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“We know that there’s a boom in natural resources.  I think what we need now, given the gaps, given the problems we found, is a boom in environmental protection.”

Scott Vaughan, Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development



Canadians have a terrible international mining reputation.  Canada is home to 75% of the world’s mining companies for a reason: “Canadian imperial heritage continues to offer the worldwide extractive sector a customized trading environment that supports speculation, enables capital flows to finance questionable projects abroad, provides government subsidies, and most especially, offers a politicized legal haven from litigation.”  (Imperial Canada Inc. by Alain Deneault & William Sacher)


“Canadian Embassies have regularly gone to bat to protect the interests of Canadian mining companies in cases where communities don’t want them and where there have been egregious human rights and environmental abuses. Their interventions have been strategically timed with regard to mining project or policy decisions related to Canadian commercial interests and demonstrate systematic disregard for the perspectives and interests of the affected communities.”  (MiningWatch Canada)


Our reputation at home is not much better – like Taseko’s bid in B.C. to drain Fish Lake for a tailings pond and “concentrating the effect of the project into a single watershed” (article)


Abandoned Mines


“Canada has an estimated 10,000 abandoned mines. [5] The responsibility for orphaned and abandoned mines in Canada falls to the respective provincial or territorial government, although the federal government maintains most of the responsibility for mine sites in the north. [1] In response to emerging regulations or through voluntary and proactive initiatives, there has been a concerted effort over the last ten years by the Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial governments to address the abandoned mines that they have “inherited”. [7] In all the jurisdictions in Canada, abandoned mine sites are being assessed and prioritized, and those that have been identified as posing the greatest hazards have been or are being cleaned up.” (source)


Faro Mine, Yukon (article) (article)  


Yukon Zinc’s Wolverine Mine, Yukon (article)


Giant Mine, Yellowknife, NWT (article)



Specific Issues:


News – Ring of Fire (Ontario)


News – Gogebic Taconite (USA)


News – Mount Polley, (BC)


News – Sand Mining




Rare-Earth Mining


With China accounting for more than 90 percent of the world’s rare-earth supplies — and prices rising sharply — companies and nations are racing to find new sources of rare earth minerals, which are used in everything from solar panels to smart phones. (article)


For information on the rare-earth mining proposed at Kipawa Lake, located just over the Ontario border in Quebec, contact



NEWS:  Rare-Earth Mining







Earth Journalism Network

The dark side of renewable energy

Liu Hongqiao

AO Renewable Energy News


Matamec Provides an Update to the Kipawa Rare Earths Joint Venture Project




NBC News

Rare Earth: Afghanistan Sits on $1 Trillion in Minerals


Live Science


The Sun (USA)

EPA fines San Bernardino County’s Molycorp $27,300

Jim Steinberg

- Mountain Pass is the only rare earth mine in North America


Youtube / Christina Moreau

Save Kipawa Lake (3 mins)

Christina Moreau

- Quebec/Ontario border

Petition to protect lake



Matamec mine:  Study predicts 400-plus jobs

- Lake Kipawa (QUE)

- [near the border with Ontario, north of Témiscaming, Quebec]


Environment 360

Solar Shingles Made from Common Metals Offer Cheaper Energy Option


Rare-earth mining











CTV News

Canada to invest $2B on mineral strategy for EV battery supply chain


Steve Scherer


Youtube / GPO

Elizabeth May – Teck Frontier Mine (@ 5:54)


Elizabeth May


Yukon seeks $25 million in outstanding cleanup fees from owners of shuttered, contaminated Wolverine mine


Lori Fox

AO News - China


CBC News (AB)

Teck withdraws application for $20B Frontier oilsands mine


Sarah Rieger

AO News – Inspiration!



Gold mining leaves heart of Peruvian Amazon a wasteland




10 things you need to know about the massive new oilsands mine that just got a green light


Sharon J. Riley


Tailings dam failures linked to hefty bonuses for mine managers: report


Judith Lavoie

News – Mount Polley, (BC)


CBC News (BC)

Canadian mining company liable for pollution flowing from Kootenays to U.S.


Bob Keating


CBC News (NS)

Eastern Shore community rallies against proposed gold mine


Mairin Prentiss


CBC News

Who cleans up? No requirements to fix environmental impacts from mining, auditor says


Bob Weber


Globe and Mail

People are dying because of Canadian mines. It’s time for the killing to stop


Duncan Hood


Sudbury Star

Ford clears the way for mine development, minister tells Sudbury audience


Jim Moodie


For decades B.C. failed to address selenium pollution in the Elk Valley. Now no one knows how to stop it.


Carol Linnitt

- AO Info:  What’s the Worst that can Happen?


Experts paint bleak picture of what Tonawanda Coke left behind


T.J. Pignataro


Canada’s northern ‘zombie mines’ are a lingering multi-billion dollar problem


Jimmy Thomson


Belleville Intelligencer

Battle brewing over mine south of Bancroft


Timothy Meeks


Northern Ontario Business

Ontario is a tough place to do mineral exploration


Ian Ross



The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction


Amit Katwala

- AO Info - Technology


ABC.Net.AU (Australia)

Road to nowhere: Central Queensland community left powerless after Gibihi Road mining blast


Rachel McGhee, Inga Stunzner

- 45 km detour


Northern Ontario Business

Left in limbo in Pickle Lake

Ian Ross

AO Ring of Fire News



UofT’s Blood Money: Peter Munk’s Legacy as a Ruthless Capitalist Who Built a Global Mining Empire on Human Rights Violations


Ellie Ade Kur


Toronto Star

The Canadian company behind this Mongolian mine has avoided half a billion dollars in taxes, report alleges


Marco Chown Oved


This is how much copper, nickel, cobalt an electric vehicle world needs


Frik Els


NASDAQ / GlobeNewswire

Rogue Closes Acquisition of the Snow White Project, a Permitted Silica/Quartz Quarry in Northern Ontario


- northwest of Massey, 125 km west of Sudbury



Environmental assessment sinks proposed Ajax mine near Kamloops




Rally Against Mega-quarry on Kluscap (Kellys) Mountain, Mining in Protected Areas (Nova Scotia)


Protect Sacred Kluscap Mountain Facebook Page


Canada: Still Dark As A Dungeon Down In The Mine? Modernizing Ontario's Mining Act


Al Wiens, Tajrin Nayeem and Jonathan Born



De Beers won't extend mine life at Victor, will close operation in 2019


The Canadian Press

AO First Nations News


Power Metals Corp. Commences Drill Program at Case Lake


Press release

- near Cochrane, ON


Globe and Mail

Opinion:  Who cleans up the mess when oil and mining companies go bankrupt?


Tim Gray

- AO Oil & Gas Overview


Council of Canadians (BC)

Trudeau approves dumping mine waste into two fish-bearing creeks in British Columbia


Brent Patterson


NioBay Metals provides an update on the exploration permit application at the James Bay Niobium project

Press Release

Niobium - a gray or white, metallic chemical element, somewhat ductile and malleable, used in alloy steels, superconducting alloys, in jet engines and rockets, etc.

AO First Nations



Petition:  Imperial Metals: drop your open-pit copper mine project in Clayoquot Sound





Tofino activists decry 'high priority' open pit mine overlooking picturesque West Coast tourist town


Francis Plourde and Maryse Zeidler (BC)



The Guardian (UK)

At least 3,000 geese killed by toxic water from former Montana copper mine


Associated Press (USA)


Globe and Mail

Police killed 65, injured 270 at Barrick mine in Tanzania, inquiry hears

Geoffrey York

- Barrick Gold Corp.

- Tanzania



B.C. on the hook for up to $508M for cleanup of contaminated sites


Andrew Gage, West Coast Environmental Law


EcoWatch / SkyTruth

Bird’s Eye View of Catastrophic Toxic Mine-Waste Spill in Brazil


David Manthos


EcoWatch / Lorraine Chow

Peru Declares State of Emergency as Mercury Contamination From Illegal Gold Mining Poisons People and Planet


Lorraine Chow

- Peru


Sum of Us

Petition:  Cameco – Pay Your Taxes

Don Kossick

- offshore tax havens $2.1 billion at stake


ABC News (Australia)

Solomons Government issues contamination warnings after tailings dam spill at Gold Ridge mine


Liam Fox

- Solomon Islands


EcoWatch / Odendahl, Young, Wockner

Why Is Mine Waste Being Dumped Directly Into the Ocean?

Terry Odendahl, Roy Young and Gary Wockner


CBC News North

Mining exploration on Nunavut's Bluenose East caribou calving grounds allowed by board


Sara Minogue


Globe and Mail (Que)

Quebec residents threaten lawsuit over Canadian Malartic gold mine


- quality of life issues


The province is getting in the way of new mines: Study


Jonathan Migneault


NOW Toronto

Opinion:  Canadian Companies Behaving Badly


Michelle Adelman


CBC News

De Beers mine in Northwest Territories had water issues before closure


Guy Quenneville


Aljazeera (Brazil)

Toxic sludge reaches Atlantic after Brazil dams burst


Ryan Rifai


Mining Watch Canada

Ontarians on the Hook for Water & Mine Site Clean-Up Costs – Alarming Report from Eco-Commissioner


Report by ECO (.pdf)


Latin Times

Brazilian Dam Bursts Killing At Least 15; 45 Missing In Flood Of Toxic Iron Mine Tailings


Cedar Attanasio


Durango Herald (USA)

Source of Gold King Mine water a mystery

Jessica Pace

- Gold King Mine

- mine discharging more water than expected (600 gallons per minute)


ABC News (USA)

Navajo Farmers Reject Use of Water After Mine Spill

Felicia Fonseca

- Gold King Mine

- San Juan river, Colorado USA

- farmers don't want to risk contaminating the soil for future generations


Business Vancouver

Gold mine spill shines light on practice of avoiding environmental assessment


Nelson Bennett

- Banks Island Gold Ltd.

2015-08-12 (USA)

'Beyond Unacceptable': Judge OKs Uranium Mine at Grand Canyon


Reynard Loki


CBC News

UN Human Rights Committee grills Canada over mining, aboriginal treatment


The Canadian Press


Global News

Canada faces questions from UN rights committee on mining industry


The Canadian Press


CBC News

How CBC found the secret diamond royalty


Rita Celli


Globe and Mail

Graphic: How gold company CEOs’ coin stacks up


Rachelle Younglai


Petition:  We, the undersigned request that the Treasury Metals Goliath Gold Mine Project be subject to an Individual Environmental Assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act


Chloe Giles


Treasury Metals Inc. – Goliath Gold Project


Ontario falling behind in mining, say industry stakeholders


Jonathan Migneault


Canada approves world's largest copper-gold project

Frik Els

- Seabridge Gold’s KSM project in BC



Tailings pond spill: What happens to effluent over time


Matt Kwong


Financial Post

Osisko says $4.4-billion Canadian Malartic mine plan proves Goldcorp’s bid is far too low


Peter Koven


CBC Sudbury

Audio:  Cleaning up the old Long Lake Gold Mine site in Sudbury

- Long Lake Stewardship Committee

- leaking arsenic for years – target 2015 cleanup

- Whitefish Lake First Nation on water restrictions


Global News

Canadian mining company denies human rights abuses

The Canadian Press

- Nevsun Resources Ltd., Eritrea, Bisha mine


Toronto Star

Ring of Fire: Kathleen Wynne asks Stephen Harper to team up


Rob Ferguson

More info:  AO Ring of Fire


Globe and Mail

Panel critical of Taseko mine proposal

Wendy Stueck

- Williams Lake, B.C.

- proposed New Prosperity mine ($1bln copper-gold mine)

- drain Fish Lake for tailings


The Telegram

Work continues at Gullbridge mine dam

Ashley Fitzpatrick

- central Newfoundland copper mine

- tailings dam failure


MiningWatch Canada

Backgrounder:  A Dozen Examples of Canadian Mining Diplomacy




Toronto Star

Brazil demands explanation over reports Canada spied on mine ministry


Isabel Teotonio


Sun News Network

Ontario top court rules Guatemalan charges of rape, murder against Canadian mining company to be heard in Canadian court

Sherry Noik

- Cdn mining company may potentially be held responsible for atrocities committed at foreign subsidiary


Westcoast Native News

Vale accused of dumping toxic material into Anaktalak Bay, Labrador




CBC News

Canadian mining companies subject of worldwide protests


Santiago Ortega Arango

Environmental practices at issue



Côté Gold Project Executive Summary

Proposed 210 hectare/519 acre 650m deep open pit gold mine would be located in the Chester and Neville Townships, District of Sudbury, approximately 20 km southwest of Gogama (130km sw of Timmins, 200 km nw of Sudbury)



Michael Gravelle – Articulating a Vision for a Prosperous North


Minister of Northern Development and Mines’ speech


Globe and Mail

Taseko submits new waste plan to appease native concerns over Fish Lake

Dene Moore

- Williams Lake, B.C.

- drain Fish Lake for tailings


Energy Collective

GDP Doesn’t Reflect True Impact of Mining


Tyler Hamilton blog


Navneet Gupta (personal blog)

Help Expose Canadian Mining & Waste 'Management' Practices (Both At Home & Abroad) Please Share


Navneet Gupta


Vancouver Observer

National Geographic explorer Wade Davis on Enbridge, First Nations and Mining


David P. Ball


Youtube / manictimes

This is the real story – Allan Billison (3 mins)


Australia’s mining billionaire



Video:  Barrick’s Pueblo Viejo project

a terrific representation of mining scale and operation


CBC News

Lakes across Canada face being turned into mine dump sites


Terry Milewski



Metal Mining Effluent Regulation (MMER)


A regulation of the Federal Fisheries Act, the MMER allows metal mining corporations to use lakes and rivers as toxic dumpsites.  Once added to Schedule 2, lakes lose all environmental protections.  Link to The Council of Canadians Schedule 2 information page.






Britannia Mine Museum (BC) – now a national historic site of Canada (wikipedia)


“The Province proceeded to construct a $20 million water treatment centre to process the water pollution from the former mine, consisting of the acid mine drainage and the contaminated groundwater which formerly discharged to Howe Sound. The water treatment plant started operation on schedule on December 31, 2005. The acid mine drainage is expected to continue for hundreds of years and hence the water treatment plant is expected to be required for hundreds of years. The approximate cost for the first 20 years of the reclamation program including all initial capital and operation costs is approximately $200 million, (current charges by Epcor on a P3 agreement are approximately $1 millions annually), which will be primarily paid for by the Province.” (source)




For more information:


Republic of Mining blog – (building awareness of social and economic benefits of sustainable mining practices (industry sponsored))


Mining Watch Canada  - (changing public policy and mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems)


Gravel Watch – (acting in the interests of residents and communities to protect the health, safety, quality of life of Ontarians and the natural environment in matters that relate to aggregate resources)


Facebook – “Canadians for Mining Awareness” group




“The fact we have high environmental standards, I think is limiting the number of mines constructed in the region. What do we value more, the construction of mines or protection of the environment?”

Karl Skogstad, economics professor at Lakehead University (source)






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