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Proposed Eek Gravel Pit Expansion, Centre Vespra




Applicant:  1194233 Ontario Ltd., John Eek and Son (


Location:  3568 Barrie Hill Road, Part Lot 21, Concession 9, formerly Township of Vespra, Springwater Township, County of Simcoe, consisting of 20.24 hectares west of Barrie


Seeking a Category 3, Class “A” pit above water, maximum annual tonnage 300,000 tonnes on the property north of the existing pit


The existing property was purchased in 1996 with 50 acres used for a gravel pit.  That pit is now exhausted.  Proposal is to expand to the property north of and adjacent to the existing pit, which is currently a corn field.


Opponents, People vs. Pits, list concerns as non-compliance of the required distance between the proposed pit and existing residences, increased gravel truck traffic, possible environmental risks to air and water quality as well as possible decreased property values. (article)


Broad concerns about creating new aggregate operations or expanding existing sites are:  consolidated impacts of local aggregate operations, affect on water quality, direct community impacts, healthcare, loss of long-term jobs, blasting impact (fly rock, accidents, property damage) and explosives transportation/storage (where used), heavy truck traffic, dust, loss of air quality, noise pollution, greenspace impact, wildlife impact, impact on fish, potential to take water, operational life cycle, rehabilitation plan, tax implications and future-use (planning vs reality).


Approval Process:


Notice of Complete & Received Application / Public Meeting

Zoning By-law amendment

Official Plan amendment if applicable

County level Official Plan amendment approval if applicable

Conservation Authority approval

MNRF Aggregate Resources Act licence

Permit To Take Water

Sewage permit

Air permit



Timeline (chronological order)





Application for proposal deemed complete (article)


Springwater Township Council considers and denies zoning bylaw amendment. Proponent files appeal with OMB.


OMB pre-hearing #1


OMB pre-hearing


OMB hearing (5 weeks scheduled)


No entry in the Environmental Bill Registry (


Deputation by People vs. Pits in Centre Vespra to Springwater Township

2019-07-03 to 05

OMB Hearing: LPAT #PL160112 (article)


LPAT approves Eek Pit expansion with conditions (article) (190813 LPAT decision PL160112)



NEWS (reverse chronological order)







LPAT approves Eek Pit expansion, with conditions


2019-07-03 / Barrie Advance

Springwater’s proposed Eek Pit expansion finally gets its day at the OMB

Chris Simon


Barrie Examiner

Centre Vespra group opposed to expansion of gravel pit operation

Eek, 1194233 Ontario Ltd.


Barrie Examiner

Ontario Municipal Board pre-hearing on Tuesday for proposed gravel pit expansion

Ian McInroy


2016-11-02 / Barrie Advance

Springwater gravel pit owners move forward with OMB appeal

Janis Ramsay

2016-01-28 / Barrie Advance

Gravel pit rezoning rejected in Springwater

Janis Ramsay

2016-01-21 / Barrie Advance

Springwater residents not digging gravel pit plan

Janis Ramsay


Barrie Examiner

Springwater denies gravel pit expansion

Ian McInroy

- Eek, 1194233 Ontario Inc. at 3568 Barrie Hill Rd.


Barrie Examiner

Springwater residents opposing gravel pit expansion

Ian McInroy

- Eek, 1194233 Ontario Inc. at 3568 Barrie Hill Rd.



More Information:


People vs. Pits (David Aves, 705.739.6736) / Friends of Centre Vespra


Springwater Township link



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