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Enbridge’s Northern Gateway



The Northern Gateway is an Enbridge proposal to carry oil sands crude from the Edmonton, Alberta area to a new $6.5-billion supertanker terminal in Kitimat, B.C. to facilitate export to China.  The twin pipelines would carry 520,000 barrels per day of Alberta oil sands bitumen in a westerly flow, and 193,000 barrels per day of condensate, used to thin petroleum products for pipeline transport, in an easterly flow (website).  British Columbians and Albertans are divided on the project’s potential benefits and problems, and whether it should even go ahead (article).


In December 2013 the National Energy Board (NEB) review panel gave a conditional approval to the Northern Gateway pipeline project.  The 209 conditions include environmental, safety and financial conditions such as determining how bitumen reacts in sea water (article).


Approval was later reversed in June 2016 by the Federal Court of Appeal in response to a legal challenge launched by eight British Columbia First Nations groups. The court concluded the federal government had failed to engage in meaningful consultation with First Nations.


Enbridge has 31 First Nations and Métis partners on board to build the pipeline project, but many Indigenous communities have also aggressively opposed the project, warning that the risks are too high that the project will lead to spills along its route in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest or from tankers off the Pacific coast.  (article)




Should oil reach the west coast by pipeline, it will be offloaded onto supertankers and shipped to other countries.  Opponents make several key points:


-          Allowing Canadian oil to reach the world market will increase prices (by around $30 per barrel estimated) rather than decrease prices to Canadians

-          Coastal areas are notoriously difficult to navigate and it is not a question of “if” but “when” a supertanker accident occurs

-          Bitumen has been proven to sink in salt water (article), which could result in environmental disaster in the Pacific Ocean.  Here is a video of rough sea in Greymouth, New Zealand




In 2016, the Canada rejected the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal under the government of Justin Trudeau.



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Global News

Enbridge to receive $14.7M refund over scrapped Northern Gateway pipeline

The Canadian Press



Trudeau cabinet approves Trans Mountain, Line 3 pipelines, rejects Northern Gateway

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Trudeau Liberals to reimburse Enbridge for hot dogs over pipeline concerns

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Northern Gateway pipeline approval overturned

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B.C. union joins First Nations vowing to use law to fight pipelines like Northern Gateway

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National Observer

B.C. First Nations win court challenge against B.C. over Enbridge pipeline

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AO Info – First Nations


Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network

Call for Volunteers to camp on Unis’tot’en Clan land in northern BC, near Smithers.  Pipeline companies have announced their intention to clear the pipeline route.



Chronicle Journal

Viewpoint: Pipeline west to east the only way to go

Bruce Hyer


Globe and Mail

Enbridge plans next steps in wake of pipeline approval

Shawn McCarthy


Iler Campbell

Federal Court finds Canadian government failed to protect species at risk

Laura Bowman article


Toronto Sun

Northern Gateway pipeline decision expected by mid-June



Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada

Petition to stop Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline

Elizabeth May


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Federal study finds diluted bitumen sinks when mixed with sediments, floats if sediments removed



Globe and Mail

Diluted bitumen sinks when mixed with sediments, federal report says

Vivian Luk


EcoWatch / ThingProgress

Company Behind Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline Spends $200M on Huge Wind Project

Emily Atkin

AO Renewable Energy News



Confusion in Driftpile First Nation over Enbridge agreement inclusion



Vancouver Observer

Canada’s top spy watchdog lobbying for Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline

Matthew Millar

- Chuck Strahl, Chairman of the federal body which oversees CSIS


Vancouver Sun

Stephen Hume: Pipeline debate shaping up as propaganda war

Stephen Hume


Globe and Mail

Panel recommends approval for Northern Gateway pipeline, with conditions

209 conditions


Petition: No oil pipeline and no oil tankers in the Great Bear

41,305 signatures as at 30-Nov-2013


CBC News

B.C., Alberta premiers agree on pipeline framework



Sum Of Us

Petition to BC & Alberta Premiers - do not approve pipeline



B.C. government formally opposes Enbridge pipeline



Northern Gateway Pipeline Poll Reveals Rift Between B.C. and Alberta

Eric Grenier


Toronto Star

Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline:  Vancouver Hearings Overwhelmingly Opposed to Project

Petti Fong


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For more information, see British Columbia Forum on Tankers and Pipelines  For opposition:


Concerned Professional Engineers (CPE) /  / @CPE_Canada


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