Unit " so I know what is happening and I will be fighting this.

When the pandemic started, I'll admit I was worried. My floor was filling up, covid cases like crazy until I noticed that EVERYONE was Asymptomatic. We even had 2 old age homes come in that were on "outbreak" but still they were Asymptomatic. This is when I started questioning it.

Then our hospital built a " Regional Pandemic Response Unit" tent out front so I applied for the position. I was under the understanding that it was going to be used for covid but I was wrong. Apparently the ventilation wasn't good enough. The tent was put up for 2 months already when the government told us we had to use it since we were not because nothing was actually happening. So I started in the tent November 2020. I was then advised that the tent will be for the overflow of the regions hospitals if they are overwhelmed. That never happened.

Our hospital had to find a way to direct patients into it so we can show it's being used. They ended up sending people who were going home in a few days there to use beds. There are 70 beds and I never had any more than 16 used. During this time 2 old age homes had outbreaks but again, all Asymptomatic. Us and Orillia cleaned up their homes and sent them back to the homes. Now mind you we were only at 8 deaths until February 2021.

I like to be busy so I requested to go back to my "Covid" floor. I returned in April 2021. Before I got back there the vaccine was being rolled out. In February Roberta Place had an outbreak but they were all dying in our hospital , but they were also 70% vaccinated. When I returned April 2021 I saw the carnage. The first patient I saw my age (I am 40) arrived. She was horribly sick. I would talk to her every day even though she could not respond. A couple of weeks went by and I came back on the Monday and she was sitting up perfectly fine. Patients like to talk while we are in their room so she proceeded to tell me that before she dropped, her and her mother had gotten the vaccine 2 days prior. Her mother died and she survived.

We also had a dear lady who had a heart attack and stroke, surely she was dying and they marked her "Covid"

We had a man from India who had been here for 2 months working under water on pipelines. He came up form the bottom too fast and oxinated his blood, marked Delta Variant.

Every time I am in a "Covid" room I ask "did you not get your vaccine in time" and I kid you not 90% of them have had atleast 1 shot.

On the news they were saying that Hospitals were so overwhelmed that they had to send them to us. That was not the case. They were sent to us because we are the REGIONAL PANDEMIC RESPONSE UNIT! Other hospitals were not overwhelmed, that was just the plan from day one.

I can't express enough that you are being lied to. I am going to fight this and I have already started.

Thank you and keep fighting.

I have so much more to say but I have said enough



APPENDIX C (Vera Kanalec)


A whistleblower nurse named Vera Kanalec claims that politicians and other high ranking citizens received saline placebos instead of the mRNA experimental medication.


Kanalec claimed to be the head nurse of the University Medical Center in Ljubljana, which takes care of receiving and managing the vaccine vials for politicians.


She resigned and gave a press conference exposing the scandal.


During the conference, she said that about 30% of the general population also received a placebo saline solution, while 70% received the real thing but categorized in 2 branches: one toxic and the other highly toxic.


She showed codes on the bottles where each contains 01 (placebo/saline), 02 (mRNA) or 03 (mRNA & oncogene).


A screenshot of a cellphone

Description automatically generated