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MAQ Aggregates/St. Marys, Duntroon                                              


MAQ Aggregates Inc. (MAQ) owns the Highland Quarry. The Highland Quarry is operated by CBM St. Marys Cement under the name Osprey Quarry. Aggregate

extraction at the Osprey Quarry began in 2014.






“OMB approval of this quarry is a sobering reminder that most aggregate applications are approved in Ontario.”  (


The battle against this proposed 247 acre, 60 ft below the water table, 1 million tonnes per year quarry was led by Grey Matters (


According to Grey Matters, it was unfortunate for the provincially significant wetland, the 7 species at risk and the local water supply, that the battle was lost. 


This e-mail was sent announcing the news:


August 28, 2012


Friends and supporters,


It is with shock that I must give you the sad, and unbelievable, news that the MAQ quarry has been approved.


Unlike the Walker quarry, there is no appeal process open to us. This is a final decision. It is done.


There has been only one minor amendment: the OMB has stipulated that the buffer zone around the American Hart's Tongue fern must be moved back to 100 metres. This is better than had been proposed, and is a minor win for environmental protection; but In the overall scheme of things, it really doesn't change very much.


I fear the precedent that this sets, as the habitat for endangered species and species at risk , although supposedly protected by law, is now, apparently, fair game for aggregate extraction. These worrying words from the OMB are a surprising example of their overall tone in the decision:


"to suggest that the [significant] woodlands should remain wholly untouched so that the mole salamander may continue to breed is simply unrealistic... The Board must have regard to a myriad of factors and interests, some of them competing, in considering these Applications.  It cannot focus exclusively on the mole salamander and say no development".


I would remind everyone that we are not anti-quarry, and not anti-development; but we are pro-environmental protection where it is necessary. Given the documented list of 9 Species At Risk, including Endangered Species, on this one small site,  and the demonstrated unknown nature of the water system in the Karst rocks, I, personally, find this an unbelievable decision that simply opens the flood gates to every aggregate company and land speculator to apply for licenses. If aggregate extraction can be approved here, at this significant and fragile site, it can now be approved anywhere!


I would like to once again thank our lawyers David Donnelly and Lia Magi, who did a great job at the Hearing, as well as our expert witnesses. It was not through lack of effort that we lost.


I attach the full decision as a PDF for your review. In reading it, you might wonder, as I did, if we where all at the same Hearing!


However, in closing, I would remind you that we still need to fund raise nearly $150,000. I know that this will be an increasingly difficult proposition given the OMB decision, but if you can find it in you to donate, your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Instructions on how to donate can be found on our website: (note - cheques are preferred to online/credit card donations!)


Many thanks for your past (and ongoing) support.


Harvey Jones

on behalf of Grey Matters



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"In the long term, the economy and the environment are the same thing. If it’s unenvironmental it is uneconomical. That is the rule of nature."  Mollie Beatty (Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, 1993-1996)



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