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*** Carlisle quarry proposal is dead! ***


Picture a quarry proposal where everyone says “NO” – the Community, Township, Region and Province.  Yet the proponent continues to appeal.  Today the US-based proponent is suing the federal government for $250 million under NAFTA for compensation.  Today they still refuse to take “NO” for an answer.


In September 2004, Lowndes Holdings Corp., an Ontario company owned by Robert and David Lowndes (father and brother to John Lowndes who was responsible for proposing the Highland Companies’ mega-quarry), filed for Official Plan and Zoning Amendments with the City of Hamilton to begin the process of establishing a limestone quarry on 380+ acres of land in Flamborough just north of Carlisle.  In 2006 they sold the company to St. Marys Cement/CBM a US based branch of a Brazilian owned company.  In January 2009 St .Marys applied under the Aggregate Resources Act for a quarry licence: 


•A 164 acre hole. That’s the size of 124 NFL football fields!

•An excavation that, in places, is 40 metres or 130 feet deep – the depth of a 10 storey building.

•Some 90 million litres of water per day flowing in and then out of that hole. That’s an amount of water equivalent to 36 Olympic sized swimming pools! Or described another way, that’s approximately 20 times the maximum volume that the local Carlisle Municipal System is allowed to pump! The proponent’s technical reports indicate quarry dewatering would have negative impacts. A theoretical quarry water recirculation system, unproven on the site, is proposed as the solution.

•Up to 820 trucks entering and leaving the area. That’s over 1,600 trucks trips per day, during peak periods, or one truck movement every 26 seconds!  Haul route pending.

•Located in the Greenbelt

•Contains Environmentally Sensitive Areas and a provincially significant wetland complex.

Carlisle’s municipal well system relies on the same aquifer.


Source:  Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment (FORCE)





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Carlisle quarry proposal is dead

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