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Pandemic Perspective (COVID-19)


In a world where we see that governments and mainstream media cannot be trusted to thoroughly research their stances, please do not blindly accept the official COVID-19 narrative.  Governments and mainstream media are deferring to the World Health Organization (WHO) and all parties have found benefit to continue pressing the pandemic story.


Something is afoot.


COVID-19 data is fishy.  The UK just admitted to over-counting. (article)  China has been undercounting and the USA over-counting since the beginning.  The USA is incentivized to count higher since hospitals get reimbursed higher for treating COVID-related illness.   Ask yourself "what happened to the seasonal flu?" The answer is the flu was rolled into the COVID data based on symptoms along with pretty much any other death where someone may have had a positive COVID test (yes, including suicide and car accidents).


RT-PCR tests were not designed to test for a virus and thus provide significant false positives and irrational test results.  In fact, the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been isolated and recognized by peer-review standards. (article)


Governments and mainstream media are fond of reporting "cases" but "cases" do not mean illness or death.  Cases mean positive tests.  Ramp up the testing and get more cases.  A more effective measure of the level of

COVID-19 is the death rate.  In Ontario, deaths from COVID-19 were comparable to a bad flu season (noting that flu counts were the lowest they had been in 9 seasons).  Generally elderly people with comorbidities are dying while children are rarely impacted.


Doctors are being censored on social media.  When they record videos of their concerns and their concerns go against the mainstream narrative, their videos are deleted within hours.


Doctors who say they have had successful results with hydroxychloroquine as a cure (yes, cure) are shutdown.  Dr. Scott Barbour of Atlanta says "It is important that people realize there is a concerted effort to keep the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine away from the American people". 


Vaccines are being pushed by mainstream media and governments as the solution to the pandemic when a successful proven vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 is not available.  Never before has a successful RNA vaccine been developed.

How well does the annual flu vaccine work?  By their very definition RNA vaccines are genetically modifying. The science for a SARS-COV-2 RNA vaccine is being rushed for $$$. In Canada, Quebec is the only province with a vaccine injury compensation program. (article) For the most part, vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability. (article)


It is good to note that Vaccine Choice Canada (website) is suing the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, various public health officials, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for egregious and persistent violations of Canadians' Constitutional rights. With the political opposition parties being silenced (or staying silent) we must rely on our legal system to ensure measures taken under a state of emergency are valid, safe and effective, and not merely to fill the pockets of pharmaceutical company shareholders. (press release)


Pandemic hotspots of Wuhan, Iran, northern Italy, Madrid, New York all corresponded to the recent roll-out of 5G "fifth generation cellular" technology with COVID-19 having the same flu-like symptoms as electromagnetic radiation poisoning leading to stories that 5G caused COVID-19.  Refined explanations showed that high levels of 5G electromagnetic frequency exposure made damaged cells more susceptible to coronavirus. (article) To be clear, COVID-19 illness is an effective cover for 5G electromagnetic radiation illness.


Questioning the mainstream narrative: www.questioningcovid.com


I have necessarily shortened the above for readability.  More discussion/information/sources are available upon request.


I have been asked -- what makes sense to me? 


That COVID-19 is the world’s most expensive vaccine marketing campaign and a cover for electromagnetic radiation (EMR) sickness in first-affected people/areas.


Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the efficacy and role of the COVID-19 vaccines. (Legit? Population control? Eugenics? Other?)


As for EMR, 5G ups the wireless game and could easily be used for control/surveillance. Driverless cars, friendly fridges, fancy cell services and fast home wifi are the toys that will make it more acceptable to install.


If we stay the course the social and health impacts to all the living beings on the planet are so grave that the question becomes will our grandchildren have grandchildren?


Donna B.



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