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The Nova Scotia government allowed test wells to be drilled in Kennetcook (2008?) and then put a moratorium in place pending the completion of the investigation by the Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Independent Review Panel.





Bay of Fundy (WIP)



Shubenacadie River – Alton Gas


Alton Gas has proposed storing natural gas in (3) three [up to possibly (20) twenty] underground salt caverns near Stewiacke, Nova Scotia 


Opponents cite environmental concerns re: the release of salty brine (resulting from drilling into the underground caverns) into the Shubenacadie River system, ultimately affecting Cobequid Bay, Minas Basin and Bay of Fundy.  The Alton Gas Application states that the total need for salt brine solution for Nova Scotia highways for an entire year amounts to one day of output. (facebook page)


First Nations state that they have not been adequately consulted.


As described by Sakura Saunders in a FundRazr campaign email, “Alton Gas has a hugely destructive plan to create salt caverns in which to store natural gas, by dumping the equivalent of 3,000 tons of hard salt into the Shubenacadie river every day. This massive 50-year project would seriously harm the river ecosystem and put the health, livelihoods and rights of the Mi’kmaq people at risk. It is also in contravention of the Fisheries Act, which prohibits the deposit of “deleterious substances” into water frequented by fish.  This project does not meet the minimal requirements of consultation of local Indigenous communities. In January 2017, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruled that Sipekne’katik First Nation was not properly consulted during the environmental assessment process.”


Update (facebook Stop Alton Gas!)


The provincial Environment Department issued an industrial approval on Jan. 20, 2016, to Alton Gas, a subsidiary of AltaGas, to operate a brine storage pond at the Shubenacadie River estuary site near Fort Ellis, Colchester County. The approval provided for the company to lease submerged Crown land to complete a discharge channel and an agreement to construct a dike on Crown lands. Six groups, including the Sipekne’katik band, who primarily reside in nearby Indian Brook, appealed the permit decision.

The Environment Department denied all six appeals three months later. The Sipekne’katik First Nation then took the department’s denial of the appeal to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court and in January 2017, Justice Suzanne Hood released a decision overturning the denial of the appeal.

More than two years later, then Environment Minister Margaret Miller in April again upheld the department’s industrial approval for the Alton Gas project. “The consultations with Sipekne’katik on this industrial approval have been sufficient,” Miller said in denying the band’s appeal of the permit approval for the second time.  “The terms and conditions in the approval are sufficient to protect the environment.”

The appeal will be heard Nov. 18-20, 2019 in the Supreme Court. 


“The whole case is quite an interesting case about the duty of the Crown to consult in a serious way with a First Nation when they are affected.” Raymond Larkin, co-counsel for Sipekne’katik


News – Alton Gas







CBC News

Residents raise concerns about high salinity of brine from Alton Gas project



Nova Scotia Advance

Media release: Alton Gas brine release six times above what is considered deleterious to fish



Environment Minister Says Consultations for Alton Gas Project were “Sufficient”

James Faulkner


National Observer

Lobbied 22 times, Trudeau government proposes to let Alton Gas dump saltwater into Shubenacadie River

Lindsay Jones



Nova Scotia Supreme Court will announce decision re: injunction against water protectors



CBC News

Slow-motion showdown continues on banks of Shubenacadie River

Michael MacDonald


Herald News

River discharge only salt solution: Alton Gas

Francis Campbell


CBC News

Underground work on track to begin at Nova Scotia natural gas project

Nina Corfu


CBC News

Audio: Alton Gas protesters' plan to over-winter on site (12 mins)

- Dale Andrew Poulette

- Lori MacLean, Alton Gas


CBC News

Protesters build permanent structure, plan to overwinter at Alton Gas site

Nina Corfu


Chronicle Herald News

Alton pipeline could pass through proposed protection area

Francis Campbell


Chronicle Herald News

Barlow buoys up Alton Gas protesters

Francis Campbell


CBC News

Alton natural gas project sees delays into 2017

David Irish

- manufactured natural gas storage caverns


CBC News

Alton Gas protesters to conduct their own Shubenacadie River research

Shaina Luck


CBC News

Alton natural gas storage project to resume construction near Stewiacke



CBC News

Sipekne'katik First Nation to appeal Alton natural gas storage project

Lisa Blackburn


CBC News

Alton natural gas storage facility gets green light from Nova Scotia

Paul Withers


Chronicle Herald News

Residents decry Alton natural gas storage



CBC News

$100 million Alton gas project delayed over Mi'kmaq concerns

Paul Withers


CBC News

Fishermen join Mi'kmaq in Alton gas storage protest



CBC News

$100M Alton gas storage project underway near Stewiacke



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Louisiana sinkholes - resulting from engineering issues with salt caverns



News – Nova Scotia (General)







Newfoundland’s offshore oil spill is a warning for Nova Scotia

Robert Devet

- Husky Energy spill

AO Info: Spills


CBC News

Mi'kmaq want answers from BP Canada after drilling mud spill off Nova Scotia coast

Nic Meloney


Halifax Examiner

BREAKING: lubricant spill reported at BP’s Scotia Shelf drill site

Tim Bousquet


CBC News

Pieridae Energy files to build natural gas liquefaction plant in Goldboro

Paul Withers

“Pieridae wants to bring cheap shale gas from across North America for export, primarily to Europe.”


Desmog Canada

BP Offshore Rig Moves to Nova Scotia Coast Before Drill Permits Granted

James Wilt

2018-02-03 (formerly DeSmog Blog)

‘We’re Under Assault’: Feds Quietly Approve Deepwater Oil Drilling Off Nova Scotia

James Wilt

2018-01-15 (formerly DeSmog Blog)

BP Wants to Drill Underwater Wells Twice the Depth of Deepwater Horizon in Canada

James Wilt


Council of Canadians

BP’s Dirty (Huge) Nova Scotian Secret

Andrea Harden-Donahue



Gas shortage in Nova Scotia leads to 'complete insanity' for station owners




Shell given OK to take 21 days to cap a deep well oil blowout off N.S. coast

Zak Markan


Disposal of fracking waste water gets OK


2015-06-16 / The Chronicle Herald

Expert: More Research Needed on Fracking’s Impact



Blog:  Nova Scotian’s Don’t Want Sick Fish

Steve MacLellan


Metro News

First Nations community opposes disposal of fracking waste



CBC News

Australian Spirit tanker adrift off Nova Scotia coast

Carrying 90,000 tonnes of crude oil


Chronicle Herald

Amherst agrees to accept treated fracking water

Aaron Beswick Truro Bureau / @CH_ABeswick


CBC News

Nova Scotia firm pitches fracking wastewater plan to Dieppe

Dieppe is in New Brunswick


Metro News

Nova Scotia to dispose of more fracking waste

The Canadian Press

- 5 million litres (167 truckloads)


Metro News

Nova Scotia concludes fracking waste study

The Canadian Press

- 2 million litres

- evaporation is a viable means of disposal (used as coolant in kiln at Lafarge after filtering)

- where did the filtered radioactive residue go?


Huffington Post

Nova Scotia Opts for High Taxes Rather Than Fracking

Mark Milke


Chronicle Herald

Opinion: Taylor: Grits must make up for chill of fracking ban in Nova Scotia

Roger Taylor


Global News

Fracking ban legislation to be introduced in Nova Scotia

The Canadian Press

- what is “high-volume hydraulic fracturing”?


MSN News

Nova Scotia to ban onshore shale gas fracking

"The resources belong to the people of Nova Scotia and they get to decide how they are harnessed."  Andrew Younger, Nova Scotia’s Energy Minister


Nova Scotia Department of Energy

Hydraulic Fracturing Review

Independent review of the effects of hydraulic fracturing, led by Dr. David Wheeler, President of Cape Breton University



Irving Oil using Bay of Fundy as its refinery toxic waste dumping site.

Paul W. Kincaid


Metro News

Nova Scotia fracking pioneer weighs in

Michael MacDonald, The Canadian Press


MSN News

Hold off on fracking in Nova Scotia: expert

Michael McDonald, The Canadian Press


Metro News / The Canadian Press

Majority want fracking ban in Nova Scotia

Alison Auld


Metro News / The Canadian Press

Impact of fracking on communities unclear, says Nova Scotia report

Michael McDonald, The Canadian Press

- Kennetcook experimental drilling in 2008


Metro News / The Canadian Press

Nova Scotia told to go slow on fracking

Michael McDonald, The Canadian Press


Chronicle Herald

Report on fracking ‘rubbish’

Mary Ellen MacIntyre

- Duncan Keppie


News Ontario

Fracking in Nova Scotia low risk, studies say

Michael McDonald, The Canadian Press


News Ontario

Nova Scotia to remove fracking waste water



Fracking and Health

First do no harm: continue NS fracking moratorium — EHANS



Cape Breton University / Nova Scotia Dept. of Energy

Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review

[Work in progress 28-Jun-2014]


Cape Breton University

The Nova Scotia Dept. of Energy commissions the Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment to conduct an independent review and public consultation to explore the social, economic, environmental, and health implications of hydraulic fracturing practices and their associated wastewater streams. 

Dr. David Wheeler, President and Vice-Chancellor, Cape Breton University, will convene and Chair a Nova Scotia Expert Panel on Hydraulic Fracturing (Expert Panel) to oversee the process.


Chronicle Herald

Nova Scotia Power burning high-sulfur petcoke from Detroit

Ian Austen, NY Times




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