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Morgellons Disease


Most individuals with Morgellons disease report disturbing crawling, stinging, and biting sensations in their skin as well as non-healing skin lesions, which are associated with highly unusual structures.  These structures can be described as fiber-like or filamentous and are the most striking feature of this disease. In addition, patients report the presence of seed-like granules and black speck-like material associated with their skin. ( declares it a multisystemic disease caused by biofilm bacteria.


However, according to wikipedia morgellons are a self-diagnosed, scientifically unsubstantiated skin condition in which individuals have sores that they believe contain fibrous material.


Morgellons disease is controversial because there is a definite effort to confuse the public, obfuscate research, downplay suffering, discredit researchers and doctors, and present morgellons as delusion.


Which means there are “conspiracy theories” about Morgellons as sufferers strive to understand why they are suffering.


For now, it is up to you to decide the truth. 


Are Morgellons a result of contemporary nano technology?  Self-assembling nano bots?


Morgellons from nanoparticles sprayed in chemtrails  (    (AO News – Weather Modification)


Morgellons result from uncontrolled replication of silicone strands inside bodies from nanoparticles (source mark 17:00)


Cliff Carnicom is well known for his research on Morgellons and has been heavily censored.  In 1999 he discovered cross domain bacteria (CDB) in blood, which is a novel biological organism.  It’s not in any of the presently accepted microbiological domains (Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya).  The morgellon filaments form in the blood when the slightest electrical voltage is applied.  (source [mark 43:00])   (


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Bitchute / tangentopolis

Mask Worm Morgellon – vs- Fabric Thread – vs – Human Hair (8 mins)



2021-10-06 / The Stew Peters Show

Vaxxed Soldier Detox Horrific Video, Peter Navarro live, Vaxx Vials Breaking Update and More (1 hr)


Morgellons [2 mins]


Bitchute / Sergeant Major

Morgellon’s Disease Fibers Found in PPE2 Corona Masks in Germany [2021-03-26]


AO Masks


Bitchute / Sergeant Major

Moving Morgellon’s Disease Strands Found on FFP2 NR Facemasks [2021-03-31] (2 mins)


Tim Truth

-      React to heat, water


Bitchute / 3D to 5D Consciousness

Vaccine Update & PCR Tests Spreading Morgellon, Burma Seizes G. Soros Bank Accounts and More! (1 hr)


Nyla Nguyen

-      [mark 6:00]

-      12 mos after infection before morgellon itching starts

-      Deliberately infecting

-      Doctors have no clue (delusion)

-      Shedding passes on disease

-      George Soros [mark 22:00]


Bitchute / Chembuster

PCR Test Swab; A nano-bioweapon (excerpt) state of the nation / self-replicating nano Morgellons (18 mins)




Youtube / Inside Edition

Why This Disease Causes Strange Fibers to Grow From Skin (3 mins)


-      Not any known textile

-      Don’t burn when exposed to high heat


Youtube / Dana Ashlie

A solution they DO NOT want you to know (40 mins)


Dana Ashlie


[mark 17:00]



Bitchute /

U.S. Military Intentionally Poisoning Us.  Morgellons Exposed (8 mins)


Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

-      Weather modification

-      nanoparticles




How to kill & remove morgellon fibers from body


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