Nelson Aggregate Co. Mount Nemo Quarry, Burlington


The existing quarry operates with two Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) Licences covering 218.3 ha with an extraction footprint of 210 ha. The existing quarry is bounded on the north by Colling Road, on the south by No. 2 Side Road, and on the east by Guelph Line with the exception of a small area at the northwest intersection of Guelph Line and No. 2 Side Road. Adjacent to the existing quarry on the west is the Burlington Springs Golf and Country Club. On the Colling Road edge of the existing quarry, Nelson has provided dedicated access along 1.5 km to the Bruce Trail Association.


Nelson’s existing quarry has been in operation since 1953, initially under the former owner. Nelson has operated the quarry since 1983. The site is being progressively rehabilitated. Approximately 125 ha have already been rehabilitated, leaving approximately 85 ha that are used for active extraction, processing, and future extraction. Final rehabilitation is to be a 185 ha lake with an island, exposed cliff face, vegetated shoreline and shoreline wetlands. In addition to processing material mined at the site, the existing quarry receives concrete and asphalt from off-site for recycling with its asphalt plant. The asphalt plant is on the floor of the existing quarry and has been in operation since the 1970’s. Nelson intends to continue to operate the asphalt plant during the life of the existing quarry.


Licensed aggregate reserves at the existing quarry have approximately 7 million tonnes of material remaining [as at 2010]. Nelson has also indicated that it will continue to extract and process the remaining reserves of aggregate at the existing quarry during and after the aggregate extraction operation in the extension, if approved.


The proposed extension


Like the existing quarry, the proposed extension would extract the aggregate material below water.


The extension site currently has some houses fronting on No. 2 Side Road, open farm fields in the middle, wetlands and some wooded areas. The wooded areas include deciduous and coniferous plantations as well as an old successional orchard. The cascading wetlands on the eastern side include some ponded areas.


The proposed extension, while still substantial, is much smaller than the existing quarry. The application is for a licensed area of 82.3 ha, with an extraction footprint of approximately half that size. The extension is expected to generate approximately 26,000,000 tonnes of aggregate. Nelson intends to process this aggregate in the processing plant at the existing quarry.


No. 2 Side Road is the northern boundary of the proposed extension. Adjacent to the west is the Camisle Golf Course. To the east are lands known as the Wong property. Currently in agricultural use, Nelson has proposed an ecological restoration plan for the Wong property to offset the proposed loss of some of the ecological features on the lands within the proposed extraction footprint. Further to the east is the Mount Nemo Christian Nursing Home. To the south are lands known as the Harmer property. The Harmer property includes two known Jefferson Salamander breeding ponds near the boundary of the Nelson lands.


In general, the area around both the existing quarry and proposed extension can be described as a mix of commercial, institutional, residential, recreational, and agricultural uses.


On October 8, 2004, Nelson submitted applications for a variety of approvals that are necessary for it to develop the extension to its existing quarry. The applications are made under different statutes, amend various instruments, rest on a large number of highly technical studies, and engage a number of government agencies. To facilitate the necessary technical review, a Joint Agency Review Team (JART) was established with representatives from the MNR, the NEC, the Region, the City, and Conservation Halton.


Source:  Office of Consolidated Hearings Decision:  08-030


Local Grassroots Group:  Protecting Escarpment Rural Land (PERL)


*** The application for Niagara Escarpment Plan amendment for the expansion was rejected in October 2012. ***








Burlington Gazette

Elected types forget that it was a citizens group, PERL that led the fight that resulted in the hearing that resulted in no quarry on Mt. Nemo.

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