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Aggregate in Ontario



Arbour Farm’s Proposed Gravel/Sand Pit, Mansfield


On 31-Jan-2013, Arbour Farms Ltd, owned by Adam Krehm and his brother, re-proposed a new gravel/sand pit on Airport Road (Part of Lot 23, Concession 7 E.H.S.), just north of Mansfield in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County (about 20 minutes east of the former proposed Highland Companies mega-quarry site).  


The Arbour Farm property has been in the Krehm’s family since 1977 (article).


Plans are to licence the 41.68 ha (103 acre) site, with extraction of 36 ha (89 acres), of which 21.4 ha (53 acres) is proposed below the water table.  Annual tonnage applied for is 500,000 tonnes of sand and gravel per year with 187,000 tonnes of that coming from below the water table.   There is an estimated 8.7 million tonnes of extractable aggregate material at the site.  (See licence application EBR 011-7913.)


It is proposed that the pit would operate up to 12 hours per day from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday. Shipping hours are to be limited to 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Thursday, and 7 am to 12 noon on Fridays. During the winter months, a “road sand” supply operation is proposed that would involve shipping sand off-site for winter road maintenance purposes, which could occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Recycling is also proposed for the site where recycled product would be crushed and mixed with virgin product to meet market specifications.


In the future rehabilitation involves allowing the land to settle back to a natural space with the residual pond/wetland feature.


The local citizens group (CORE) reached agreement with the proponent to relocate the entrance to the pit off the main north/south county road (Airport Road) and on to county road 21.  This decision has impact on neighbouring towns Everett and Lisle (Adjala-Tosorontio) and Simcoe County.









initial gravel pit application



startup of Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE) opposition group



re-apply for local township official plan and zoning by-law amendments

Mulmur Township

2013- Jan

Apply for aggregate licence under ARA

Government of Ontario EBR 011-7913


ARA public comment period 4-Jan-13 to 18-Feb-2103

EBR 011-7913


AVAAZ Community Petition:  Stop the Arbour Farms Gravel Pit on Airport Road



CORE public information session  (Rosemont?)



Concerned Residents of Mulmur & CORE public information session at Mansfield Outdoor Centre



OMB prehearing conference


2016 early

OMB hearing expected



OMB Board Decision



OMB 1-week hearing to commence




Approvals/Permit Requirements


- Township of Mulmur official plan amendment

- Township of Mulmur zoning by-law amendment

- Aggregate Resources Act licence

- Nottawasaga Conservation Authority approval

- Permit to Take Water

- sewage permit aka Environmental Compliance Approval (project type: sewage)

- air emissions permit – aka Environmental Compliance Approval (project type: air)


Link to Mulmur Township project page



News Items (reverse chronological order)







Simcoe County to challenge status at hearing for pit in Dufferin

Ian Adams


Ontario Municipal Board

Case No. PL150119 Memorandum of Decision



Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE)

Fundraising:  STOP the Arbour Farms Gravel Pit on Airport Road

- raising funds for the OMB hearing


Orangeville Citizen

OMB gravel pit pre-hearing draws 25 would-be parties



Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario, Ontario Muncipal Board

Arbour Farms Limited – Notice of OMB Prehearing Conference (.pdf)

Pages 251 to 263 of .pdf


- 10:30am on Wed. July 8, 2015 in Terra Nova, Mulmur

2015-02-18 / Orangeville Banner

Province to receive ‘meaty letter’ from Dufferin County as Mulmur gravel pit plan heads to OMB

Chris Halliday


Creemore Echo

Arbour Farms Responds to Residents

Julie Pollock


Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE)

Arbour Farms’ Gravel Pit Plan Resurfaces in Mulmur

Orangeville Banner


County talking traffic with Arbour Farms

Chris Halliday


Creemore Echo

Letter: Baylis – ARA trumps community opinion



Creemore Echo

Mulmur Residents Speak Out Against Pit

Brad Holden


Creemore Echo

Arbour Farms public meeting set for June 15

Pgs 1, 3


Creemore Echo

Letter:  Another take on the Arbour Farms Aggregate Act public meeting

Adam Krehm, proponent


Creemore Echo

Mulmur objects to Arbour Farms’ aggregate application (1st part) (2nd part)

Brad Holden


Creemore Echo

Letter: “Cookie cutter” open houses no good

Dick Byford



Objection Letter



Orangeville Banner

Arbour Farms’ gravel pit plan resurfaces in Mulmur

Chris Halliday


Creemore Echo

Arbour Farms Aggregate Licence application

Official notice of application

EBR 011-7913


Arbour Farms Ltd.

Notice of Application for a Licence

Courtesy of


MHBC Planning

Letter to previous objectors

Courtesy of


Arbour Farms Ltd.

Notice of public information session (7-Feb-2013)

Courtesy of


Creemore Echo

Arbour Farms Seeks Changes to Mulmur Official Plan

Brad Holden


Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE)

CORE – Airport Road Video





For further information:


Arbour Farms Ltd. (c/o MHBC Planning)

113 Collier Street

Barrie, ON

L4M 1H2



Concerned Residents of Mulmur



Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE) / www.corecares.caPage: Airport Road gravel pit


Contact:  Norm MacEachern (



County of Dufferin /





Ministry of Natural Resources ON

Guelph District

1 Stone Road West

Guelph, ON

N1G 4Y2



Mono Mulmur Citizens’ Coalition (MC)2

c/o Michael Monahan

Creemore, ON  L0M1G0 /





Township of Mulmur


Contact:  Paul Mills, Mayor –


“Adam Krehm should not be allowed to ruin our lives just to line his pockets.”  Michael Monahan


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