Melville Gravel Pit Proposal

20946 Willoughby Road



Olympia Sand and Gravel has proposed a new gravel pit west of Caledon and south of Orangeville on Lots 27 & 28, Concession 2 between Porterfield (Peel Rd 136) & Willoughby Rds, north of Highpoint Sideroad.  The operation would be an above water-table, 118.6 ha/293 acres (extraction area 80.8ha/200acres) extracting 1.2 million tonnes/year with 12 million tonnes in reserve, with an expected operation life of 20 years.


Opponents cite concerns as noise, truck traffic, water use, air quality and no proof of need for the material.  They also state that there are at-risk species on the site (bobolinks, Jefferson salamander, butternut trees) but there is no mention in the Environmental Registry listing (EBR 011-8792). 



Approval Process:


Zoning by-law amendment – rezone 118 ha at 20946 Willoughby Road.

Official plan amendment

Conservation Authority approval if applicable (Credit Valley)

MNR Aggregate Resources Act licence

Permit To Take Water

Peel Region site access approval (from Porterfield)

Sewage permit

Air permit











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Citizens Against the Melville Pit (CAMP) - (Paul Bunt) and






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