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Throughout the Aggregate Resources Act review in early 2012 there was a common theme from industry and environmental experts alike that conceded that Ontario does not recycle as much aggregate as possible.   There are a few key reasons:


-        Perception.  Belief that recycled products are not as good as virgin aggregate.  Aggregate industry representatives acknowledge that they have to do a better job of marketing recycled product to prospective buyers.

-        Ready Market.  Current use is limited to the building of some roads, temporary roads for site access, backfill, pipe bedding.   Use needs to be widened.

-        Specifications.  New specifications must be adopted, and contracts must be adjusted to specify use of recycled product.  (Luckily it is not necessary to start from scratch since there are other places in the world that use recycled aggregate.)

-        Tonnage Fee.  All levels of Ontario government receive a fee for every tonne of aggregate extracted.  Such an arrangement is not in place for recycled product.


The aggregate industry is actively working to reduce the large piles of concrete and asphalt left from demolition sites and road reconstruction projects.  These materials take up valuable space and present a new opportunity for business.  See Aggregate Recycling Ontario.


Recycling facilities could be established near or on construction sites, which would be closer than the virgin aggregate mines.  This would save the transportation costs of virgin aggregate, the biggest cost factor.  For a contractor to dump demolition waste at a landfill and at the same time ship virgin aggregate from a pit or quarry adds enormous cost to a project.  Costs include the trucks, drivers, diesel, landfill fee and new aggregate purchase.  A major site, such as an airport or port, can dump as many as 3,000 cubic metres per day of building waste in a landfill. That’s a huge amount of trucks – with 40 cubic metre trailers, that can be a hundred trucks daily, dumping material.  (article)



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The surprising construction materials that could help save Ontario’s green space

John Michael McGrath


Inside Science

Construction Going Green With Asphalt And Concrete



AZO Build

Research Shows Recycled Concrete Reduces Environmental Impact



Concrete Products

CityMix agreement ushers EPS giant into recycled-foam aggregate production

Expanded polystyrene plant (EPS)


Construction & Demolition Recycling

Aggregate Industries US recognized for recycling efforts

Each year Anne Arundel County challenges local businesses to recycle 50 percent of every material that is destined for landfill.

2015-04-10 (UK)

EU rules on UK Aggregates Levy

The aggregates levy is intended to encourage the use of recycled aggregate and other alternatives to freshly extracted aggregate, as well as to promote the efficient extraction and use of aggregates, to reduce environmental damage.

2015-02-11 (UK)

Gully and road waste recycling helps meet aggregate requirements


2014-10-09 (UK)

Smiths & Raymond Brown announce joint venture for Oxfordshire IBA Aggregate

Incinerator bottom ash (IBA) processed and used in road construction


Daily Commercial News

Recycled aggregate a dirty job to tackle

Andre Widjaja


Portsmouth News (UK)

Roads are laying the foundations for Fareham firm’s growth

- TJ Group ReclaMix


Orangeville Citizen

Jones’s aggregate bill approved in principle

Tom Claridge


Orangeville Banner

Recycled aggregate bill passes second reading

Bill Tremblay

- MPP Sylvia Jones


Recycling Product News

Aggregate Recycling Gets a Big Boost in Ontario



Rock to Road

Lafarge launches new cement-treated aggregate product

- Stabilia

- “sustainable”?


Daily Commercial News

Ontario aggregate recycling bill support grows

Kelly Lapointe


Orangeville Citizen

Jones says support growing for her bill on aggregate recycling



Orangeville Banner

Jones gains allies in effort to promote used aggregate

Bill Tremblay

- Bill 56


Recycling Today

Awaiting Breakout

Curt Harler



Best Recycled Product:  Carbon8 Aggregates

Andrea Lockerbie

Aggregate product recycled from Air Pollution Control Residues (APCr)



2013 IDSA IDEA Winners, Our Gold Faves: Omer Haciomeroglu’s ERO Concrete Recycling Robot


- robot uses water/recycled water to deconstruct concrete buildings


Digital Journal (USA)

Asphalt Drum Mixers [Inc.] Introduces Recycle Systems to Enhance Asphalt Production Cost Efficiency

Press Release

- hot mix asphalt (HMA)

- recycled asphalt pavement (RAP)

- less expensive than virgin aggregate, equal quality


Journal of Commerce (USA)

Reclaimed and Recycled Materials Use Growing for Road Work

Jessica Krippendorf


Construction & Demolition Recycling magazine

Awaiting Breakout

Curt Harler

“There are not enough new projects being started and not enough old structures being torn down.”


Construction & Demolition Recycling magazine

Razing the Roof

William Giakoumatos

- recycling asphalt shingles

- US currently produces 1.8 million metric tons of aggregate expected to increase to 2.3 billion by 2020 [?]


Taranki Daily News

Time to recycle your old concrete

Isobel Ewing

New Zealand entrepreneur


Daily Commercial News

Recycled Aggregate Use Bill Supported by ARO

Kelly Lapointe


Materials Handling World Magazine

Terex Washing Systems, Going for Gold with the New Commonwealth Games Construction and Demolition Aggregates Recycling Plant



Orangeville Banner

Jones looking to promote the use of recycled aggregate

Bill Tremblay


For Construction Pros

“Total Recycle Asphalt”

Hot mix asphalt (HMA) contains more than 97% reclaimed and recycled materials


Chillicothe Times Bulletin

State looks to recycled asphalt for roads

Illinois, USA

97 percent reclaimed materials


For Construction Pros

Recycling cuts away at costs

Curt Bennink


Isle News

Opportunity to tender for aggregates recycling

James Qualtrough

5 year contract



Television recycling scheme launched in South Island

New Zealand

using recycled glass as aggregate


Waste Management World

Salt Lake curbside recycling program on track to go city wide

Jim Dalrymple, Salt Lake Tribune

To test using recycled glass as aggregate


Caledon Enterprise

Get to know Pitsense

Letter to Editor by Bob Shapton


Two thirds unaware of new aggregate regulations

UK:  New CE mark declares product conformity


American Recycler

Asphalt Recycling Equipment

Mary M. Cox


Daily Commercial News

Peel Region to chronicle recycled aggregate use in roads

Dan O’Reilly


Caledon Enterprise

Recycling aggregates preserves natural resources

Letter to Editor by Moreen Miller, Executive Director of Aggregate Recycling Ontario & OSSGA



Recycling Today

CRT Recycling Receives Project Approval

Convert non-leaded cathode ray tube (CRT) panel glass to cement


Recycled aggregates use set to grow

Stian Overdahl

Abu Dhabi


Redoubt Reporter

Trashing the myth – Clearing the air on Kenai Peninsula Borough recycling

Jenny Neyman

Recycling in Alaska: "one of the benefits is when we are able to utilize the [crushed] glass, that offsets the cost of us purchasing gravel."



Agency asked to count ash glass as recycling

If this were to happen, councils and waste management companies might be tempted to send glass directly for incineration rather than to materials recycling facilities


Recycled material represents fifth of UK aggregates market

Maxine Perella


The Globe and Mail

New paving system uses recycled  plastic

Wendy Stueck


DesignBUILD Source

Peel Region Tests Recycled Aggregates on Roads

Andrew Heaton


Caledon Enterprise

Is recycling always a good thing?

Matthew Strader



Region of Peel

Peel Roads Using Recycled Aggregates to Save Money and Go Green

Brampton, ON


Observer Xtra

Council rejects recycling component of Jigs Hollow pit

Steve Kannon

Jigs Hollow

2006-09-19 (UK)

European Court ruling backs UK levy on aggregates


2005-02-24 (UK)

Quarry industry slams green benefits of aggregates levy

Levy is paid on every tonne of new aggregates extracted from the ground, in order to encourage firms to use more recycled and secondary aggregates.

- 1.60 per tonne


Abu_Dhabi_Dhafra_plant 001

The Al Dhafra plant in Abu Dhabi, managed by Leighton Services, has capacity to produce 5000-8000 tonnes of recycled concrete aggregate per day.  (article)



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