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The Arctic is believed to contain as much as one-quarter of the world’s undiscovered energy resources. Mineral and hydrocarbon resources in the Arctic are well-documented and in the past decades efforts have been made to harvest those resources. However, ultimately the frigid environment was too risky and the cost of production too high to make operations worthwhile. Today, climate change (arctic ice is melting), new technology and increased location restrictions at home have changed the game.  Operations in the Arctic may have become worthwhile.


Players to watch are Russia, Norway, USA, Denmark (Greenland) and Canada.  Other players are Finland, Iceland, and Sweden.




-        In addition to oil and gas, look for diamond or iron or some other kind of mining (article)

-        Most experts believe that some 20-25% of Canada’s conventional oil and gas potential occur in Nunavut. (article)

-        At present there is no active exploration ongoing in these areas, though we remain optimistic that part of the Sverdrup Basin will be considered in the next few years, and that we may see exploration in the eastern offshore perhaps within this decade. (article)

-        “There are all kinds of environmental consequences of drilling for oil and gas. Canadian Arctic is one of the most remote parts of the Arctic. So if something were to go wrong, it would be incredibly hard to deal with.”  Charles Emmerson . (article)

-        “Ottawa already has enough energy environmental concerns to deal with in the Alberta oil sands, and may not have the political appetite to take on environmentalists who are ramping up their global campaign against Arctic development.”  Yadullah Hussain  (article)

-        The Premiers of the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut are pushing for greater say in Canada’s energy policy and on the intergovernmental Arctic Council (an association of coastal states and other interested parties that periodically discuss, security, environment emergency response and development)

-        Husky Energy Inc. is building a 36-kilometre all-weather road between Norman Wells and Tulita (article)

-        Chevron Corp. is planning seismic exploration in the area this year. (article)

-        the government also recently sold two parcels north of Norman Wells, generating $92-million in work commitment. Overall, the oil and gas industry has committed close to $630-million of exploration over the next four to five years. (article)

-        The [Canadian] government has made great noises about the desire for Canada to become an energy superpower, and the Arctic might be part of that.”  Charles Emmerson . (article)


Arctic & Area News







Canadian taxpayers on hook for $61 million for road to open up mining in Arctic

Jimmy Thomson

AO News – Endangered Species


CTV News

Concerns grow about grey water in Canada’s Arctic

Colette Derworiz

- shipping industry


National Public Radio (US)

Oil Industry Copes With Climate Impacts As Permafrost Thaws

Elizabeth Harball

AO News – Oil & Gas


Native American Rights Fund (

Trump’s Order Silences Alaskan Native Voices

- Bering Sea


EcoWatch / Greenpeace

The People vs. Arctic Oil


- Norway


Canada's Aboriginals go to Supreme Court

Jillian Kestler-D’Amours

- Clyde River


EcoWatch / Cole Mellino

30 Whales Have Died Off the Coast of Alaska and No One Knows Why

Cole Mellino

- Alaska


EcoWatch / Annie Leonard

President Obama Gives Shell Final Approval to Drill in the Arctic

Annie Leonard


Ring of Fire Radio

Opinion:  No Regulations. No Political Help. Citizens Take Aggressive Stand Against SHELL



EcoWatch / Cole Mellino

Obama Administration Approves Shell’s Plan to Drill in the Arctic

Cole Mellino


Ring of Fire Radio

Judge Grants Shell Restraining Order Against Greenpeace Activists Protesting Arctic Drilling

Amy Eddings


Dozen more mysterious GIANT craters in Russia spark fears of looming natural disaster

Will Stewart



Youtube / TEDx Talks

Seven surprising results from the reduction of Arctic Sea ice cover | David Barber | TEDxUManitoba

David Barber


Youtube / NASA Climate Change

Multi-year Arctic sea ice 2014

NASA Climate Change


NY Times

The Wreck of the Kulluk

McKenzie Funk


BBC News Europe

Denmark challenges Russia and Canada over North Pole



EcoWatch / Anastasia Pantsios

Shell Oil Loses Arctic Drilling Lawsuit

Anastasia Pantsios


Ring of Fire Radio

More than 30,000 Walruses Forced on Shore because of Melting Sea Ice

Amy Eddings


NASA Goddard

NASA | Arctic Sea Ice Reaches 2014 Minimum Extent

- air conditioner for the planet


CBC News

Lost Franklin expedition ship found in the Arctic

Sir John Franklin’s ship


Financial Post

Report says Arctic route is ‘feasible’ option to get Alberta oil to overseas markets

Justin Ling


Ecowatch / Oil Change Int’l

Exxon Starts ‘Most Controversial Oil Rig in the World’

Andy Rowell



Petition:  Save the Arctic – Tell Lego to Dump Shell



New shipping channel will carry natural gas through the Arctic

John Upton


EcoWatch / National Research Council

Federal Study Warns Oil Industry Nowhere Near Prepared for Spill in Arctic

Carey L. Biron, Mint Press News


Globe and Mail

Turf war with Russia looms over Ottawa’s claim to Arctic seabed

Steven Chase



Latest Updates from the Arctic Sunrise activists and crew members

Week 6


National Geographic

Russia Floats Plan for Nuclear Power Plants at Sea

Patrick J. Kiger

- intended to power oil and gas exploration in the Arctic

- nuclear news


Youtube / Climate Desk

What’s Really Going on With Arctic Sea Ice?

Phil Plait

- you can’t look at the trends year to year, look over a long period of time


Google News / Business Times (Moscow)

Gazprom abandons arctic gas project for now



Huffington Post


Toronto Star (link)

Izok Corridor Deal: Harper’s Cabinet Mulls Massive Chinese Resource Project In Arctic

Bob Weber, The Canadian Press

     260km southeast of Kugluktuk

Nunavut Tourism (map)




Russia announces enormous finds of radioactive waste and nuclear reactors in Arctic seas

Charles Digges



Greenpeace activists board oil platform in Russian Arctic



Financial Post

The global (sled) race for the Arctic’s oil and gas riches

Yadullah Hussain


Financial Post

Canada’s Arctic push: Left out in the cold?

Yadullah Hussain


Financial Post

Nunavut sees devolution light after long Arctic winter

Yadullah Hussain


Financial Post

Canadian Arctic: ‘A litany of missed opportunities’

Yadullah Hussain



Arctic region 001


Arctic Petroleum potential


More information:


Mackenzie gas pipeline – an idea which has been around for decades and recently approved (NWT’s centrepiece $16-billion project stuck in regulatory limbo for nine years and finally shelved due to poor economic feasibility) (article)




Greenpeace –






“The greater Arctic region is one of the world’s last few unexplored energy frontiers: foreboding and risky but irresistible to world powers given its treasures beneath. “ Yadullah Hussain (article)




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