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Spills & Explosions


Spills and accidents happen.  Unfortunately returning the land to its original condition is not easy and not always possible.  There are many types of spills including but not limited to: diluted bitumen (“dilbit”); produced water, saltwater, brine.


For example, in North Dakota, a U.S. state with a booming oil and gas economy, some landowners are questioning “the state’s ability to keep up with the boom, to enforce the regulations that are supposed to protect their land and hold oil companies accountable”. (article



“Now to clean up a spill you cannot simply pick up what has leaked out. Diluted bitumen, or dilbit for short, contaminates the soil, foliage, kills wildlife and flows into ditches, marshes and waterways. Some of the chemicals in dilbit do evaporate into the air once it is released from the pipeline but those still pose serious health risks to everyone exposed to the toxic fumes. Residents of Kalamazoo still claim to suffer health effects from a dilbit spill several years ago but I digress. When a highly toxic substance like dilbit spills into the surrounding environment, a great volume of contaminated water, soil and debris will have to be collected.”  Alexander Knight (article)



“Pipeline accidents have spilled an average of 76,000 barrels per year during the last 27 years [in the USA].” Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (article)



“I live 10 miles east of Boonville. It looked so large and bright, I thought it WAS in Boonville. Nope-60 miles away.”  Mudd (comment re: pipeline explosion - article)




Canada’s Tar Sands Oil Boom Yields Toxic Wastewater Lakes (Bloomberg Business week, 21-Nov-2013)




In January 2014, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued a Safety Alert concluding Bakken crude is more flammable than heavier oils. (Source .pdf)



 General Oil & Gas Spills/Explosions History (partial list)









Chevron in California

800,000 gallons of water and crude oil

Kern County, California, USA


-      seepage began May 10, 2019 (30% oil/70% water)


Philadelphia Refinery Explosion


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA



Santa Fe explosion


Santa Fe, Texas USA



Deer Park Fire

5 tanks (242 tanks onsite)

Houston, Texas, USA



Manitoba derailment

TBD [640 bbls of oil per rail car]

St. Lazare, Manitoba, Cda

(article) (article)

- 37 cars off the tracks



Summerfield Ohio natural gas explosion


Summerfield, Ohio, USA


- Enbridge 30-inch natural gas line


Tanker jet fuel spill

50,000 litres of jet fuel

Cambridge, ON, Cda

(article) (article) (article)

Wildlife Haven Waterloo


Husky Energy SeaRose FPSO offshore spill

250,000 litres (66,000 gallons)

White Rose oil and gas field off the Newfoundland, Cda coast

(article) (article) (article)


Petro-Hunt LLC produced water leak

1,520 bbls / 63,840 gallons of produced water

Dunn County, North Dakota, USA


- cause of leak unknown


Columbia Gas LNG Community explosions

39-60 explosions

Andover, Lawrence,  North Andover, Boston area, USA


- high pressure gas main


Energy Transfer Partners/Sunoco pipeline explosion

2 hours (5am-7am)

Beaver County, Pennsylvania, USA


- pipeline newly activated (one week)



Rail car spill into Delaware River (USA)

4,000 gallons of diesel fuel

Deposit, New York, USA

(news clip)


AO Rail News


Series of Natural Gas pipeline explosions


Midland County, Texas (USA)




BP Canada drilling mud spill in Nova Scotia

136,0000 litres of synthetic-based drilling mud spilled in water

Off the coast of Nova Scotia, 330 km from Halifax


AO News – Nova Scotia

- mud sinks

- contains chemicals, potentially oils and diesel


NGL Energy Partners explosion


Hudson, Weld County,  Colorado, USA

(article) – lightening caused explosion


Iowa Train Derailment

230,000 gallons / 870,000 litres

Iowa, near Rock River,  Rock Valley, USA

(article) (article)

- 33 oil cars derailed, some leaking

- first accident involving new, safer DOT-117R tank cars


Freshwater Oil Spill Remediation Study

4 x 1.25 litres

Sustainable Development Experimental Lakes Area southeast of Kenora, Ont.



TransCanada natural gas pipeline explosion


Nixon Ridge, Marshall County, West Virginia, USA

(article) (article)

- smoke seen for 20 miles

- est. 10 acres affected

- suspected Leach XPress “best-in-class” new pipeline


Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain Pipeline leak

100 litres revised to 4,800 litres

Darfield, BC

(article) (article)

- leak in a flow metre

- AO Info: Kinder Morgan


Trempealeau River / Mississippi River spill

Pond – 37.8 mln litres / 10 mln gallons

Hi-Crush mine, Whitehall, western Wisconsin, USA


- water released to rescue a contractor’s bulldozer


Anadarko Minerals Inc. leak from a closed well

600 bbls / 95,000 litres / 25,000 gallons of oil & 90,000 bbls brine (production water)

Fort Peck Reservation, northeast Montana, USA


- notification by farmer

- Sioux and Assiniboine nations

- cattle pond contaminated


FlowChem Technologies Fire

Massive plumes of black smoke

Duson Louisiana, USA


- services oil & gas industry

- evacuation 1 mile perimeter


Husky Oil refinery explosion

To be determined

Superior, Wisconsin, USA

(article) 15 injuries; fire re-ignited

(article)  20 injuries


Pertamina pipeline leak

18,300 gallons of oil collected

130 square kms / 50 square miles


- used fire to “clear the oil”

- five deaths

- affecting health of locals


Marathon Petroleum Big Creek pipeline spill

42,000 gallons of diesel

Posey Creek, Indiana, USA


- expects 60% recovery


Ecopetrol Colombia oil spill

550 barrels /

23,100 gallons

Barrancabermeja, Colombia

- Lizama and Sogamoso rivers

- video footage


- killed more than 2,400 animals

- 3 weeks response from state-owned company



Sinking of Howe Sound barge

Fuel tanks – diesel

Howe Sound near Port Mellon, BC


- Squamish Nation


Sinking of Sanchi tanker

136,000 tonnes of ultra-light crude (condensate)

Off the coast of Shanghai, China toward Japan

(article) (article)

- “suddenly igniting”

- condensate is “toxic, low in density and considerably more explosive than regular crude”



Kinder Morgan Pipeline Explosion

To be determined

Lee County, Illinois, USA


- two people killed when tractor dug into a pipeline


Fraser Canyon derailment

Leak from locomotive fuel tank

Hells Gate, B.C.

Fraser River


- rock slide


TransCanada Keystone leak

795,000 litres / 210,000 gallons

South Dakota

(article) (article) (cnn news)


St. Albert 12-car train derailment

30-50 litres

Sturgeon County North, near Edmonton, Alberta, Cda


- people evacuated

AO Rail Info


Clovelly Oil Co. explosion

To be determined

Lake Pontchartrain, St. Charles Parish, Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA


(news footage)



LLOG Exploration Co. LLC

9,3500 bbls or 393,000 gallons of oil

Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana, USA



Tanker spill near Athens, Greece

2,000 tons of crude oil

Island of Salamis, Greece

- Agia Zoni II tanker sank

- drone footage of waterfront (article)


Magellan Midstream Partners, Longhorn pipeline

1,200 bbls or 50,400 US gallons

Southwest of Bastrop County, Texas, USA



Plains All American Pipeline LP, Buffalo Cashion pipeline

19,000 gallons (45 bbls)

Kingfisher County, Oaklahoma, USA



Chevron Corporation

4,800 gallons oil

Rio Blanco County, northwest Colorado, USA

(article) (article)

- 6” diameter pipe

- more than one spill per day in Colorado


Kinder Morgan natural gas explosion

To be determined, natural gas

Refugio, South Texas, USA


- flames 200’ into the air

- vibrations felt 20 miles away


Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd. (#2)

5 cubic metres of crude oil / 30 bbls / 5,000 litres

Ingoldsby terminal near Storthoaks, Saskatchewan


- former Enbridge pipeline


Magellan Midstream Partners

138,600 gallons diesel

Iowa, USA



Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd.

200,000 litres / 53,000 gallons / 1,257 bbls

Ocean Man First Nation, near Stoughton, Saskatchewan, Canada

(article) (article)

- see second spill Feb 2, 2017)

- former Enbridge pipeline


Enbridge Energy pipeline spill (USA)

15,330 gallons / 58,000 litres

Lawrence County, Everton, Montana, USA


- 22 inch pipeline


Hilcorp Alaska LLC (pipeline formerly owned by XTO Energy)

210,000 – 310,000 cubic feet natural gas daily

- 8” line

Alaska’s Cook Inlet


- cannot repair pipeline in “current winter conditions”

- cannot shutdown pipeline due to residual crude oil

- 2 leaks in 2014


Belle Fourche Pipeline Co.,

Ash Coulee Creek spill (USA)

176,000 gallons /

666,000 litres


Ash Coulee Creek, 16 miles northwest of Belfield, North Dakota, USA

(article) (article)

- 15 spills in 16 years


Skull Creek source water spill


2,000 bbls (84,000 gallons) / 318,000 litres

Bowman County, North Dakota, USA



Colonial Pipeline explosion (2)



Shelby County, Alabama, USA

(article) (article)

- killed 1 worker, injured 5


Sunoco Susquehanna River gasoline spill (USA)

1,300 bbls (55,000 gallons) of gasoline

/ 200,000 litres

Loyalsock Creek and Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania, USA


- ruptured pipeline and heavy rains


Liftlock Fuels tanker spill

30,000 – 55,000 litres

Cannington, Brock Township, Durham, ON

(article) (article) (article) (article)

-AO News - DiBello family


Bella Bella, BC diesel spill (Cda)

TBD, tug carrying 60,000 gallons of diesel

Bella Bella, BC, heart of Great Bear Rainforest


- articulated tug barge


Trilogy Energy Corp (Cda)

TBD oil emulsion (mixture of oil and produced water)

Kaybob Montney oil project near Fox Creek, Alberta



Leamington ON gas leak (Cda)


Leamington, ON



Colonial Pipeline spill (1) (USA)

6,000 bbls (225,000 -336,000 gallons) of refined gasoline fuel / 1 million litres

Shelby County, Alabama, USA

(article) (article)

- cause of leak is unclear

- vapour is an issue


Husky Energy oil spill in Saskatchewan River (Cda)

200,000-250,000 litres of crude and other material

North Saskatchewan River near Maidstone, Saskatchewan, Canada

(article) (article) (article) (article)

- expected to affect Prince Albert residents

- 17-Jan-2018 no criminal charges laid yet


Nexen Alberta  (Cda)

5 million litres of emulsion (mixture of bitumen oil, water and sand) / 31,000 bbls

35km southeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta


- 20 inch pipeline

- 16,000 square metres


WPX Energy New Mexico explosion and fire


San Juan County, New Mexico


- Marcos shale deposit “550 Corridor”, Greater Chaco Canyon

- 6 new oil wells, 30 temporary storage tanks holding either oil or produced water

- all 36 tanks caught fire


Grande Cache Alberta pipeline

380,000 litres

Grande Cache, north west Alberta

(article) (article)


Shell Oil San Pablo Bay pipeline

21,000 gallons

San Joaquin County, California’s Central Valley

(article) (article)

- 24” diameter


Shell Oil Gulf of Mexico

2,100 bbls / 88,200 gallons

Gulf of Mexico, 97 miles south of Port Fourchon, Louisiana USA


- Brutus platform


Marathon Petroleum pipeline spill

48,300 gallons oil

Wabash River, near Mount Carmel, Illinois, USA



TransCanada Keystone pipeline spill

To be determined

6km from Freeman pump station, 60km southwest of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA


- AO Info:  Keystone XL expansion proposal


St. John River New Brunswick spill

3,200 litres

St. John River, New Brunswick



California Aliso Canyon gas storage leak


Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, California USA


- 2 months and counting


Platform 10 explosion

To be determined

Guneshli field in the Caspian Sea, offshore Azerbaijan


- 32 dead

- severe weather ruptured a gas line


Lubrizol Corp. explosion

To be determined

Leetsdale, Pitsburgh, USA

- oilfield chemistry site (surrounded by residential neighbourhood)

- hydraulic fracturing chemicals



Bakersfield explosion

To be determined

Bakersfield, USA

- killing 1, injuring 3

- line ruptured by heavy equipment



CP train derailment in Wisconsin

4,000 litres /

1,000 gallons of crude

Wisconsin, USA

- prompted evacuations



Louis-Joillet diesel leak

7,500 litres of diesel

St. Lawrence River



Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) Company SS-25 natural gas leak

110,000 lbs per hour

Aliso Canyon, Porter Ranch, Los Angeles

(article) (article)


Oasis Petroleum well blowout

67,000 gallons oil & 84,000 gallons brine

15 miles south of White Earth, Mountrail County, North Dakota


- Helling Trust 11-15H (more than 4 miles/6.4 km long) has produced nearly 10 million gallons of oil since coming online in 2011

- may be “communication” between wells


Lewis Energy Group (oil?) natural gas pipeline explosion

To be determined

Encinal, Texas

No injuries, no evacuations (article)


Shell Oil San Pablo Bay pipeline

21,000 gallons

San Joaquin County, California’s Central Valley


- 24” diameter


NuVista Energy emulsion spill

100,000 litres of emulsion (oil, water, gas)

Hay Lake First Nation, 100km NW of High Level, Alberta



Shell Oil butadiene spill

326,166 lbs of butadiene

Deer Park, Texas, USA



Nexen Energy Long Lake

5 million litres of emulsion (a mixture of bitumen oil, water and sand)

31,000 bbls


(article) (article)

- breach in a double-walled pipe


Spectra Energy Corp. LNG pipeline rupture

4 million cubic feet

Arkansas River, USA


- The average U.S. family uses 168 cubic feet of natural gas per day


Plains All America Pipeline spill

79,000 litres (21,000 gallons) of oil

105,000 gallons

140,000 gallons

Refugio State Beach, along California coastline parallel to hwy 101 near Santa Barbara, California, USA

(article) (article) (article) (article)



left a four mile/6.4 km slick along Refugio State Beach extending about 50 years/46 meters into the water


Heimdal, North Dakota derailment

10 oil tanker cars on fire

Heimdal, North Dakota, USA



Oklahoma David Loftus family farm spill

TBD Salt/processed water

NW Oklahoma City, near Danforth & Rockwell, Oklahoma County, USA



Toronto house explosion

n/a natural gas related?

Toronto, ON Canada


- leaves 1 dead and damages 12 homes


NGL Energy Partners gas explosion


22620 Weld County Road 64, Greeley, Colorado, USA


- lightening



Shale Tank Truck Company


Karnes City, (San Antonio) Texas, USA

(article) (article)

- explosion at shale yard

- lightening

“Officials said these type of incidences are common”


Fresno County, California gas explosion


Fresno County, California USA


- crews accidentally struck a gas line


Williams Energy 4” pipeline leak

132 barrels marcellus shale condensate

Marshall County, West Virginia, USA

Near Little Grave Creek and Molly Run


- small leak narrowed down to 2 acres after one week


English Bay, Vancouver BC

2,800 litres estimated of bunker fuel

English Bay, Vancouver BC

(article) (article) (article) (article)

- source unknown but vessel suspected


Gogama, ON

CN derailment

10 cars derailed

Gogama, ON



Illinois train derailment & explosion of 8 cars

105-car train including 103 carrying crude oil. 

Galena, Illinois, USA near Mississippi River

(article) (newsclip)


Murphy Oil

2.7 million litres of condensate

Northwestern Alberta




New Jersey natural gas explosion


New Jersey, USA


- 15 injured


ExxonMobil refinery explosion


Torrance, California USA

(article) (article)


CSX Corp. train derailment & explosion

14 rail cars

West Virginia

(article) (article)

- 1,000+ people evacuated

- Kanawha River

- response hindered by snow

(update 9-Oct-2015)


CP Rail train derailment

10 railcars remained upright, 2 on side

Near Frank in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

(article) (article)

- no apparent leaks


CN train derailment

29 of 100 rail cars, 7 cars on fire

Gogama south of  Timmins, Ontario

(article) (article) (article)

- site is remote and cannot be accessed by road



Oasis Petroleum oil and brine storage tank overflow

490 bbls oil / 455 bbls brine

Williams County, North Dakota, USA



ATEX Express pipeline rupture


Brooke County, West Virginia, USA



Summit Midstream Partners LLC pipeline leak of fracking wastewater

3 million gallons of brine

Williston, western North Dakota, USA


(article) (article)

- reported around Jan.6th

- worst spill of its kind in ND

- Blacktail creek (draining creek to clean up spill)


Bridger Pipeline LLC Montana pipeline spill into Yellowstone River

40,000 gallons of crude

Yellowstone River, Montana, USA

(article) (article)

- contaminating drinking water for the town of Glendive

- river is frozen

- small 12 inch pipe


Hess Bakken Investments source water spill

2,500 bbls of source water

Williams County, North Dakota, USA (9 miles southwest of Tioga)


- source water is higher in dissolved minerals and solids than fresh water


Gas tanker roll-over spills into wetland

13,000 litres

Calgary highway

- single vehicle accident, 4 am



Enbridge line 4 leak

1,350 bbls increased to 13,000 bbls / 56,700 gallons

Pumping station in Regina, Saskatchewan

(article) (article)


Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company, trans-Israel pipeline spill, mechanical failure

600,000 gallons

Near Eilat, southern Israel


- 80 people hospitalized due to fumes

- occurred in Evrona Nature Reserve

2014-11 or 12


Cdn Natural Resource Ltd pipeline, mechanical failure

60,000 litres of crude oil

and hydrogen sulphide gas

27 kms north of Red Earth Creek, Alberta

(article) (article)


Major train derailment near Wadena, Saskatchewan

26 of 100 cars derailed, 50 people evacuated

- hydrochloric acid or caustic soda, petroleum distillates

Wadena, Saskatchewan

(article) (article)


Disposal & Recycling Truck diesel spill

150 litres of diesel fuel

Stayner, ON

(news clip)


Hydro-Quebec pipeline leak

100,000 litres of diesel

Cap-aux-Meules harbour, Magdalen Islands



TransCanada gas pipeline rupture,


Benton Harbor, Michigan


- evacuation of 500+ people


Anterra Energy spill (Alberta)

300,000 litres of crude oil and salt/produced water

63km north of Slave Lake



Lightstream Resources (Alberta)

20,000 litres of emulsion from a pipeline

7km north west of Balm Alberta



Fort Berthold Reservation spill (USA)

3,000 bbls brine

Near town of Mandaree, North Dakota, Fort Berthold Indian Reseravation



Duke Energy spill into the Ohio River (USA)

8,000 gallons of oil

Near Cincinnati, Ohio



Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley tailings pond breach (mining)

10.6 million cubic meters (2.8 billion gallons) of water, 7.3 million cubic meters (1.9 billion gallons) of tailings and 6.5 million cubic meters (1.7 billion gallons) of interstitial water

Hazeltine Creek, Mount Polley, BC

-          mining tailings pond


(Interstitial water is the water that sits between the spaces of the ground-up rock in the tailings pond)



Crestwood Midstream Partners Inc.  fracking brine spill (USA)

1,000,000 gallons of fracking brine

Mandaree, North Dakota

(article) (update)


Ohio River hydraulic fluid spill (USA)

Hundreds of gallons of hydraulic fluid (max. est. 1,000 gallons)

New Martinsville hydroelectric plant, Ohio

Near Hannibal Lock and Dam

Turbine failure at New Martinsville hydroelectric plant (article)


Nagaram Village, India pipeline  explosion (India)


Nagaram Village, India

(AP video)

state-owned pipline


Northwestern Minnesota pipeline explosion (USA)


Northwestern Minnesota, USA



L.A. pipeline rupture (USA)

38,000 litres / 10,000 gallons of crude oil

Los Angeles (USA)

- L.A. “knee-deep” in oil



Report: Spills up 17 percent in U.S. in 2013 (USA)





BP pipeline spray in Alaska (USA)





Cdn Natural Resources Ltd. pipeline leak

70,000 litres of oil and processed water

Northwest of Slave Lake, Alberta


- not an emergency since not near people, water or wildlife (article)


CSX Corporation, James River derailment (USA)

Three tanker cars

James River, Va (USA)

(article) (Desmog Blog)


Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Peace River pipeline spill (USA)

2,000 litres crude + 58,000 litres produced water

74km east of Peace River


- includes list of other spills in 2014 by same company


Williams Partners’ Northwest Pipeline LNG explosion (USA)


Plymouth, Washington at Oregon border, USA


- 1,000 people evacuated

- cause unknown


Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument (USA)


Utah, USA

- contamination from aging Garfield County oil field



BP Whiting Refinery spill into Lake Michigan (USA)


Whiting Refinery, Indiana, USA Lake Michigan

(article) (article)


Houston Texas, barge and ship collide (USA)

168,000 gallons of oil

Gaveston Bay

- RMG 380 (persistent oil)

(article) (wildlife impact)


North Dakota, Hiland Crude pipeline spill (USA)

800 bbls / 34,000 gallons of crude

6 miles northeast of Alexander

- failed gasket (article)


Sunoco / Mid-Valley Pipeline Co. interstate pipeline spill (USA)

240 bbls / 10,000 gallons of crude


(article) (article)

- contaminating Oak Glen Nature Preserve


New Jersey tanker truck explosion (USA)

8,500 gallons of gasoline

Newark, New Jersey

- truck collided with car (article)


Greeley explosion (USA)


North of Greeley, Colorado USA

-          static electricity possible cause



Columbia Gulf natural gas pipeline explosion

(NiSource Columbia Pipeline Group)


Knifely, Adair County, Kentucky, USA

- three homes set ablaze, two barns, four, cars

- 30” pipeline 30’ underground



TransCanada pipeline leak (Cda)

TBA natural gas

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta



Mississippi River barge/tugboat crash, spill (USA)


Between Baton Rouge and New Orleans

- shut down 65 miles of Mississippi River in New Orleans


Chevron Appalachia, Dunkard, Greene County explosion, Lanco 7H well (USA)


641 Bald Hill Church Road, Bobtown, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Propane truck also ignited complicating matters

- one person injured, one missing (article)


TransCanada pipeline explosion (Cda)


Otterburne, Manitoba

50km south of Winnipeg, MB

5 houses evacuated

(article) (article) (article)


Jay-Bee, Lisby well, Marcellus drilling pad explosion (USA)

50 bbls fracking fluid

Middlebourne, Tyler County, West Virginia



Plaster Rock New Brunswick train derailment, 16 cars (Cda)

16 rail cars derailed & on fire (4 propane, 4 crude oil)

Plaster Rock, New Brunswick


- evacuate 2kms & 45 households


North Dakota train derailment, 20 cars (USA)

~20 rail cars on fire

Casselton, North Dakota

(article) (article)


Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co. explosion (USA)


Hughesville/Houstonia, Missouri in Pettis County, USA

- 30” natural gas pipeline ruptured

- video footage (article)


Sinopec Corp pipeline spill & underground explosion (China)


Qingdao, China

- 35 people killed, 166 injured

- spilled into ocean, caught fire at 2 locations



Chevron Corp. LPG pipeline explosion (USA)


Ellis County, Texas



Genesse & Wyoming train derailment,

20 cars (USA)

11 rail cars on fire =

100,000 litres

Alabama, rural area

- 90 car train

(article) (article)


Koch Pipeline Co. spill (USA)

64,000 litres / 17,000 US gal crude

Smithville, Texas


- statistics

- impact rural area & two livestock ponds


Sherritt coal tailings spill (Cda)

1 billion litres / 264 million US gallons

Athabasca River



Tanker truck crash, Southern California (USA)

30,000 litres / 8,000 US gallons

Long Beach freeway, Southern California



CN train derailment, 13 cars (Cda)

9 cars liquefied petroleum gas


4 cars petroleum crude = 400,000 litres of crude



- 24 hour evacuation of Gainford (article)

- 3 rail cars (gas) caught fire (article)


Northern Natural Gas, Oklahoma (USA)



- 30” natural gas line w/900 lbs pressure buried 8 feet below ground

- flames 100’ in air



Tesoro Logistics LP? (USA)

1,000 litres/5-7 bbls reduced from 150 bbls

Divide County, North Dakota

- 1” oil gathering line

- near small wetland



Tesoro Logistics LP high plains pipeline

(news release) (USA)

3.3 million litres / 20,600 bbls


18-Dec-2016 840,000 gallons

Tioga, North Dakota

- 6” diameter pipeline

- 20 years old

- 7.3 acres

- break and spill kept quiet for 11 days

- largest spill in North Dakota’s history

(article) (GP pics) (article) (article)


CN Rail derailment, 17 cars (Cda)



Up to 1 crude oil rail car (640 bbls)

Petroleum, ethanol and chemicals (article)

Landis, Saskatchewan


“They can’t cross land as flat as a billiard table but will send 7 two hundred oil car train loads through the Rockies on a daily basis?” jondamnvan


Colorado flooding (USA)

Platte River south, Millikden – 20,000 litres/5,250 gallons


Total 163,000 litres/1,027 bbls/43,134 gallons


Heavy flooding in area has created havoc for oil companies (article)





Sarnia, St. Clair River (Cda)

Unknown qty of diesel

Sarnia, St. Clair River



Sept-Iles, Quebec (Cda)

450,000 litres oil

Sept-Iles, Quebec

- Cliffs National Resources

- A botched reservoir transfer (article)


MarkWest Energy  (USA)

Natural gas liquids

Rocky Run/Fish Creek, Wetzel County West Virginia

Landslide ruptured pipeline (article)


Walter Oil & Gas Corporation, Hercules 265 rig (USA)


55 miles off Louisiana coast, Gulf of Mexico

Natural gas leak has ignited (article)


Antero Resources natural gas well explosion in West Virginia (USA)


Morgantown area, New Milton

Marcellus shale

Hinterer 2H well on the Ruddy Alt pad

(article) (article)


Quebec train derailment (Cda)

5.7 million litres / 73 tankers / 36,000 bbls

Lac Megantic, Quebec

- centre of town explosion

- 47 people died

(article) (Newsclip Video)


Crow Reservation, Montana (USA)

95,000 litres / 25,000 US gallons / 600 barrels

Crow Reservation, Montana – 15 miles from Lodge Grass city



Louisiana natural gas pipeline explosion (USA)


Texas to Florida gas line

Explosion obliterated an 80-foot section of Florida Gas Transmission line (article)


Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (Cda)

Bitumen emulsion

26,000 bbls (May-July 13)

1.27 mln tonnes (Aug-13)

Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, northeastern Alberta

Slow seepage of product underground that is coming to the surface

 (28-Jun-13) (23-Jul-13) (6-Aug-13) (17-Aug-13)



Penwest Exploration (USA)

5,000 litres

Little Buffalo, 25 kms north

Effecting muskeg and surface water over 2.5 square kms (article)


Enbridge light synthetic crude (Cda)

750 barrels (119,240 litres)

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Leaked into a creek forcing the shut-down of two major oil sands pipelines (article)


Legacy Oil & Gas (Cda)

Sour gas containing hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

Turner Valley, southwest of Calgary

H2S is extremely toxic even in small concentrations

- heavy flooding in Alberta


Plains Midstream Canada (Cda)

950 barrels (151k litres)

Kemp pipeline system –

90km northwest of Manning (northwestern Alberta)

Condensate – a very light oil used to thin down heavy oil sands bitumen


? prior to 2013-06-01

Pace Oil and Gas Ltd. (Cda)

800,000 litres oil-water mixture

or 9.5 million litres?

Region of Zama City, Alberta



Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain line (Cda)

12 barrels (1,900 litres)

Merritt, B.C.,

mountainous section of the line between Hope and Kamloops


Trans Mountain line ships 300,000 barrels per day of various petroleum products from Alberta to the Metro Vancouver and Washington State. (article)


Imperial Oil Ltd. Refinery spill (Cda)

5-7 barrels (795-1,113 litres)

Sarnia, Ontario



Apache Corporation, Zama City, Alberta (Cda)

60,000 barrels (9.5 million litres) of contaminated water

Zama City, Alberta

Cleanup efforts underway after northwestern Alberta pipeline spill

-Took 2 weeks to report

- Affecting tributaries of the Zama River (article)


Train Derailment (Cda)

One rail car (est. 600 barrels or 95,400 litres)


CP Rail rushes to contain oil leak after train derails in Saskatchewan, Scott Deveau, Financial Post


White River derailment oil spill (Cda)

400 barrels / 16,800 gallons (63,000 litres)

White River, Ontario, Cda

22 cars off the rails (article)


Shell Pipeline spill (USA)

30,000 gallons of crude oil / 700 barrels (111,000 litres)

West Columbia, Texas, USA


3rd major spill in one week


Exxon Mobil Pegasus pipeline leak (USA)

84,000-210,000 gallons of heavy crude oil from Alberta, Canada (320,000 - 800,000 litres)


3-Jun-2013 Tar Sands Blockade estimates 300,000 gallons (1.1 million litres)


24-Jun-2013 Tar Sands Blockade estimates 375,000 gallons (1.4 million litres) into residential neighbourhood and  marsh near Lake Conway

Mayflower, Arkansas, USA


John Bolenbaugh, whistleblower

Evacuation of 22 homes


As at 4-Apr-2013 19,000 barrels recovered

As of 3-Jun-2013 evacuees have not returned  home

(article 8-May-2013)

(article 3-Sep-2013)

(article 23-Apr-2015)


Suncor’s frozen pipeline leaks into Athabasca River for 10 hours (Cda)


Athabasca River, Alberta, Canada

Company notorious for not releasing info on spills


CP rail derailment (USA)

15,000-30,000 gallons of crude oil from Alberta, Canada (? Litres)

Minnesota, USA

Thickened into heavy tar like substance allowing for recovery of only 1,000 gallons (article)


Enbridge refuses to pay for ongoing damage study of Michigan tar sands disaster



Jacob Chamberlain

Kalamazoo River


550 barrels of crude oil leak into Tyler County creeks





Washington is right: Canada must confront its climate neglect



Tzerporah Berman


Oilsands tailings leaking into groundwater, Joe Oliver told in memo



Mike De Souza

Joe Oliver, federal Minister of Natural Resources


Confirmed: Tar Sands Toxic Liquid Waste Contaminating Local Waterways



Environmental Defense


What a waste! Picture from space reveals how U.S. oil field is burning off gas



Simon Tomlinson

“flare off” unwanted gas


Barge with 80,000 gallons oil hits Vicksburg railroad bridge, leaks

80,000 gallons


Light crude oil, Mississippi River


Enbridge line in Northern Alberta

1,455 barrels

(231,000 litres)

Northern Alberta



Enbridge flange gasket failure

230,000 litres / 1,400 bbls of crude oil

Northeast of Edmonton near Elk Point



Baton Rouge, Louisiana sinkhole


Bayou Corne

- Assumption Parish area is crisscrossed with oil & gas pipelines



Plains Midstream Canada, Red Deer River pipeline spill

477,000 litres / 3,000 barrels sour crude oil

Near Sundre, Alberta

Red Deer River, upstream of Gleniffer Lake & reservoir


- submerged pipeline

- cleanup took 3 weeks

- made for better boating


Pace Oil and Gas Rainbow Lake pipeline spill

3.5 million litres of emulsion (30% oil and 70% water)

Rainbow Lake, northwestern Alberta near Northwest Territories border


- muskeg

? prior to 2013-06-01

Plains Midstream Canada


3.5 million litres of oil

Region of Zama City, Alberta




ExxonMobil Silvertip Pipeline

63,000 gallons oil

Yellowstone River, Montana

Sent oil plume 25 miles downstream (article) (article) (article)


Plains Midstream Canada

Rainbow Pipeline rupture

4.5 mln litres / 28,000 barrels / 1.1 mln gallons of  light sweet crude oil

Little Buffalo northeast of Peace River,

area around Woodland Cree reserve

- worst oil spill in 36 years

(article) (article)

- problem detected 8 hours prior to halting flow


Oasis Petroleum blowout


North Dakota, USA

Killed 2 contractors (referring article)


Suncor spewed toxic water into Athabasca River for 3 days



Company notorious for not releasing info on spills


Nigerian government announcement that there has been more than 7,000 oil spills in the country between 1970 and 2000 that could take up to 30 years and $1 billion to clean up.





Enbridge’s Lakehead system,

Kalamazoo River

20,000 barrels of crude (3.2 million litres)

Near Marshall / Detroit, Michigan

8,000 barrels reached the Talmadge Creek / Kalamazoo River

Enbridge’s update

Still not cleaned up in

2013 +  2015



China’s largest oil spill

1,500 tons / 461,790 gallons / 11,000 barrels / 1.8 mln litres oil reported

Dailan, northeast China

165 sq miles / 430 sq kms in Yellow Sea


Chevron pipeline rupture, Red Butte Creek, Utah

33,000 gallons

Red Butte Creek spill, Utah



Trans-Alaska Pipeline Spill

Unknown, “likely limited to the gravel on top of the containment area’s line”

Fort Greely, Alaska



Trans-Northern Pipeline, Bronte spill

Unknown quantity of gasoline

Bronte, Ontario, Canada


- cleanup forecast to take 1-2 more years [total=5 yrs]


Dalian, China, two pipeline explosion

18 million US gallons / 27 million US gallons of oil  spilled into Yellow Sea

Dalian, northeastern China port

“at least as much as the Exxon Valdez disaster”



BP Gulf oil spill


Gulf of Mexico



(5-Feb-2015 article)

Killed 11 workers, blackened beaches in 5 US states, crippled the region’s tourism and fishing industries.  Worst environment disaster in US history.


Exxon Mobil Corp. / XTO Energy

50,000 gallons fracking waste

A Marcellus Shale drilling site, Pennsylvania

Eight charges (article)


TransCanada Peace River mainline explosion

2 hectares of wooded area razed

Peace River, northern Alberta

NEB criticized company for “inadequate” field inspections and “ineffective” management (article) (article)


Iowa train derailment

4,400 gallons of diesel oil

Cassville, Wisconsin, USA



San Francisco Bay spill

54,000 gallons of oil

San Francisco Bay, USA



North Dakota saltwater brine spill

1 million bbls of saltwater brine (a by-product of oil production)



(article) - still being cleaned up nearly a decade later


Alberta CN derailment, 43 cars

700,000 litres heavy fuel oil

88,000 litres pole treating oil

Wabamun, Alberta

In and around Wabamun Lake

Forced evacuation of 20 people (article)


Taylor Energy Company

Estimated 4 to 2,329 gallons per day (365 days x 10 years) = 15,000 gallons minimum

Gulf of Mexico

(article) (article)

Offshore platform topples over in Hurricane Ivan

“hurricanes and oil rigs don't mix”

- leak covered up from 2004 until 2010 and still leaking today (article)

- William Pecue, Taylor Energy lobbying to walk away


Olympic Pipe Line Co. rupture

277,200 gallons gasoline

Bellingham, Washington, USA

- spilled in to Hanna and Whatcom creeks

- 3 youths killed

- cascading series of events rather than catastrophic failure


North Dakota





Exxon Valdez in Alaska

41 million to 119 million litres / 260,000 to 750,000 bbls

Prince William Sound, Alaska (article)

- Oil tanker bound for Long Beach, California from Prudhoe Bay oil field

- oil covered 2,100km of coastline and 28,000km2 of ocean



Banks Township underground coal fire (USA)

Coal burning underground for almost 40 years

Banks Township between Jeanesville and Tresckow, Pennsylania, USA (article)

- in March 2018 fire is “close” to being extinguished

- started as a garbage fire



News Articles – Spills/Explosions/Pollution




Posted By

Article Link



EcoWatch / Lorraine Chow

Clean Up 14-Year Oil Spill or Face $40K Daily Fine, Feds Tell Taylor Energy

Lorraine Chow


Washington Post

A 14-year-long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico verges on becoming one of the worst in U.S. history

Darryl Fears


NBC News

Salting the earth: North Dakota farmers struggle with a toxic byproduct of the oil boom

Likhitha Butchireddygari



Opinion: Public at risk for oil and gas industry’s clean-up costs

Mark Tipperman


CBC News

Judge rules 93 Husky oil spill documents to remain sealed

- 21-July-2016 Husky Energy spill



Oil spill turns Greek island bay black and is deemed 'environmental disaster'

Video, drone footage of tanker spiill


KVUE.com (USA)

More than 50,000 gallons crude oil spills in Bastrop County

- pipeline accidentally cut by excavator conducting maintenance


Corpus Christi Caller Times

Natural gas wells have leaked into water supply for years, records show

Matt Woolbright


Democracy Now (USA)

North Dakota Lawmakers Advance Bill to Limit Oil Spill Reporting



Youtube / Rod Webber

Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh tears up explaining Standing Rock's importance

Rod Webber

- AO Info: John Bolenbaugh



Husky's oil pipeline broke due to ground movement, report says

John Weidlich


EcoWatch / Dan Zukowski

220 ‘Significant’ Piepline Spills Already This Year Exposes Troubling Safety Record

Dan Zukowski



Oil Company Lied About Safety of DAPL – Report Exposes Thousands of Spills in Last 6 Years Alone

Justin Gardner

- AO Info: Dakota Access Pipeline


EcoWatch / DeSmogBlog

Duke Study: Rivers Contaminated With Radium and Lead From Thousands of Fracking Wastewater Spills

Sharon Kelly

- North Dakota, USA

- radium persistence


EcoWatch / Greenpeace

The Biggest Oil Leak You’ve Never Heard Of, Still Leaking After 12 Years

Tim Donaghy

- Taylor Energy

- Gulf of Mexico


EcoWatch / Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams

AP Exclusive: Fracking Boom Responsible for 175 Million Gallons of Toxic Wastewater Spilled Since 2009

Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams


CBC News

Alberta pipelines: 6 major oil spills in recent history



WC Native News

Millions of litres spilled in Saskatchewan according to Documents



NY Times

Reported Environmental Incidents in North Dakota’s Oil Industry

Database containing 8,690 incidents in North Dakota from 2006 to 2014



‘Saltwater’ From Fracking Spill Is Not What’s Found in the Ocean

Lisa Song



Video: 5/31/2014 -- 4 Mile Long eruption of Liquid Sand + stored CO2 @ Fracking operation in Colorado (19 mins)


- carbon sequestration

- “mud” slide


Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

If a pipeline spills, who covers the cost? 3 things you should know



CBC As It Happens

American “innovation”: US Congressman on oil well leak, repaired with duct tape and a garbage bag

audio & video

Huffington Post



Don’t worry about that oil spill, congressman says — we’ve got duct tape

Jim Meyer

[Louisiana Republican Vance McAllister is a real life Red Green!]



A whole lot of oil spilled in the U.S. in 2013

John Upton

26 million gallons of oil, fracking fluid, fracking wastewater, and other toxic substances during 7,662 accidents in just 15 states


CBC News

Pipeline rupture report raises questions about TransCanada inspections

Amber Hildebrandt


Bloomberg Business Week

Canada’s Tar Sands Oil Boom Yields Toxic Wastewater Lakes

Jeremy van Loon


Global News

Crude Awakening – Introduction: 37 years of oil spills in Alberta

Leslie Young

Alberta’s had an average of two crude oil spills a day, every day for the past 37 years.


Daily Mail (UK)

How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world

- bunker fuel


Not Just Oil

It is not only oil pipelines that leak.  Diluents, source water and produced water pipelines can leak as well.  Local emergency personnel don’t always know exactly what the pipelines carry because the chemical mixes are often proprietary to the oil company’s way of doing business.


Diluents - Diluent is a diluting or thinning agent and it’s really important to the oil sands. That is because the bitumen that makes up Canada’s oil sands is too viscous or thick to be pumped through a pipeline. At cold temperatures bitumen has the viscosity that is somewhat like molasses. By diluting the bitumen it can more easily flow through pipelines to be refined and sold.


The typical diluent for the oil sands is natural gas condensate, though shippers also used refined naptha or synthetic crude oil. Condensate is rather plentiful in America as drillers have focused on higher value natural gas liquids such as ethane and propane. These wells also typically contain a fair amount of condensate, which is also known as natural gasoline. (source)


Source water - is used for enhanced oil recovery and is higher in chloride than fresh water, but does not carry the same environmental implications as produced water.  As per Bill Suess, source water is groundwater that is "a little higher in chloride in total dissolved solids than drinking water standards, but it is not produced water". (article)  The drinking water standard for chloride is 250 ppm (parts per million) (North Dakota, USA).


Produced water - water that is brought to the surface along with oil or gas, has a much higher chloride reading, sometimes up to 180,000 ppm (article)


For more information:


Why We Pretend to Clean Up Oil Spills by Andrew Nikiforuk, Hakai Magazine (July, 2016)


Oil Spill Alberta


Canada’s Tar Sands Oil Boom Yields Toxic Wastewater Lakes (Bloomberg Business week, 21-Nov-2013)


Arkansas Residents Sick From Exxon Oil Spill Are on Their Own


John Bolenbaugh – Mayflower, Arkansas whistleblower


Di Bello – Cannington, ON family evacuated from their house for more than 2 years


CBC News (28-Oct-2013) Exclusive: Pipeline safety incident rate doubled in past decade / pipeline map


What’s the worst that could happen?  Check out the Niger Delta (article 4-Dec-2013)


AWARE-Ontario News - Rail




Link to 2015 Spill Tracker (USA)


Link to EarthJustice.org “Fracking Across the United States”




“While the Natural Resources Department estimates the oilsands industry represents two per cent of the Canadian economy, the companies face intensive scrutiny over their environmental footprint since extraction requires massive amounts of energy and water that have made it Canada’s fastest growing source of the heat-trapping pollution that warms the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.” OCanada.com (article)


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1 US gallon = 3.78541 litres

1 barrel = 159 litres = 42 US gallons

1 railcar = 640 barrels (bbls)

1 shipping tanker = 200,000 bbls (source)

1 tonne = roughly 7+ barrels (depending on oil grade)









Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)



Plains Midstream Canada

Subsidiary of Houston-based Plains All American Pipeline L.P.

VP Stephen Bart (13-06-17)