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River Valley Developments’ Dolime Quarry

Township of Guelph-Eramosa, Wellington County



River Valley Developments owns the Dolime Quarry, which has been in operation in Guelph at Wellington Road/Hanlon Expressway for more than 150 years (since 1870 under various owners).  The site is currently operated by James Dick Construction.


In 2007, River Valley submitted two requests to the Ministry of Environment:  (i) to double Dolime’s extraction rate to a million tons each year, and (ii) to revise its water-taking permit.  The City of Guelph has been fighting the company on both issues due to concerns about possible interference with the city’s municipal wells.


Opponents are criticizing the inadequate management plan for quarry operations.  They say that Ontario’s Ministry of Environment approved the amended permit to take water before the approved management plan was in place.


EBR 011-5939 Permit to Take Water – leave to appeal – The City of Guelph is seeking leave to appeal the amended Permit to Take Water No. 5080-8TAKK2 (.pdf)


EBR 011-5958 Environmental Compliance Approval (sewage) – proposal








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“The blasting is a huge annoyance. It was really bad the past couple of years, and I’ve had to replace windows. But our main concern is the water.”

Mary Rubio (article)


The reality is the City of Guelph has grown out to surround our site over the past 100 years and should add appropriate filtration to its water supply wells." 

Robert Baxter, General Manager of River Valley Developments (article)






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