Melrose/Long’s Proposed Quarry Expansion






Location:  Long’s Quarry, 13 Melrose Road, Lot 6 and 7, Conc. 3, Shannonville, Tyendinaga Township, County of Hastings, northeast of Belleville


Proponent:  C.H. Demill Holdings Inc.


A new and separately licenced quarry (25.73 ha) is proposed (Feb-2013) adjacent to Long’s quarry (Licence #3083 24.3 ha) for a combined total of more than 120 acres.  Long’s quarry, in existence since 1939, is currently licenced for 500,000 tonnes annual extraction and the application is to double that rate to 1 million tonnes.  Currently the average extraction rate is 170,000 tonnes per year.


Opponents are worried about loss of farmland (5 fields), impact on the neighbouring creek, water quality, water supply (5 dairy farms in area), increased heavy truck traffic (2.9x), dust, soil impacts, noise, vibration, decreased property values, poorer road conditions, impact on wildlife and on environment, residential impact and safety (school, recreation centre and library). 


There are nearly 300 homes within two kilometers of the quarry and each of them are 100 per cent dependent on wells (source).


The Ontario Federation of Agriculture as well as the Hastings Federation of Agriculture have come out against the quarry expansion proposal.  (article)


Approval Process:


EBR IA05E0847 Permit to take water (2-Aug-2005) decision – request denied “based on the past history of the quarry further hydrogeological studies with respect to potential quarry floor pop-ups and their effects on the area's water supplies are required. Therefore a Permit to Take Water was not issued.”

EBR 011-2498 Class A licence to remove more than 20,000 tonnes of aggregate annually from a pit or quarry (4-Feb-2011) proposal – part Lot 7 Conc 3

EBR 011-4894 Permit to take water (4-Nov-2011) proposal

EBR 011-5368 Permit to take water (23-Apr-2013) decision – 2 years approved

EBR 011-6645 Environmental Compliance Approval (sewage) (11-Sep-2013) decision

EBR 012-0410 Permit to take water (29-Jul-2014) decision – 1 year approved expiring 30-Jun-2015

Case No. 14-053 Environmental Review Tribunal Leave To Appeal by Citizens Against Melrose Quarry

Tyendinaga Township Council zoning by-law amendment from agriculture to aggregate – approved in 2019

Official plan amendment if applicable

Conservation Authority approval if applicable

Air permit



“Proponent has a history of non-compliance with Ontario’s environmental laws”? (Source EBR 012-0410)




News – Melrose Quarry Expansion Proposal








LPAT pre-hearing scheduled, will set hearing date



Quinte News

Raising money for quarry fight

Mary Thomas

2019-10-14 / CAMQ

CAMQ Interview with Susan Munro

Citizens Against Melrose Quarry

2019-10-14 / CAMQ

CAMQ Fundraising PSA

Citizens Against Melrose Quarry


Citizens Against Melrose Quarry

Group is looking to raise an additional $100k.  They have spent over $100k to-date.


Global News

Citizens Against Melrose Quarry say they’re one step closer in ‘uphill battle’

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Melrose Quarry pretrial moving forward

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Township of Tyendinaga

Minutes of the Public Meeting – No. 2018-19 Public – Quarry (.pdf)



Quinte News

Big meeting on Melrose Quarry Proposal

John Spitters


Quarry Proposal Off to Tribunal

Tim Durkin

- OMB replaced by LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal)

- CH Demill Holdings Inc.

Melrose Quarry (60 acres) in Tyendinaga Township


Ontario’s Environmental Registry

EBR #011-2498 Issuance of a Class A licence to remove more than 20,000 tonnes of aggregate annually from a pit or a quarry - ARA s. 7 (2) (a)

Existing licence #3083


Dianne Saxe, Saxe Law Office

Citizens have some success against quarry, but…

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Water-taking permit appeal continues

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Citizens appeal water permit

Luke Hendry


Micah Bond Photography

Opinion:  Sept. 2014, Belleville

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Quarry critics oppose water proposal

- Carl Cosack


Better Farming

Proposed quarry provokes water supply worries

Joe Callahan



Opposition solid against quarry expansion




More Information:


Citizens Against Melrose Quarry (CAMQ)


Contacts:  Jim Bates, Sue Munro-Chairperson, Cheryl Holand-Hughes-Secretary



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