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The internet was designed as a smart wide-area network in the 1960s by defence departments in the United States, United Kingdom and France.  The internet was designed to re-route data traffic to get to its destination should any of the mid nodes be taken down.  In the 1970s, the internet was made available to the education system and in the 1980s the technology was commercialized.  Use of the internet boomed in the 1990s.  (Wikipedia)

People born in the early to mid-1900s have seen amazing changes to technology:  from horse and buggy to automobiles and airplanes; radios, telephones and televisions as household habits; calculators, desktop and laptop computers; satellites; networks wired and wireless; cellular telephones; and now convergence – the merging of all the different technologies in forms both foreseen by science fiction and much not expected at all.  Technology is exciting.  It broadens our horizons.  It gives us capabilities beyond ourselves.  But perhaps we are moving too fast to really ask ourselves – are there any risks?  The answer is yes, to both your physical and personal security.


Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI) these days with mainstream sources conveying the impression that computers are ready to take over the world.  The impression is more dangerous than reality. 

·         In reality, computers are simply electricity flowing through wires.  Their Archilles’ heel is electricity.  Turn off or interfere with the power (on/off, electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), pull the battery, drop the box,) and computers are useless.

·         Computers are programmable.  Programmed algorithms are servants of the programmer/funder (i.e. slot machines).

·         Computers can be hacked (i.e. voting machines).

·         Computers cannot be random as their logic is mathematical and can be recreated.  Once a computer can be truly random, then AI is possible.  However, the powers-that-be do not want random, they want control. 

Today’s adage that computer systems require more and more data proves that today’s “AI” is really just consensus data based on vast computer resources rather than true artificial intelligence.  True artificial intelligence does not yet exist.


The danger of prematurely declaring artificial-intelligence is that the powers-that-aught-not-be and other charlatans will use AI as an infinite excuse for bad or criminal behaviour.  Once a computer “takes charge”, humans are able to offload responsibility even though human programming/intent is actually at fault.  Meanwhile, “AI” simply consists of censored data or outright lies equivalent to propaganda.


For instance,



Knowing that computers are 100% man-made, why do we expect computers to be infallible?





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An AI Program Is Pretending to Be Jesus and Thousands of Lost Young People Are Flocking to It


Rachel M. Emmanuel



Genetic Engineering



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Gateway Pundit

What Could Go Wrong? Scientists Launch Project to Bring the Dodo Bird Back from the Dead


-      Cullen Linebarger


These scientists used CRISPR to put an alligator gene into catfish





Full sequencing of the human genome accomplished







Matrix / MetaVerse

See AO News - Matrix



Quantum Computing




Wireless technology is convenient.  The ability to pass energy and data through the air is both amazing and useful.  Restaurant servers can take your order, which goes directly to the kitchen.  Store clerks can run around taking inventory directly updating the system.  You can sit on a beach with your phone or laptop and work, read or play games.


However, all those signals – and the results of all those cross-signals, are biologically dangerous to you, your children, your grandchildren and all the animals, insects and birds of the natural world.


Definitively, wireless should not be in your child’s school.  And wireless in your home should be turned off at night while you are sleeping.  Or better yet, used wired technology instead.


Today wireless technology can be achieved through Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular networks.


Click here for AO’s research about Wireless/Electromagnetic/Smart/WiFi/5G News






NEWS:  General Technology



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Boom: Single Chip Can Transmit Twice The Throughput Of Entire Internet



-      New data transfer record of 1.8 petabytes per second

-      1 petabyte = 1,000 terabytes



World's first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say


Katie Hunt


Facebook announces Ego 4D first-person video dataset for AI training.


Thomas Clear

-      Using video to train AI


CBS News

Automated Trucking, A Technical Milestone That Could Disrupt Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs, Hits the Road


Jon Wertheim


Tech giants struggle to stem 'infodemic' of false coronavirus claims

Julia Carrie Wong


[obvious collaborated censorship of internet begins]


Global News

Ontario watchdog would be ‘very concerned’ about police using tools like Clearview AI


Rachel Browne


CBC Radio

The end of anonymity? Facial recognition app used by police raises serious concerns, say privacy advocates


- Clearview A.I.


How lawyers brought down internet trolls — without ever uncovering their identities


Anita Balakrishnan


CBC News

Hundreds to lose jobs to automation, consolidation of 2 Loblaws distribution centres




CBC News

'Completely unsustainable': How streaming and other data demands take a toll on the environment


Thomas Daigle


OmniVision earns world record for the world’s smallest image sensor


Cabe Atwell

2019-10-08 (Jakarta)

Fake news spark mass panic



Youtube / Dana Ashlie

A solution they DO NOT want you to know (40 mins)





National Observer

Politicians can block you on Twitter. But should they?


Emma McIntosh, Fatima Syed


The Guardian

Libra: Facebook launches cryptocurrency in bid to shake up global finance


Kari Paul



South China Morning Post

Most meat won’t come from slaughtered animals by 2040, new report claims


The Guardian

- AO Farming Culture


NBC News

How facial recognition became a routine policing tool in America


Jon Schuppe


Indigenous people’s livelihoods at risk in scramble for lithium, the new white gold’


Eniko Horvath


Bloomberg Technology

How Drones Can Plant and Protect Trees After Wildfires




Russian trolls 'spreading discord' over vaccine safety online


Jessica Glenza



The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction


Amit Katwala

- AO Info - Mining


Youtube / Motherboard

Surveillance and the City: Know When You're Being Watched (4 mins)


Ingrid Burrington



The Battery Will Kill Fossil Fuels—It's Only a Matter of Time


Mark Chediak


Collective Evolution

“Black Mirror” Meets Reality:  China Moves to Rate its Citizens Using a “Social Credit System”


Kalee Brown



Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens


Rachel Botsman

“Social Credit System”


Michael Geist

An Industry Divided: How Bell Broke With the Telecom Sector on Copyright


Michael Geist


Top scientist admits on live TV: Recent hurricanes are man-made

Erin Elizabeth


Youtube link – Michio Kaku


Collective Evolution

Here are the Electronics & Apps in your Home that Secretly Monitor You & Map Your Home


Kalee Brown


Epoch Times

Wis. Company Offering to Implant Microchips in Workers’ Hands


Jack Phillips


Roomba's Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder


Rhett Jones


BBC News

The coming battle over 'net neutrality'


Hannah Henderson


Youtube / Mashable

How Drones are Helping to Plant Trees - A Cleaner Future



-        Droneseed



These game-changing solar panels are cheap and can be printed


Johnny Lieu

AO Solar News


National Observer

RCMP charge Alberta women with threatening Sophie Grégoire Trudeau


John Cotter


Massive ransomware cyber-attack hits 74 countries around the world


Julia Carrie Wong and Olivia Solon


The Most Spied Upon Cities in the World

Kimutai Gilbert

- Chongqing, New York, Chicago, Beijing, London


CBC News

What happens when a Canadian border agent asks to search your phone?


Matthew Braga


The Data That Turned the World Upside Down


Hannes Grassegger and Mikael Krogerus


Signs Of A Creepy Government Conspiracy At Standing Rock

Robert Evans

AO Info: Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)


Drone Shield

Video:  Gian gun takes down drones (2 mins)




New York Times

Secret Backdoor in Some U.S. Phones Sent Data to China, Analysts Say


Matt Apuzzo

Michael S. Schmidt


Toronto Star

Top-secret RCMP files show digital roadblocks thwarting criminal investigations in Canada


Robert Cribb, Dave Seglins, Chelsea Gomez

2017-03-09 (USA)

Police win warrant to search Dakota Access Pipeline protest Facebook page


David Kravets


Collective Evolution

Why Heating Your Food with Microwave Radiation Might be a Terrible Idea


Arjun Walia


CBC News


'Feels like blackmail': Canada needs to take a hard look at its piracy notice system


Sophia Harris


Ring of Fire Network

At&T Joins Ranks of Companies Selling and Sharing Your Data


Sydney Robinson


Facebook censored a live stream video posted by Dakota pipeline protesters


Amar Toor


Did an Industry Front Group Create Fake Twitter Accounts to Promote the Dakota Access Pipeline?


Steve Horn


Toronto Star

EU court rules for Playboy in fight over links to celebrity pictures


Aoife White, Bloomberg


CBC News

Hungover customer brings heaps of business to struggling Alberta fish and chip shop


- thanks to review on facebook


Business Insider

The 3 biggest ways self-driving cars will improve our lives


Cadie Thompson


EcoWatch / Lorraine Chow

Ever Wonder What’s Happened to the More Than 570 Million iPhones Sold Since 2007?


Lorraine Chow

2016-02-24 (USA)

Owners Of Unregistered Drones May Face Up To 3 Years In Prison Under New Restrictions


John Vibes

2016-02-19 (USA)

The NYPD is Spying on Your Cell Phone and It’s Worse Than You Thought


Derrick Broze

- cell site simulators “Stingray”


Important precedent for cell phone privacy in Canada set in landmark ruling


Laura Tribe


CTV News Vancouver

Vancouver cops mum on use of controversial surveillance technology

Geordon Omand, The Canadian Press



Youtube / Buzz 60

Police can use drones to taser people in North Dakota




NY Times

The Agency


Adrian Chen


EcoWatch / Lorraine Chow

Stunning Photos Capture Devastating Worldwide E-Waste Problem


Lorraine Chow


CBC News

Canada finally commits its share of funds for Thirty Meter Telescope




BBC News

Not in front of the telly: Warning over 'listening' TV




Youtube / TEDx

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson


Sharyl Attkisson, investigative journalist


Ring of Fire Radio

Thanks to Grassroots Support, FCC Chair will Support Net Neutrality Regulations




Fast Company

Portland's New Pipes Harvest Power From Drinking Water


Adele Peters

- water pipeline


Technology Review

Drones That Can Suck Up Water Hunt Oil Leaks, Invasive Species


Andrew Rosenblum


CBC News

Canada backs internet 'direct democracy' abroad, but faces questions at home


Evan Dyer


CBC News

CRTC bans 30-day notice for cancelling TV, phone, internet


- effective Jan. 23rd, 2015


Globe and Mail

The covert cellphone tracking tech the RCMP and CSIS won’t talk about


Matthew Braga


Ring of Fire Radio

FCC Receives Record Number of Comments Supporting Net Neutrality

Amy Eddings

- 1.5 million comments against internet “slow lanes” & “fast lanes”


Globe and Mail

In 'kill, kill, kill' world of social media, PR isn't enough. Just ask the dog-kicking CEO


Susan Krashinsky


Toronto Star

Why has Canada’s new anti spam law caused such an uproar: Geist


Michael Geist


The Verge

Samsung fined $340,000 for faking online comments


Aaron Souppouris

- “astroturfing”


Ottawa Citizen

How trade deals threaten modern culture

Reilly Yeo and Steve Anderson

- copyright & the internet

- Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)


Petition to protest Rogers deal with Shaw to take over systems crucial to mobile internet and phone services

Petition to Industry Minister of Canada, Christian Paradis

AWS set-aside spectrum reserved for new entrants


Globe and Mail

Shaw hangs up on its cellular plans

Rita Trichur

Shaw selling wireless licences to Rogers


Toronto Sun

Google: Government requests to censor content “alarming”


Claire Davenport, Reuters



Technology can be used to benefit humanity.  It can also be used to infringe on fundamental rights and freedoms.  It is used for war.  See AO News – Surveillance Technology



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