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CBM St. Mary’s Cement Inc., Bishopsgate Road, Burford



CBM St. Mary’s Cement Inc. is requesting a licence to open and operate a new pit on 203 ha (500 acres) straddling Bishopsgate Road, between Golf Links Road and Concession Road 5, Burford, Brant County.  The extraction area would be 134 ha (331 acres).  Annual tonnage is proposed at 1,000,000 tonnes per year.


The project is referred to as the Olszowka Pit - named after the family of Greg Olszowka, who own the farm on which the company will lease land for the pit.


There are two tributaries of Whiteman’s Creek bisecting the property that support Provincially Significant Wetlands.  The company states that they would protect these lands during extraction operations.


Processing would take place on site. The pit entrance/exit would be off Bishopsgate Road. From this point material would be transported to local markets to the north and south or to key market areas to the east and west via Highway 403.


No dewatering activities are proposed at the site. Below water extraction would be undertaken by using free-draining excavation or drag-line.


The company says it can operate a pit while keeping a farming operation going, and return most of the land to agriculture in an innovative rehabilitation plan.  The rehabilitation vision is a pond, wetlands and naturalized areas with the majority of the extraction land returned to agriculture (soil class?)


Expected lifespan of the pit is 10-20 years but would depend on market conditions.


Opponents are worried about the operations affect on the cold water creek, transportation and heavy truck traffic problems, and the general affect on local residents’ lives.  Indigenous communities have not been consulted.  Also Opponents are worried about the cumulative affects since there are 25 active pits within a seven kilometre radius.


Steps (application process):

Official Plan Amendment - requested

Zoning Amendment – requested

Aggregate licence – requested around 4-Jan-2013

Emissions Discharge Approval - pending

Permit to Take Water - pending

Approval for Sewage Works (Discharge) – pending

Other approvals?


Comment on Environmental Registry (EBR 011-7914) until February 18, 2013.


Suggested Comments:


-          Concerned Citizens of Brant

o       link to suggested comments + link to submission form

-          Baylis comments



Proponent’s website:


Project page:







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Public can learn more about gravel pit proposal at meeting on February 4



Ontario Farmer

Cement company unveils its pit rehabilitation plan

Michael-Allan Marion

Vol. 46 No. 39 London Ontario



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Comments – Lulu 10-Mar-2013 e-mail

Upon review of the EA:

Golder used 9 VERY shallow bore holes to base their modflow models, half of which broke and had to be replaced during the test period. The one sitting in Langdon's Creek which is a cold water trout creek, is "missing" the Bore Hole installation info with the characteristics of sediment type. 


The site features a really cool outwash moriane sloped aquifer that has peaked the interest of Bess Parker at Guelph University. The photo is in the attachments. The arrow points to the location of the missing bore hole data. I laughed when I saw that bit.


Here is my power point comments that I intend to send to the local Council.


The EA data is here if others would like to chime in: