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Yes, railroads opened this country; and yes, truck transportation later took over for rail.  Today many of the abandoned rail lines have been turned into public trails by local communities.  However, with higher fuel costs and an interest in selling natural resource products abroad, there is a renewed business interest in rail. 


Read Canadian Geographic’s Railway Revival by Monte Paulsen and Tobin Grimshaw.


Now people must decide whether to let go of their public rail trails and allow trains to chuff through their communities once again.


Questions/Points to Ponder:


       Who owns the rail right-of-way today?  If the rail right-of-way was given to The People, does the local council have the right to sell the right-of-way to private interests?  This question may have to be answered in court.  Should the right-of-way be sold or leased?

       How much of the route is being established through expropriation (“eminent domain” in the USA)?

       If the rail right-of-way has been adopted as a public multi-use trail system used for walking, biking, hiking, horseback riding, atving, skiing and snowmobiling, what social clubs are being affected?  Are they aware of the issue?

       Do people have any say in this matter?  Let your local government know your opinion.

       Good things could come from rail – cheaper agriculture shipping and passenger commuter service (GO Train) for instance – but other scenarios are garbage from the city or aggregate from the country.  Don’t forget uranium, radioactive or other toxic materials (crude oil traveling in inferior unmodified DOT 111 rail cars).

       Are all the existing bridges and overpasses safe or will they have to be rebuilt?  Who is responsible for regularly checking for structural safety and to what standard? Who will pay the bill? 

       Today the technology for rail is substantially different, even from 5 years ago.  Rail cars are physically lighter.  Distributed power – the practice of placing remote-controlled locomotives along the length of the train – has improved handling and performance and made longer trains possible.  All the changes mean that Canada’s freight railways can move a tonne of freight nearly 200 km on one litre of fuel (source article).  However, the downside is that container-carting intermodal trains can be 4 kms in length.  These trains cannot stop quickly and can take 2 kms to come to a halt.  If somebody or something gets in their way or the train derails, the damage is significant.

       Rail companies are asking for higher and higher track speeds.

       Rail crossings are a common site for train accidents especially with trains traveling at higher speeds.  What safety precautions are being taken?  Who pays?

       How much say will your community have in decisions being taken by the rail company (i.e. increasing track speeds, closing crossings, upgrading safety measures)?

       What kind of detailed record keeping does your community expect from the rail company, especially in regard to health/safety/accidents?

       If a 4 km train stops in your town, does traffic also stop?  What is the impact?

       If the rail route goes past a school or through town, will the track be fenced? Who pays to keep the fence maintained (often fences are deliberately cut)?

       Rail companies operate under the premise that tracks are off-limits and people who cross or walk along rail tracks are trespassing.  Therefore, rail companies refuse to take any responsibility for pedestrian deaths, which can include making any safety enhancements, reducing speeds, and/or keeping records, among other things.

       Do communities have the right to ticket slow or obstructive trains?

       Does the rail company have enough insurance to cover an accident?  Especially an oil train accident (see Lac Mégantic) (article)

       Is the Canadian rail industry starting to follow Transportation Safety Board guidelines?  (article)




DOT-111 / CPC-1232 Rail Cars


DOT-111 tank cars are extremely vulnerable to puncture, spilling oil, and precipitating explosions and fires in train accidents. 


"It was not designed for flammable or hazardous liquids so it might be something that you would ship corn oil in but its being used extensively to carry flammable liquids and that is part of the problem." Christopher A. Hart, National Transportation Safety Board (USA) (source)


These are the same type of tank cars that were used in the train that derailed and exploded in the small Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic last July, killing 47 people and destroying the town’s center.


In Canada all tanker cars were expected to conform to high standards by 2017. (article)  (USA 25-Apr-2015 article)



"The DOT-111 is basically the Ford Pinto of tanker cars." Tom Weisner, Mayor of Aurora, IL (source)


As of January 1, 2018 DOT-111s were barred from being used to transport bulk quantities of crude oil or ethanol across North America. (source)


CPC-1232 tanks cars are slightly safer but continue to derail, puncture and explode.  They are allowed to stay in operation until 2025.



DOT-117 / 117R Rail Cars


Initially the touted much-improved DOT 117 design was untested in an actual crash.  (article)


On June 22, 2018 a derailed train spilled 230,000 gallons of Canadian crude in the flooded Iowa River.  This crash, near Doon, Iowa, USA was the first involving the new, safer DOT-117R tank cars.  (article)


Link to AO Spills & Explosions



Explosive Contents


Most bitumen currently shipped by rail from Alberta is in the form of "dilbit" — bitumen mixed with 30% or more diluent to make it flow. It is highly volatile and will explode in a derailment as Gogama, Ontario accidents in February and March 2015 demonstrated. Until Gogama, diluted bitumen was thought to be much safer than Bakken crude.


Bitumen shipped in its raw form (called neatbit) is much safer than dilbit. It does not explode or flow, but few companies are using or considering this option because it requires special insulated tank cars with heating coils.





As at 2017, it is generally recommended that the phase-out of inadequate tank cars currently set for 2025 should be accelerated and better braking systems mandated. As well, trains carrying dangerous goods should be shorter and travel at lower speeds.  (article)




-        Gogama derailment, Mattagami First Nations

-        Lac Mégantic, Quebec

-        General:  AO Spills & Explosions






Link to Transport Canada’s Identification Number Index


Link to Oil Trainspotting:  A Visual Guide (facebook)


Link to CBC article:  What’s that train carrying?  Safety placards offer a clue


Transport Canada Emergency Response Guidebook 2012










CBC News

CP Rail failed to identify hazards linked to deadly derailment, Transport Canada finds

Dave Seglins, Joseph Loiero



Clean up efforts continue after 60-car derailment, potash spill near Hope



BNN Bloomberg

Rise in rail shipments points to beginnings of rebound in Canada

Jen Skerritt


CBC news

Rail safety expert warns of more mountain crashes due to faulty brakes if Transport Canada doesn't act

Dave Seglins, Joseph Loiero


Calgary Herald

Brakes on CP train were cleared by faulty test before fatal derailment, say inspectors

Bill Kaufmann


Global News

Train derails in northwestern Ontario near Emo and is leaking crude oil

Elisha Dacey

AO Oil & Gas - Spills


Winnipeg Free Press

Railways report more accidents with dangerous goods

Dylan Robertson


The Star

CN cuts profit guidance due to strike, layoffs still planned despite backlog



CBC News

Sparks from CN trains to blame for brush fires, Edmonton homeowner says

Wallis Snowdon


CBC News

2 trains collide, cars derail, at Fort Frances, Ont., crossing



Sarnia Observer

Cleanup continues at St. Clair River tunnel derailment

Paul Morden


Global News

Train carrying sulphuric acid derails in tunnel between Ontario and Michigan

The Canadian Press


Omaha.com / Associated Press

Trump administration withdraws proposal to require two-person rail crews

The Associated Press

AO News – Lac  Mégantic


National Post

One person in critical condition after train hits vehicle in Chatham-Kent, Ont.

The Canadian Press

{Accidents can and do happen}



Bruce Campbell and Mark Winfield: Train derailments continue as Alberta readies to ship more oil by rail

Bruce Campbell and Mark Winfield

AO Oil & Gas - Spills


TheNewsTribune.com (USA)

Oil-train restriction bill passes Washington Senate

Tom James

Link to AO News – Oil & Gas


Global News (Vancouver)

There has to be a balance:’ Residents fuming over plans to double East Vancouver rail traffic

Simon Little



CP derailment prompts Transport Canada to add rail safety measures

- Ministerial order


Star Tribune (USA)

Safety officials concerned by sharp increase in oil train traffic from Canada

Mike Hughlett


Calgary Herald

'It was not anything the crew did': Brakes released on train, leading to fatal derailment: TSB

Shawn Logan

- 112 cars, 3 engines



Grain train derailment in Field, BC.  Three CP crew members were killed during the accident.



CBC News

Via Rail train evacuated after striking debris near Trenton, Ont.



Global News

Canadian railways ration space as congestion problems worsen

Rod Nickel


CBC News

Transportation Safety Board's advice unheeded years after crashes

Ryan Tumilty


RMOutlook.com / Rocky Mountain Outlook

Parks responds to grain spills on railway

Cathy Ellis


Global News

Record amount of Canadian oil exported by rail raises safety concerns

Kaylen Small



RAC: Canada’s rail industry broke records in 2017



CBC News

CN lining up partners to make bitumen pucks that can be shipped in open rail car, float in water

The Canadian Press



Canadian Government Declares Oil Trains Safe and Plans to Get Into the Oil Train Business

Justin Mikulka


Huffington Post

Canada is Now a Land of Oil Trains

Daniel Tencer


Yahoo News

Uncontrolled 80-car Canadian Pacific train rolls a quarter kilometre through Calgary's inner city




Minister Garneau’s statement on the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s Watchlist

- removal of transportation of flammable liquids by rail from Watchlist


EcoWatch / Common  Dreams

Trump Repeals Rule Meant to Prevent Oil-Carrying 'Bomb Trains' From Derailing and Exploding

Jessica Corbett



USD Partners moving ahead with Canada crude by rail expansion

Julie Gordon

Link to AO News – Oil & Gas


Yahoo Finance

Oil-by-train demand could surge 200 per cent without pipeline progress

Jeff Lagerquist



Canada’s Crude-By-Rail Exports Surge to Record

Tsvetana Paraskova

- exceeding 200,000 bpd in June 2018

Link to AO News – Oil & Gas


WNEP.com (USA)

Train Crash Spills Thousands of Gallons of Fuel Into Delaware River

- 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into the Delaware River

AO Oil & Gas Spills


E&E News

How railroads shouldered a risky oil rush

Blake Sobczak



CP Rail manager guilty in case of train left on B.C. mountainside without handbrakes

Bethany Lindsay


Toronto Star

No danger after freight train derailment near Quebec-Ontario border, minister says

The Canadian Press


CTV News

Crew members hurt when Via Rail passenger train derails in Saskatchewan

The Canadian Press


Times Colonist

Canadian crude-by-rail exports rise to record high in April, NEB reports

The Canadian Press


CBC News

Rail safety watchdog calls for training overhaul after 74-car runaway train rolled through GTA



CTV News Edmonton

Train cars loaded with crude oil derail near Red Deer Airport

Diego Romero

- 7 cars, 6 carrying crude oil

- no spill reported


Columbia Valley Pioneer

Oil-by-rail traffic rises as B.C. battles over Trans Mountain pipeline

Tom Fletcher


Financial Post

There's a way to relieve farmers of the railroad backlog, but Ottawa's ignoring it

Mary-Jane Bennett

Link to AO News – Oil & Gas


CBC News

Via Rail halts passenger service after CN train derails near Kingston, Ont.

Trevor Pritchard


CTV News

Grain industry facing 'dire situation' as backlog of grain shipments grow

The Canadian Press


Globe and Mail

Accidents outpaced rise in traffic on Canadian railways in 2017:TSB

Eric Atkins


CBC News

One dead in train, truck collision east of Kitchener



CTV News

Man “knew his fate” when wheelchair became stuck in railway tracks: lawyer

- wheelchair safety


Fox Business

Canada's Oil Producers, in Standoff With Railways, Sit Out Oil-Price Rally

Vipal Monga and David George-Cosh

Link to AO News – Oil & Gas


CBC News Saskatchewan

Rail joint cracks led to Saskatchewan potash train derailment, report says

The Canadian Press


Bloomberg Markets

Canadian Oil Shippers Find Rail Space Is Scarce as Prices Slide

Robert Tuttle


Global News

‘Multiple breaks’ and ‘worn’ rails to blame for derailment of train carrying crude oil north of Edmonton

Phil Heidenreich

AO Spills & Explosions Info


Global News

13 train cars derail off historic CN trestle bridge near Wainwright in central Alberta

Karen Bartko

- high winds


Weather Network

U.S. based company refusing to repair rail line in Manitoba

Hailey Montgomery

- $43 million price tag to fix rail to Churchill


CTV News

No injuries in Quebec train derailment

Canadian Press

- four empty cars derailed and plunged into river


CBC News Saskatoon

More than 30 train cars carrying potash derail southeast of Saskatoon

Alicia Bridges


Global News

Calgary professor thinks oilsands crude pellets could be cure for industry’s bitumen transport problems

Canadian Press

- balls of bitumen

Link to AO News – Oil & Gas



Canadian government demands Manitoba railway repairs




Greig: Southern Ontario farmers protest high-speed rail impact

John Greig


Enterprise Bulletin

Rail sale opens door for master plan

JT McVeigh

- Collingwood to Barrie


CBC New Brunswick

Governments urged to get off 'caboose' and save Ocean rail service

Elizabeth Fraser


CBC Manitoba

'Plenty of spilled corn' after derailment near Emerson



Toronto Star

Midtown Toronto derailment should serve as a wake-up call

Claire Kilgour Hervey


Toronto Star

13 cars from CN freight train derail in Strathroy




Indian Railways introduces first-of-its-kind solar-powered train with battery back-up

Anisha Dutta



City releases details about dangerous goods on London trains

Kate Dubinski



What's that train carrying? Safety placards offer a clue

Andrew Lupton


CNW Newswire.ca

Misaligned switch led to August 2016 derailment of a CN train in Acton Vale, Quebec



Canadian Underwriter

TSB attributes Calgary freight train derailment in part to “likely” fatigue of engineer who had been awake for 23 hours



CBC News (NB)

'It's a concern': Latest minor derailment in Saint John under investigation

Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon


CTV News (BC)

Police say 2 dead, 3 hurt in Vancouver Island rail crash



ReportCA.net (BC)

Train derailment near Woss Lake sends 2 to hospital



CBC News

Pedestrian dies after collision with train near Hwy 144, north of Sudbury



CBC News

TSB cites poor track conditions as cause of 2015 Spanish, Ont. derailment



Canadian Manufacturing

Ground collapse responsible for 2015 Sudbury train derailment

- poor track condition

- failure of inspectors to recognize risk


CBC News

CN derailment in Georgina 'unacceptable,' resident says

Muriel Draaisma


KGW.com (BC)

Coal train derails near Vancouver



CBC News (AL)

CN freight train derails north of Edmonton



CBC News (BC)

CN derailment causes VIA Rail disruptions in Prince Rupert

Wil Fundal


Orangeville Banner

Judge dismisses Orangeville railway’s bid to recover $1.6M in taxes from Peel neighbours … again

Chris Halliday


Globe and Mail

Catastrophic rail failure caused train derailment in Saskatchewan: TSB

The Canadian Press

- October 2014

- “fell through the cracks”



Globe and Mail

Ottawa to require video and voice recorders on trains: Garneau

Morgan Lowrie


Reuters Canada

Canada safety watchdog says action needed on train crew fatigue



National Observer

Opinion:  Communities challenge oil trains in their neighbourhoods

Bruce Campbell



Female pedestrian killed after being struck by CN train west of Georgetown GO station




Grain cars tumble into Fraser River as train derails north of Yale, B.C.

Justin McElroy



Toronto citizens group not satisfied with lists of dangerous cargo released by railways

Philip Lee-Shanok



Federal government will spend $55 million over three years on rail safety

Canadian Press


CBC News

Thanksgiving Monday protest planned over cleanup from 2015 Gogama train derailment

-      Gogama derailment

AO Info – First Nations News


AO Info – Water News


CBC News Manitoba

Train derails after crash with gravel truck



Desmog Blog

Overloaded: New Rules Allowed for Heavier Bakken Oil Trains

Justin Mikulka

- Part 3


Desmog Blog

Why Do Oil Trains Derail More Often than Ethanol Trains?

Justin Mikulka

- Part 2


Desmog Blog

Bomb Trains: What Can We Learn From Shipping Ethanol to Improve Oil-By-Rail Safety?

Justin Mikulka

- Part 1


Winnipeg Free Press

Canada must improve rail-crossing safety

Mac Horsburgh

- statistics re: crossing accidents


BendBulletin.com (USA)

Secret bridge inspections vex those worried about oil trains

Associated Press


Metro News Calgary

Calgary train collision second in a month for Canadian Pacific

Bryan Passifiume


CTV News

Train derailed in northern Ontario after cracked rail gave way: TSB



Toronto Sun

Opinion:  Time to separate freight and passenger rail lines

Jim Warren


Fox 61

Train carrying garbage catches fire near Union Station in Hartford

Samantha Schoenfeld


Truro Daily

Cape Breton group calls for public policy discussion on rail

“Canada as a country doesn’t really have a clear transportation policy in regards to railways.  It is time for Canada to step up to the international plate and define the role of railways in Canada for Canadians, not for railway companies.” Jason Morrison, rail society member


CBC News

‘A failure in the system’: How 2 trains derailed in midtown Toronto

Shanifa Nasser

- human error?


Toronto Star

Freight train derailment a ‘wake-up call’ on rail safety, councillor says

Ebyan Abdigir

- diesel fuel leak



Critical rail defects expose communities to devastating ‘train bombs’

Richard Frisbie


Financial Post

Political meddling is putting Canada’s rail network at risk — right when we need it most

Mary-Jane Bennett

- rail company bias?


Global News

Despite Lac-Mégantic safety improvements, runaway rail cars still an issue

Alexa Huffman



Canadian railways to phase out DOT-111 tank cars by November

Luke Geiver


Timmins Press

Redesigned tankers not enough to prevent future oil spills — Gogama fire chief

Len Gillis

- DOT-111


Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Broken rail due to undetected defect led to November 2014 train derailment near Pearce, Alberta

Pearce, Alta derailment (Nov-2014)


Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Damage to a crossover switch led to the August 2015 freight train derailment in Farnham Yard, Quebec

Farnham Yard, Quebec derailment (10-Aug-2015)


CBC News Saskatoon

CP Rail train derails east of Saskatoon




Crews Work to Clean Up after Train Derails in Southeastern Minnesota

Dave Aeikens

- CP Rail – 6 cars end up in Mississippi River

- sodium chlorate



Once in high demand, North Dakota oil-by-rail shunned on East Coast

Jarrett Renshaw

Link to AO News – Oil & Gas


CBC News

‘Excessive fatigue’ at CP an ‘immediate threat’ to rail safety: Transport Canada

Dave Seglins



Hardisty, Alta., rail facility may load more oil; Ottawa could review

John Cotter


American Thinker

Warren Buffett and the Keystone Decision

Daniel John Sobieski

AO Info – Keystone XL


ABC News (USA)

2nd Train Derails in Wisconsin in 2 Days, Spills Crude Oil

Associated Press


EcoWatch / Columbia Riverkeeper

Portland City Council Passes Strong Resolution Opposing Oil Trains

Columbia Riverkeeper


NewsMiner.com (USA)

Alaska Railroad OK’d for LNG transport

Matt Buxton



Federal Railroad Administration announces broken rail the cause of WV derailment

Mandi Cardosi

- Feb-2015 West Virginia derailment


CBC Radio

Canadian rail company has no explanation after 47-car train goes missing



Seattle Times (USA)

BNSF Railway fined for treated railroad ties in water

Associated Press


Vice News

Railroad Companies Don’t Want to Disclose Where — and When — Their ‘Bomb Trains’ Are Traveling

Aaron Cantu


St. Louis Post-Dispatch (USA)

Holly Hills residents who protested trains carrying crude say railroad targeted them

Leah Thorsen


Newday (USA)

Tighter deadline sought for railroad safety upgrades

Tom Brune

- Amtrak derailment – killed 8, injured 200



Spill Tracker – An explosion in North American fossil fuel extraction has led to a dangerous rise in pipeline spills and oil train derailments.

“In 2009, western crude filled a mere 8,000 rail tanker cars; in 2013, it filled 400,000. And rail accidents have increased apace. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, at least one train, on average, slips off the tracks in this country every single day.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Safety rules for oil tankers are off track, say 2 camps

Jon Schmitz


News Net 5 Cleveland

Feds, Norfolk Southern demand DOT-111 railroad tanker car safety improvements

Joe Pagonakis


New York Times (USA)

Video:  Opinion: ‘A Danger on Rails’ (5 mins)

Jon Bowermaster

AO Info – Oil & Gas News


NY Times (USA)

Safety Regulations Issued for Trains Carrying Oil

Jad Mouawad


Gazettenet.com (USA)

Pedestrians, bicyclists still crossing railroad tracks in Northampton despite fence, safety concerns

- safety concerns



Fruit shipper sues BNSF railroad

Becky Kramer


Ring of Fire / DeSmogBlog

Big Oil Fought (and Won) To Make “Bomb Trains” Less Safe

Gary Bentley, Farron  Cousins with Justin Mikulka

Youtube link (10 mins)


ABC News (USA)

BNSF Railroad Adds New Safety Rules for Crude Oil Trains

Josh Funk


Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Boulders blocking the track and limited visual cues led to November 2014 derailment near Tellier, Quebec

- Tellier, Que derailment (Nov-2014)


Daily Mail (UK)

Trainspotter suffers 80 per cent burns after being electrocuted by overhead power lines as he posed for pictures on top of locomotive

- China



Railroad inspections yield various defects

Mark Belcher


CBC News

Gogama derailment: TSB wants reinforced tank cars sooner

- Gogama derailment


Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Poor track condition and maintenance deficiencies led to the May 2014 derailment of a Canadian National train near Fort Frances, Ontario

- Fort Frances, ON derailment (May-2014)


Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Derailment and fire of second Canadian National crude oil train near Gogama, Ontario

- Gogama derailment #2


Northwest Herald

Illinois, railroad reach settlement in 2009 fish kill





- Minnipuka, ON derailment


Ring of Fire Radio

Every Week A New Environmental Emergency in West Virginia; A Magnet for Pollution

- oil train derailment in West Virginia, USA

- 1,000 evacuated




West Virginia In State Of Emergency After Massive Oil Train Explosion

Emily Atkin




- Gogama derailment #1


Houston Chronicle

Subscriber:  Don’t railroad our neighborhoods

Evan Michaelides

- High speed rail as in Japan


Globe and Mail

Railways reduce shipping load on drop in oil prices

Eric Atkins & Jeffrey Jones

AO Info – Oil & Gas News


CBC News

Railway sparks caused massive Timmins fire: MNR




Other AWARE-Ontario Information:


AO News Rail 2014


AO News Rail 2013


AO News Rail 2012 and earlier


AO Oil & Gas News – Quebec / Lac Mégantic Derailment




“Cities recognize parks are good for their economies. They’re no longer a nice thing to have, but a must.”

Will Rogers, President, Trust for Public Land, San Francisco (article)



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Disclaimer: This information has been compiled through private amateur research for the purpose of allowing the reader to make an informed and educated decision.  However, while the information is believed to be reliable, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.












Comment by Gerald Landry


CN and CP Rail have been cutting back maintenance crews multiple times over the past decades. All it takes is a short investigative walk down a section of isolated rail line to count the loose or missing spikes with missing tie clips or spike plates. When Warren Buffet bought CN Rail there were massive layoffs of Section Crews. The old system of open motorcars had crews diligently observing the condition of the rail fastening hardware. If a spike was loose, it was removed and a wooden peg put in and the spike hammered back in. If a tie split it was removed winter or summer and replaced. Now modern crews ride in High Rail Crew Cabs far above and unable to observe rail conditions.

The alternative proposal of the Energy East is a pipeline Conversion of old natural gas pipe line first built in 1957. It is NOT a New Construction Project. This = environmental genocide. It is recommended you do not put new wine in old wineskins. Trans Canada Pipelines had no intentions of doing Hydrostatic Testing of the old natural gas pipeline loops they intend on converting to pump diluted bitumen for Energy East. I worked Hydrostatic Testing for different pipeline contractors in Northern Ontario in the early 70’s. Most of the work was done in winter months as you cannot build new pipeline or repair pipeline ruptures in swamps when they are not frozen. The attached National Energy Board Report of the Beardmore Blast has pictures to look at. This explosion was close enough to town that snow was melting off rooftops.

If this line was carrying Diluted Bitumen, Beardmore would likely be Lac Megantic No. 2. Note the sloping terrain and the Blackwater River that is adjacent to the line rupture and winds around the town. (Figure 1.) I just talked to a Beardmore resident whose home is closest to the southern edge of town. He also questioned, how would they ever stop the back-flow of oil at Winch Hill just North of Station 75 at Orient Bay. A line rupture there would have oil running into Gorge Creek and pristine Lake Nipigon’s Orient Bay. Winch Hill is so steep dozers, side booms and excavators have to be winched up the hill for line construction or upgrading. A line explosion at Winch Hill would close Canada’s Highway 11 Northern Route until the fire burnt out.

Also note in the picture the rough shot rock backfilling the line at the explosion site and the concrete anchor weight holding down the pipe because of a high water table or inadvertent drainage ditch created by the pipeline trench.

Quote from NEB Report: The occurrence section had not been hydrostatically retested since its original commissioning in 1972... (39 years) During an emergency situation, the swift and effective operation of all valves within a given pipeline section is key to a safe and quick shutdown and repair of the pipeline. If one or more of these valves fail to close or seal properly, this can lead to delays in emergency response, access (page 18 )

to the occurrence site and the initiation of repairs. In this occurrence, the failure of the cross- over valve to seal fully and isolate the ruptured section of the pipeline system permitted the leaking natural gas to feed the fire at the occurrence site, delaying the start of the repair work.

Following the occurrence, TransCanada took the following actions:

5. TransCanada is preparing a new gas pipeline integrity management program document which will, in 2012, replace the Company’s Integrity Management Process for Pipelines (IMPP). In addition, documented processes are being implemented that will provide details on the management of each pipe integrity threat, including SCC. The new gas pipeline integrity management program will address all pipeline integrity threats, including incorrect operation, and will

include only TransCanada’s gas pipelines within Canada; reflect TransCanada’s new structure and processes used to manage the integrity of

gas pipelines; and include links to external documents.

Note these new protocols are for Natural gas lines only, not 40 year old natural gas pipeline converted to pump diluted bitumen.

Question to Trans Canada how do you do a Hydrostatic Test on a pipeline after it has been used to pump oil? How do you remove oil out of valleys and river crossings to run smart Pigs for electronic inspection? Is the answer, once In Service, cross your fingers? Another issue for Eastern Energy Security, if this rupture was dilbit, what would the impact be on the adjacent 2 or 3 other pipeline loops transporting Natural Gas for Industrial uses, home heating and Electrical Co-Generation in Eastern Canada? This explosion happened in the winter when a shutdown of natural gas supply would have serious consequences.


Pipeline Investigation Report P11H0011


19 Feb 2011 ... Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture ... pipeline fire and explosion near Beardmore, Ontario. ... National Energy Board (NEB), was 6895 kPa. Figure 1.

Why corrosion might take down Energy East | National Observer


4 Sep 2015 ... ... gave away, rupturing TransCanada Limited's 42-inch natural gas pipeline. ... From the mainline, the fire spread to a secondary gas line, weakening it. ... They included an explosion in near Beardmore Northern, Ontario in 2011 that ... A National Energy Board report cited corrosion as the cause of six other ...


Energy East: When the pipeline spills... - The Council of Canadians


Report P09H0074, Transportation Safety Board of Canada. ... TransCanada's Energy East pipeline project would convert an up to 40-year-old natural gas.