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To Fight or Not to Fight?


Making the decision to fight a proposed aggregate operation in Ontario is not to be taken lightly.  Since the Ontario government is the primary user, legislation is written to favour the industry with easy, accessible and inexpensive product availability.


Fighting the aggregate companies and levels of government is not easy and it’s not cheap.


Spending significant time, money and creativity to keep your world unchanged is exhausting.  Know that your fight could take 10 years or more.


Take heart!  There are success stories …


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Dewdney Mountain Farm gives up fight for mega quarry near Bobcaygeon




Opponents cost: $200,000


AO Info - Ledge Road/Dewdney Mountain



Carlisle quarry proposal is dead



Daniel Nolan


Proposed Flambourgh quarry denied through a Minister’s Zoning Order and withdrawn after 10-year battle


AO Info - Flamborough proposal



CBC News

Woolwich's 'kissing' bridge landscape spared from gravel pit

- Capital Paving, application to open a gravel pit within 180m of the West Montrose covered bridge – application closed

- West Montrose Residents’ Association Inc. / Bridgekeepers (article)


Environmental Bill Registry #010-4536



Nov. 23, 2012 Toronto Star

Victory over ‘mega quarry’ bittersweet for the farmers of Melancthon



Jessica McDiarmid / Jayme Poisson


Proposed Mega-Quarry in Melancthon – application withdrawn. 


Opponents cost: $200,000+ $1 million in pro bono advertising


AO Info – Melancthon Mega Quarry



Nelson Quarry expansion denied

AO Info - Mount Nemo



OMB kills Rockfort quarry proposal

In Caledon, denied after 13-year fight (article)



Site 41 plan trashed … for good






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